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Stop Light Reaction - wikipedia
Color change reversible oxidation reaction oxygen diffusion
Reversible  Chemistry  oxygen 
2 days ago by josephmichaelesquibel
Goo gone on wood finish? - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum
Seems like a go for using Goo Gone to remove pain ton hardwood floor
clean  paint  chemistry 
4 days ago by cradock
Marie Curie's x-ray vehicles
Marie Curie hid her stock of radium during WWI, so with nothing better to do, she invented mobile x-ray machines for the front
science  news  wwi  nuclear  chemistry  physics 
7 days ago by MsHsi
Inventor hero was a one-man environmental disaster | New Scientist
"From poisonous cars to the destruction of the ozone layer, Thomas Midgley almost single-handedly invented a global environmental crisis"

"Midgley came up with no fewer than 143 fuel additives to deal with knock. The initial front runner was ethyl alcohol [but he backed] tetraethyl lead (TEL), a compound first discovered in the 1850s and known to be highly poisonous. So why choose it? ... It was cheap ... And there was a key difference between the two: TEL was patentable."

"From the start, medical researchers warned that it could poison the nation."

Also found freon, the first CFC.

"As legacies go, environmental historian John McNeill offered one of the most chilling epitaphs: Midgley had “more impact on the atmosphere than any other single organism in Earth’s history”. Nothing to envy there."
innovation  invention  IPR  intellectual-property  history  people  regulation  chemistry  precautionary-principle  transportation  NewScientist 
7 days ago by pierredv
Biotransformation of α- and β-pinene into flavor compounds | SpringerLink
using alpha and beta-pinene to make "natural" flavor compounds. Turpentine is mostly pinene!
chemistry  pinene  flavorchemistry  foodchemistry  bioconversion 
8 days ago by madamim
Chempages Netorials _ UWisconsin Madison
nice tutorials to walk through basic chemistry: stoich, yields, limiting reactants, solution calcs, ICE tables
science  chemistry  AP_chem  tutorial  stoichiometry  acid_base 
9 days ago by MsHsi

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