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"Fake Psychics and Psychic Paper" by Sarah1281
(Doctor Who/Psych)
Summary: Instead of hiding in London, the Plasmavore takes refuge in a Santa Barbara hospital. Now instead of a doctor with a crush, the Doctor's got a psychic detective and his partner at his side as he attempts a life without Rose but with plenty of pineapples.
fanfic  author:Sarah1281  universe:Doctor_Who  universe:Psych  length:Novel  ranking:Good  finis:Complete  category:Crossover  category:AU  category:Canon_Divergence  category:Episode_related  category:Different_Companion  category:Humour  category:Friendship  characters:Tenth_Doctor  characters:Shawn_Spenser  characters:Burton_Guster 
june 2015 by KerrAvonsen

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author:sarah1281  category:au  category:canon_divergence  category:crossover  category:different_companion  category:episode_related  category:friendship  category:humour  characters:shawn_spenser  characters:tenth_doctor  fanfic  finis:complete  length:novel  ranking:good  universe:doctor_who  universe:psych 

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