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Control Towers: If Only There Was A Clear Definition
"Companies are drowning in data, but struggle to get insights. As shown in Figure 3, companies struggle to get data to make decisions. The focus is on functional metrics, but most are unable to get to overall supply chain metrics. For example, only 29% of manufacturing companies can access total cost data and 31% struggle to see the impact of business decisions on inventory. So, one business use case for control towers is accessing supply chain key performance indicators. The average company has five-to-seven Advanced Planning Systems (APS) and twelve Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions. While performance monitoring is not the most common use case for a control tower project, the gap exists."
global  supply  chains  inventory  management  market-driven  analytics  control  tower  performance  measurement  chain  excellence  visibility 
6 weeks ago by jonerp
511 HOME
NNG511 ATIS Portal
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9 weeks ago by cothrun
Have You Given Your Planner Love Today?
"Over 65% of supply chain planning happens in Excel spreadsheets. One of the reasons? Usability. The second? The ability to model the supply chain in the technology. Models are not created equally.

Many times it is the result of the purchase of supply chain planning technologies purchased based on IT standardization. The lack of usability and modeling capabilities drive dissatisfaction."
change  management  demand  global  supply  chains  market-driven  chain  talent  job  satisfaction  planners  valentines  day 
9 weeks ago by jonerp
Top 10 Ways Internet Of Things And Blockchain Strengthen Supply Chains
"One CIO told me recently his company deliberately spins up several POCs at once, adding “they’re our proving grounds, we’re pushing blockchain and IoT’s limits to see if they can solve our most challenging supply chain problems and we’re learning a tremendous amount.”
business  featured  posts  technology  software  trends  &  concepts  blockchain  forecasts  use  cases  ethical  supply  chains  ibm  food  trust  iiot  industrial  internet  of  things 
10 weeks ago by jonerp
Where Would We Be Without All of the BullS&%T?
"My questions for the technologists were, “How do you define cognitive?” With hearing this question, most will answer with silence. Only Enterra answers the question with the definition of a semantic inference engine. Instead, most of the solutions are aligning data using machine learning or improving planning models through better use of math. Few are driving innovation to drive autonomous supply chain planning through better management of exceptions (not just showing the exceptions, but giving suggested action)."
big  data  supply  chains  new  technologies  advanced  planning  aera  anaplan  cognitive  computing  kinaxis  logility  market  hype 
11 weeks ago by jonerp
Welcome 2019
"Trend 5. Digital Manufacturing Success. In the next two years, companies will make the most progress in the area of digital manufacturing. The combination of technologies for track and trace (an example is ThinkIQ), 3D printing, robotics, and wearables improves flexibility in operations. Company digital initiatives will have the most success in production operations."
global  supply  chains  market-driven  network  of  networks  new  technologies  uncategorized  2019  demand  driven  market  years  predictions  chain  excellence 
january 2019 by jonerp
Our Walk In The Fog
"1) Demand Sensing. Despite a 2-3X increase in demand latency, there is still a strong belief that the order represents market demand. It does not. Companies talk about customer-centric supply chains, but most leaders are more comfortable in the world of supply than demand. While there is much hype on DDMRP and the use of orders as a proxy for demand, companies need to remember that orders carry latency: they are out-of-step with market purchase behavior. The further back in the supply chain that companies find themselves, the greater the order latency, the less that the order reflects market behaviors."
global  supply  chains  chain  excellence  uncategorized  anaplan  network  of  networks  plannning 
december 2018 by jonerp
Clorox Successfully Implements a Program for Value Chain Segmentation
By piloting this approach with several businesses, General Managers began to understand the trade-offs such as “If you focus on speed, cost will be good, but likely not industry best.” A powerful part of the process is the trade-offs conversation to establish the predominant capability needed. We used the diagram in Figure 5 to illustrate the trade-offs with the leadership teams."
supply  chain  excellence  clorox  james  foster  leadership  mark  hersh  orbit  charts  cain  insights  chains  to  admire  value  segmentation 
december 2018 by jonerp
L’Oréal: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence
"To understand the extent of the achievement, note the comparison to their industry peer group in Table 1. Note that the company is at the industry average on growth, but outperforming the average on operating margin, inventory turns, return on invested capital, market cap, price to tangible book. Overall, L’Oreal is number two in the peer group in terms of driving improvement as defined by the Supply Chain Index."
customer-centric  supply  chains  market-driven  chain  excellence  beauty  l'oreal  personal  products 
october 2018 by jonerp
Yowza! A Nine-Step Decision Process to Help Guide Supply Chain Planning Selection
"A business decision for supply chain planning should focus on the selection of the technology that can drive better business outcomes. This often in direct opposition with the solution that minimizes the IT budget. For example, there are very few planning pilots where Oracle or SAP beat the competition on capabilities. I often tell clients, “What good is a cheap solution if it does not solve the business problem?” A focus on IT standardization is one of the primary reason for low business user satisfaction in the recent study shown in Figure 5."
demand  driven  digital  supply  chain  global  chains  sales  and  operations  planning  excellence  analytics  decision  support  production 
september 2018 by jonerp
Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work
"Most companies want to be agile, but they drive an agenda focused on efficiency. By definition, an efficient supply chain is not adaptive, agile or aligned. Our data also shows that it underperforms the peer group. For a financial team, this will seem illogical. Leaders must explain that the the supply chain strategy needs to be about more than cost mitigation."
customer-centric  supply  chains  sales  and  operations  planning  chain  excellence  leadership  talent  analtyics  cost-to-serve  metrics  s&op  supplier  development  insights 
september 2018 by jonerp
Generating Mozart from Markov Chains – SSOΔ
This post will detail a method of generating music from sampling MIDI-files. We’ll introduce an algebraic structure called a Markov chain, and use it to make our own MIDI-files.
music  mozart  markov  chains 
august 2018 by vegarev

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