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CON: Spending millions bailing out coal and nuclear producers will send consumer bills soaring - Chicago Tribune
WASHINGTON It may seem that Americans don't agree on much these days, but just about everyone agrees that government intervention in electricity markets is a bad idea.
chicagotribune  coal  generators  fuelsecurity 
august 2018 by eversourcenh
Market forces are driving a clean energy revolution in the US - Chicago Tribune
Transforming U.S. energy systems away from coal and toward clean renewable energy was once a vision touted mainly by environmentalists. Now it is shared by market purists.
chicagotribune  AP  RenewableEnergy  fossilfuels 
april 2018 by northernpass
Market forces are driving a clean energy revolution in the US - Chicago Tribune
Transforming U.S. energy systems away from coal and toward clean renewable energy was once a vision touted mainly by environmentalists. Now it is shared by market purists.
chicagotribune  ap  renewableenergy  fossilfuels 
april 2018 by eversourcenh
After less than 2 years, Divvy bike sharing to end in Oak Park due to low ridership - Oak Leaves
I was living on Ridgeland in Oak Park when they implemented the Divvy program. I was very excited, because Oak Park is already a bicycle-friendly village, and I personally love to bike around town. I would have joined this program, but there weren't enough stations to make it convenient--instead I rode my own bike around town.

Rarely did I see anyone biking on a Divvy in Oak Park. It's a sort of chicken and egg. If they had more stations, perhaps more people would have joined. But of course, that's a larger investment to see.
commented  blogpost  blairkamin  chicagotribune 
january 2018 by mattmaldre
CTA banking on extra Ventra cash - Chicago Tribune
I wonder if the CTA will still get this $500,000/year now that they are cancelling the debit card feature on the cards on December 18, 2017.
commented  article  chicagotribune  Jon  Hilkevitch 
december 2017 by mattmaldre
Your guide to Taste of Chicago 2017 - Chicago Tribune
This listing is really nice. I'd like to see the Taste of Chicago release a menu of all the restaurant with the ticket prices for each food item. Right now I go to the Taste and scout out all the prices manually walking up and down the row. I'm less likely to go to the Taste every year, because I don't really want to spend the time manually scouting the prices. Would the Chicago Tribune be able to post the ticket prices for each food item? That would be a tremendous help. I imagine it would help encourage more people to come. Or at least the really crazy-detailed people like me.
commented  article  chicagotribune 
july 2017 by mattmaldre
Ad blockers rise as ads annoy, bog down websites - Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune article "Ad blockers rise as ads annoy, bog down websites" unreadable if you use an ad blocker
tweetit  advertising  adbockers  ChicagoTribune 
february 2017 by pigsonthewing

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