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Lightweight Charts in Vue.js with vue2-frappe ←
cool wrapper for a cool chart library, vanilla js, animate interactive SVG charts
vue2  chart  chartFrappe 
7 hours ago by ElliotPsyIT
I drew a '🍭lollipop ' to illustrate 'the creative process' for 's book, showing how on the w…
OFFF18  chart  from twitter_favs
17 hours ago by moritz_stefaner
The wonderful invited me to draw a on the topic of 'weekends' for their book, so I drew som…
OFFF18  chart  from twitter_favs
17 hours ago by meltingman
I was invited by to draw a on the topic of for the book at the height of the Cam…
democracy  OFFF18  chart  from twitter_favs
17 hours ago by meltingman
Blue/Green Deployments using Helm Charts – Puneet Saraswat – Medium
I am big fan of Labels and Selectors feature Kubernetes offers. K8s Services use them to target Pods which enables diverse use cases for traffic routing. In this article, I will demonstrate how we…
kubernetes  helm  chart  bluegreen  deployment  label  selector  article  important 
19 hours ago by vonc
The mostly complete chart of Neural Networks, explained
The zoo of neural network types grows exponentially. One needs a map to navigate between many emerging architectures and approaches. Fortunately, Fjodor van Veen from Asimov institute compiled a…
ml  ai  analytics  big_data  chart  cheatsheet  data_science  deep-learning  deep_learning  dnn 
2 days ago by tranqy
Advanced Visualization with react-vis – Towards Data Science
The line simplification trick matched with voroni selection is a neat trick
voroni  line  simplification  chart  diagram  javascript  webdev 
3 days ago by asteroza

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