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with is here to stay. How to do better at with Conversational
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6 days ago by jhill5
Today you can replay Tania Pérez session about with SAP Conversational and take a look at her present…
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7 days ago by TomRaftery
RT : Anyone interested in a meetup for developers, , in the DC area?

Send me a me…
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19 days ago by adamghill
– Jeg begynner å utvikle følelser -
Interessant sak, men bak betalingsmur. Lest den på papir.
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20 days ago by Humbro
What is QnA Maker? - Azure Cognitive Services | Microsoft Docs
QnA Maker is a question and answer knowledge base (KB) service that applies custom machine-learning intelligence to a user's natural language question to determine the best answer.

QnA Maker enables you to power the cloud-based service from your semi-structured content such as Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) documents, URLs, product manuals and custom questions and answers. The easy-to-use web portal enables you to create, manage, train and publish your service without any developer experience. Once the service is published to an endpoint, a client application such as a chat bot can manage the conversation with a user to get questions and respond with the answers.
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22 days ago by JordanFurlong
Conversational AI and the Adoption of are Disrupting

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28 days ago by jhill5
Chatbots Are Dead. Cloud Unicorn Intercom Is Betting AI Can Bring Them Back.
Intercom’s belief is that chatbots have failed by trying to emulate old-school phone trees, and that their “unprogrammable”, continually-learning Answer Bot is how this sort of interaction should actually work. Sounds great, if it works in practice.

While this sounds like a perfect replacement for FAQs, another useful chatbot function is the ability to program auto-replies during certain hours, to reach out to users who you haven’t heard from in a certain duration, etc. Does Intercom already support these use cases?
chatbots  intercom 
29 days ago by irace
One scholar’s work that I have not heard mentioned enough in discussions of , , etc, is Lucy Suchman’s…
chatbots  AI  from twitter_favs
4 weeks ago by sdp
"You will be far off the revenue if you wait a year or two to adopt . will move on to the pro…
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4 weeks ago by jhill5

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