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Goldman Sachs CEO reveals the valuable job skill he's finding 'less and less'
Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO David Solomon said the one skillset that's becoming harder to find is the ability to write. via Pocket
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5 days ago by kemlo
The Three Marketing Books All Founder/CEOs Should Read
"Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore. The textbook classic Silicon Valley book on strategy. Many people refer to the chasm without evidently having even read the book, so please don’t be one of them. Published in 1991, it’s the newest of the books on my list, and happily Moore has revised it to keep the examples fresh along the way."
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[CEO 열전] 천원샵의 창시자 야노 히로타케... 배경은 귀차니즘? | IT동아
산다는 것은 전혀 즐거운 일이 아닙니다. 사람은 누구나 인간다운 삶을 살 권리가 있다고 말하지만, 그런 일은 없습니다. 즐거움은 노력에서 오는 것입니다. 노력해서 좋은 제품을 만들어냄으로써 즐거움을 맛볼 수 있다고 생각합니다.
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