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AP Chemistry - Science Geek .net
Loads of resources including PowerPoints, labs, rubrics, etc. for AP Chem. Check it.
chemistry  APChemistry  resources 
yesterday by benwildeboer
MoLE - Web-based simulations and inquiry activities
Quite a lot of simulations and inquiry activities. May need to be run on Firefox and IE since they require Java.
chemistry  APChemistry  simulations 
yesterday by benwildeboer
AP Labs - Adrian Dingle's Chemistry Pages
AP Chemistry Labs, most as PDFs, tho inquiry based labs are only titles, labs are subscription only.

From @adchempages. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
chemistry  labs  APChemistry 
yesterday by benwildeboer
Formation of Liquid Carbon Dioxide - YouTube
Nice demonstration of the triple point- using high pressures to force CO2 into the liquid phase.
yesterday by benwildeboer
Making Sense of Chemical Stories · Sense about Science
Nice debunking & resources for educating on "toxins" and natural & man-made chemicals.
science  chemistry  toxins  pseudoscience 
yesterday by benwildeboer
The Case of Plastics | Chemical Heritage Foundation
Student project looking at the positives and negatives for plastics.
polymers  plastic  chemistry  ChemistryActivity 
yesterday by benwildeboer
CO2 Fire Extinguisher - YouTube
Ramsey Musallam's vid- have students ask questions about the situation- hypothesize what will happen- extend, etc.
chemistry  ChemistryActivity  inquiry 
yesterday by benwildeboer
AP Chemistry Syllabus (2013-2014) - Cycles of Learning
Ramsey Musallam's AP Chem Syllabus. Good bits on how he organizes the learning cycles.
chemistry  syllabus  APChemistry  curriculum 
yesterday by benwildeboer
Airbag Stoichiometry Lab - Google Drive
Great lab where students attempt to inflate a ziploc bag w/ no appreciable reactant left over w/o popping the bag.
chemistry  lab  stoichiometry  modeling  activity 
yesterday by benwildeboer
Chemistry Dubstep - YouTube
Mixed from sounds recorded from various chemical reactions & lab sounds. Good stuff.
chemistry  musicvideo  video  showandtell  mashup 
yesterday by benwildeboer
WISE Home Page
A collection of science project modules for classroom use. Looks like decent stuff.
resources  lessons  projects  earthscience  biology  physics  chemistry  CTRAshare 
yesterday by benwildeboer
ChemSpider | The free chemical database
Allows you to search for molecules & gives molecular structures in 2D & 3D with basic information.
chemistry  science  reference  structure  molecules 
yesterday by benwildeboer

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