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open-source Python library that wraps Bokeh to make it easier for data scientists to create charts.
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yesterday by mpm
A CSS Venn Diagram
I had use for CSS shapes in a project and wanted to play around beyond what the project itself allowed. I decided to revisit my Venn diagram and create something a bit more modern and flexible. This also gave me a chance to play with CSS grid overlaps, which I had not done yet simply because I had no reason.
fridayfrontend  css  cssbasics  venn  charts  diagrams  cssgrid  shape-outside 
yesterday by spaceninja
Quartetto Sincronie performing Beethoven op. 74 num. 10
This is not a graphic experiment to represent Beethoven's work, but a precise research that attempts to narrate the musical and stage performance by the Quartetto Sincronie.
data  datavisualisation  music  charts  beethoven 
4 days ago by terry
Information is Beautiful Awards 2018: The Winners
Let's raise a glass to dataviz that pushes boundaries, illuminates truth, and celebrates beauty. Thank you to everyone who joined us on the Information is Beautiful Awards journey this year - now see which entries took home trophies at tonight's spectacular ceremony.
data  datavisualisation  charts  design 
4 days ago by terry
Clorox Successfully Implements a Program for Value Chain Segmentation
By piloting this approach with several businesses, General Managers began to understand the trade-offs such as “If you focus on speed, cost will be good, but likely not industry best.” A powerful part of the process is the trade-offs conversation to establish the predominant capability needed. We used the diagram in Figure 5 to illustrate the trade-offs with the leadership teams."
supply  chain  excellence  clorox  james  foster  leadership  mark  hersh  orbit  charts  cain  insights  chains  to  admire  value  segmentation 
5 days ago by jonerp

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