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20 Best Office Chairs and Home-Office Chairs 2020 | The Strategist | New York Magazine
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Orange Quilted Vinyl Swivel Task Chair with Arms
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Magis - Air armchair
Portuguese-inspired plastic chair
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Designer Portuguese metal chairs
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10 days ago by jasonfist | Best Standing Desks & Ergonomic Office Chairs
Autonomous focuses on SmartDesk 2 - most affordable height adjustable standing desk, ErgoChair 2 & Kinn Chair - best ergonomic office chair. Autonomous Inc helps offices #worksmarter
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Cesare Leonardi - Domus
Villa Croce in Genoa, Italy, presents an exhibition on the work of architect and photographer Cesare Leonardi, focusing on three main themes: trees, chairs and shadows.
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4 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
Happy Furniture in the Eames Era
They worked to find pleasure in an everydayness newly saturated by technics and revolutionary technologies. They sought a human-scale environment of the future in a new world demanding relentless communication, and they intervened in the building and management of that environment at various scales, including in the production of knowledge and the training of future knowledge workers...

These films are about the transfigured materiality and new technologies of the postwar period; they use furniture to allegorize the conditions of happy, democratic life. In estranging the simple act of sitting, the films taught spectators about the postwar arts of living.

But more than that, they showed that furniture’s materiality — plywood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum — was embedded in expansive technical environments that include filmmaking itself as a way of participating in a networked information society....

Mumford articulated what historian John Harwood has called “the central problems of design,” as Noyes saw them: “The chair and the living room were points of interface between the human and the machine. The success of that interaction hinged on the development of a newly organic — that is, newly organized, relationship between human being and machine.”... The Eames chair — not a thing but an interface....

modern furniture play a role analogous to what Mumford’s contemporary Walter Benjamin famously described as the special capacity of film — “to train human beings in the apperceptions and reactions needed to deal with a vast apparatus whose role in their lives is expanding almost daily.”...

Photography, filmmaking, and furniture design were understood as related species of communication, expressing the Eameses’ flexible, curious, and to some observers, quintessentially American lifestyle. Eames chairs lived conspicuously medial lives as the inhuman protagonists of the couple’s varied terrain of happy making....

This Eamesian sense of the midcentury interior as an “unrestricted combinatorial system” — one whose objects are valued less for intimacy than as information or code, one in which “everything intercommunicates”...

And in 1954 they made S-73 (Sofa Compact), their earliest surviving instructional film about a furniture design — one of eight works of nontheatrical, useful cinema made for Herman Miller over the next two decades. 36 This film, named after the listing in the manufacturer’s catalog, explained the design and function of the Eames Sofa Compact to the sales team, dealers, and merchants. 37 S-73 was fashioned as a visual aid to be bundled, boxed, and shipped alongside the sofa; traveling with, and like, the couch whose systemic workings it communicated. The Eames Office was not only teaching its client — and its client’s clients — how to use this piece of furniture, but moreover enacting how the filmic apparatus itself might be put to corporate use as a flexible communicative device, its technological mobility basically of a piece with the film’s subject.

An opening montage frames the sofa’s compact design as a solution for a uniquely modern predicament: that shipping is both the manufacturer’s responsibility and the “designer’s problem.” Following a parable about shipped goods’ vulnerability to damage in transit, we get our first glimpse of the S-73. Charles explains how the problem is solved by this unit’s compact design. Capable of being shipped affordably at one-third the volume of its assembled size, the S-73 is introduced in a complex logistical drama involving the management of transportation infrastructures that stretch from dollies to airplanes, as well as the commodification of abstract, volumetric space. ... The film’s graphic play with boxes of various kinds — trucks, trains, cubes, packages, and grids stretching from floor tiles to living room drapes — announces its position at the dawn of “containerization” itself — the standardization of shipping containers in the mid-1950s....

House is therefore a key furniture film precisely because the Eames chair — as a singular object — is not privileged, but rather assumes its semiotic and syntactical function in the film’s broader communicative universe. In one montage, we twice glimpse a black Eames chair among images from the domain of making: a bowl of stones, the leaves of a houseplant, the florid strokes of an abstract watercolor, a camera tripod, a folk art toy, and various images of the slumbering studio and signs of work in progress: stacked film cans, lights, empty reels, a 16mm camera, and reels of film in the process of being edited. To talk of these designers is to talk of their chairs, which is to speak of their house, which is to say something of the things in it, which is to marvel at their curious assemblages and thus work to make connections. To speak of the Eameses is to enact a cascading logic of interrelatedness and connectivity.
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9 weeks ago by shannon_mattern
How to Buy Classroom Furniture
Classroom furniture is an investment that lasts a child throughout their school years. Here are our top tips on how to buy classroom furniture.
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9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
"One of our office chairs turns off monitors"
Crappy unshielded display cables are prone to electrostatic discharges from gas-lift office chairs...

"we have also seen this issue connected to gas lift office chairs. When people stand or sit on gas lift chairs, they can generate an EMI spike which is picked up on the video cables, causing a loss of sync. If you have users complaining about displays randomly flickering it could actually be connected to people sitting on gas lift chairs. Again swapping video cables, especially for ones with magnetic ferrite ring on the cable, can eliminate this problem."
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12 weeks ago by jm
Truffle Sofa | Button Back Sofa | Loaf
Relaxed pleats? Check. Deep buttons? Check. Nod to a chesterfield? Check. A classic Loaf sofa then.
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12 weeks ago by asaltydog
Dixie Sofa | Elegant Chesterfield Sofa | Loaf
Our Dixie chesterfield sofa is a classic beauty but still has a high squidge factor! Choose from over 100 lovely fabrics.

Dixie sofa in our Twilight Blue clever deep velvet?
Dixie sofa in our Smoke Blue brushed cotton?
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12 weeks ago by asaltydog

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