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Story Time From Space
Astronauts reading STEM-focused children's books from the International Space Station to kids on earth!
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20 days ago by djwudi
We Need to Talk About ‘The Giving Tree’ - NYT Parenting
In a healthy family, giving is not one-sided. Of course parents make many sacrifices for their children, and they should. But the boy in “The Giving Tree” is completely selfish. He doesn’t just take from the tree; he does it in an ungrateful, thankless way. In each scene, we find out that taking from the tree makes the boy happy. No one shows disapproval for the boy’s behavior, let alone teaches him to respond to the tree’s plight with compassion or even a shred of decency. No, the boy shouldn’t have selfishly taken all of the tree’s apples, but moreover, the tree shouldn’t have let him. The tree has mastered the formula for raising a spoiled child.

The values of “The Giving Tree” lie beneath its surface. Neither the boy nor the tree are good role models for our children, but their mistakes are lessons that we can use. The book was written in a different era, when etiquette and manners were often a focus of child-rearing. Half a century ago, parents were less worried about their children becoming self-centered. Today we live in an age of immediate gratification and filtered selfies. In a world where there is cause for concern that children are growing more entitled, we need better role models for generosity.
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4 weeks ago by jarrettfuller
"The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." Roald Dahl
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9 weeks ago by tolkien

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