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Complete Fallout 76 Armor Set
looks like the combo of Combat heavy BOS chest and Robot heavy polished limbs is a good all around protection build
fallout  build  character  resource  guide 
yesterday by huckncatch
And the Sailor, Home from the Sea by the Jack
"Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning; red sky at night, sailors' delight."
smallville  r:e  m/m  clark/lex  au  narration  character 
4 days ago by vk2ria
HTML Symbols, Entities, Characters and Codes — HTML Arrows
Easily find HTML symbols, entities, characters and codes with ASCII, HEX, CSS and Unicode values for HTML arrow, ASCII arrow, and more in grid or table format.
code  html  entities  ascii  symbols  arrows  character  unicode 
9 days ago by exnihilo
love me 'til my heart stops [series] by Teland
"I knew -- from any number of sources, including my grandmothers -- that even in exquisitely-run mechanisms, even in exquisitely-run mechanisms with any number of *failsafes*, there will be... blind spots. Dark areas. Cracks through which the smallest of us can fall. I was small and I chose to walk in the dark... and so I fell."

Michael growls -- "I do not accept the fatalism of that statement."

Gabriel hums. "Nor do I -- ultimately," he says, and licks her temple.
st:dsc  r:e  f/m  gabriel/michael  otherpairings  underage  mcd  au  kink:assorted  kink:air  *  character  narration  te 
10 days ago by vk2ria
Bad Thinkers - Aeon, Quassim Cassam
My claim is this: Oliver believes what he does because that is the kind of thinker he is or, to put it more bluntly, because there is something wrong with how he thinks. The problem with conspiracy theorists is not, as the US legal scholar Cass Sunstein argues, that they have little relevant information. The key to what they end up believing is how they interpret and respond to the vast quantities of relevant information at their disposal. I want to suggest that this is fundamentally a question of the way they are.
conspiracies  psychology  AeonMagazine  character 
15 days ago by pierredv
GitHub - Wisdom/Awesome-Unicode: A curated list of delightful Unicode tidbits, packages and resources.
:joy: :ok_hand: A curated list of delightful Unicode tidbits, packages and resources. - Wisdom/Awesome-Unicode
unicode  awesome  character  encoding  resource 
21 days ago by gilberto5757
Font Flipper - Find Free Fonts
Preview 800+ Google Fonts on top of your own designs, without having to download the fonts first. You'll play 'Hot or Not' to collect fonts you like, and then download them for free for both personal and commercial projects.
font  search  finder  free  character 
24 days ago by gilberto5757
Female Character Modeling in Blender: Part 2
Select the Two edges of the left side eye and Extrude them Six times towards the back side of t
3  tutorial  blender  character  modeling 
27 days ago by jayno

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