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Crowdsourcing with a conscience: Hong Kong programmers help society dream big by connecting good causes with supporters | South China Morning Post
Founded by young programmers, Collaction lists 600 projects, such as food sharing, that need the community’s help. via Pocket
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2 days ago by traggett
'They want to bless each other': New Winnipeg pizzeria lets customers donate a slice to others in need | CBC News
'They want to bless each other': New Winnipeg pizzeria lets customers donate a slice to others in need. CLEVER
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4 days ago by fallond
School asks BBC Children in Need to cover funding gap
Downshall primary school in Ilford, east London, which has a large proportion of children from disadvantaged backgrounds – 89% of whom have English as a second language – has put in a bid to the charity for funding to pay for pastoral care for three years.

The school has been forced to axe its team of two pastoral support workers because of budget constraints. It is also having to cut back on reading support assistants and specialist PE staff.
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5 days ago by terry
Why Amazon Smile doesn’t make me smile | Nonprofit Chronicles
"What, then, is AmazonSmile? It’s marketing, dressed up as altruism. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of charities put the AmazonSmile logo on their websites (here, here, here and countless other places). They’re promoting It’s revealing that the president of the AmazonSmile Foundation, according to its latest Form 990, is Steven Shure, who is vice president of worldwide marketing at "
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