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From Baby Groot to Baby Yoda, Why Infantilized Characters Are Cultural Setbacks - Popdust
<b>Baby Nut</b>,<b>Baby Yoda</b>, <b>Baby Groot</b> and soon <b>Baby Sonic</b> are not your friends. They're not children. They're all of us. Companies injecting culture with infant characters furthers the 21st century trend of <b>infantilizing Americans</b> for the sake of <b>consumer behavior</b> and the god of captialism.
baby  zoda  characters  infantilsation  culture  advertising 
2 days ago by thejaymo
Fade to Black (1 to 13
Set in Season 1 after Asylum, this is the darkest thing I have ever written so please heed behaviour by all characters
Set  in  Season  1  after  Asylum  this  is  the  darkest  thing  I  have  ever  written  so  please  heed  warnings:  Non-con/rape;  violence;  strong  language;  major  Samwhump;  possible  OC  behaviour  by  all  characters 
9 days ago by shalene72
cwm fjord-bank glyphs vext quiz
test typing sentence that uses all letters of the alphabet once
characters  letters 
17 days ago by delambo
What Race Should I Play
[OC] Stayed up until 3am making my definitive "What Race Should I Play" Flowchart : DnD
dnd  rpgs  characters  races  charts 
10 weeks ago by spaceninja
[Dungeons and Dragons flowchart] Which 5e Character Class Should You Play? | Lucidchart
Trying to decide which D&D 5E character class to play? Struggling to teach new players the difference between a wizard, a warlock, and a sorcerer? Have a sneaking suspicion you missed your calling as a bard? Look no further than this handy flowchart.
dnd  rpgs  characters  charts 
10 weeks ago by spaceninja
What Tweets and Emojis Did to the Novel - The New York Times
“To read Knausgaard or Ferrante, or indeed other writers of what critics have called autofiction, such as Teju Cole and Rachel Cusk, was less to enter a story than to spend a while as another person.

Of course, other, equally gifted writers sought to capture the era too, and it could easily be that we will remember the 2010s for producing the lovely slipstream fiction of authors like George Saunders, Kelly Link and Colson Whitehead, a subtler cousin of magical realism, and thus perhaps more closely reflective of how truly surreal things have gotten. (People in the White House may still be trying to buy Greenland.)

Yet what makes autofiction seem essential is that enough people felt an attraction to its length, gravity and honesty to make it, implausibly, into a phenomenon. That must mean something. But what? Perhaps the explanation lies in how starkly whole Knausgaard’s and Ferrante’s books appear to be. The lives we lead on our phones and computers are at once irresistible and uneasy — jittery, depressive, deceptive. As our social lives, typically the dominion of the novel, have partly mutated into a flow of adjacent but isolated images and captions, autofiction’s careful human pace is a protest that no matter how it may seem, we still haven’t quite merged with our computers. Not yet.

Many of us now alive are in the unique position of having been so both before and after the revolution of the internet. We’re a lost group — to me, anyway, even now none of my technological habits seem inevitable. There’s still a sense that this vast binge of novelty will stop and we’ll arrive at some levelheaded equilibrium between then and now. That’s no doubt delusional. Still, writers like Knausgaard and Ferrante, for whom I fell just as hard as other readers did, suggest something startling and comforting: that in each of us is reposed something too deep to name or alter, and which for that very reason has survived, for now, the glittering surfaces of our age. A self, I suppose.”
literature  writing  howwewrite  howweread  tejucole  rachelcusk  autofiction  fiction  characters  zadiesmith  jenniferegan  elenaferrante  karloveknausgaard  reading  ideograms  scrolling  georgesaunders  kellylink  colsonwhitehead  charlesfinch 
11 weeks ago by robertogreco

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