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China Clamps Down on Online News Reporting - The New York Times
China has ordered several of the country’s most popular internet portals to halt much of their original news reporting, in a move that could confine an even larger share of the journalism in the country to Communist-controlled mouthpieces ahead of an important party meeting next year.
- Michael Forsythe, New York Times
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3 days ago by dmcdev
How the Internet Saved Turkey’s Internet-Hating President - NYTimes.com
A move from censor-ism to Iranian flexible use of connectivity as weapon
Internet  STL  Turkey  Iran  censorship  GSM 
6 days ago by yorksranter
Netizen Report: What do Zimbabwe, Kashmir, and Turkey Have in Common? Internet Censorship.
Zimbabwe: #ShutdownZim protests spark WhatsApp shutdown; Kashmiris report total suspension of Internet and mobile amid unrest; Turkey’s coup attempt sees a 50% drop in Internet traffic; Iranian leaders are not so sure about Pokemon, but might stop blocking Twitter; and more, from Global Voices
otf  netizenreport  censorship  access  awareness  privacy  security  zimbabwe  whatsapp  kashmir  turkey  iran  twitter  social 
7 days ago by dmcdev
The Turkish Internet Is a Battleground, and Erdogan Is Winning | Foreign Policy
With Erdogan arresting or detaining tens of thousands of military personnel, police, academics, and government officials — moves that have alarmed the Obama administration and other foreign governments — the Turkish leader is turning a tool that helped him stay in power against his foes.
- Elias Groll, Foreign Policy
otf  turkey  coup  erdogan  censorship  access  block  social 
8 days ago by dmcdev
As Constitutional Referendum Nears, Thailand Intensifies Censorship - Global Voices Advocacy
Thailand’s military-backed government has authorized the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to shut down TV and radio stations which are found guilty of broadcasting programs that threaten national security. Furthermore, the junta gave NBTC officials immunity from legal accountability.

Human rights groups believe this ruling aims to prevent activists and other political forces from campaigning against the approval of a draft constitution in a national ref...
otf  thailand  asia  southeastasia  policy  censorship  access 
8 days ago by dmcdev
Censorship in Venezuela: Over 370 Internet Addresses Blocked
In Venezuela, at least 372 web portals have been blocked by main Internet service providers (ISP). Also, 43 Internet domains have been blocked by these same providers, both public and private.

Of those, 44 percent are web pages related to black market dollars. An additional 19 percent of the pages are news media and an additional 12 percent feature blogs critical of Nicolás Maduro’s administration.
- Pedro Garcia Otero, Panama Post
otf  venezuela  censorship  block  ISP  southamerica 
8 days ago by dmcdev
YouTube -- Twitter Bans Milo Yiannopoulos #FreeMilo | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux -
"To Jack [Dorsey], black people don't have autonomy but they are pets for the 'liberals' and Social Justice Warriors, and they have to protect their little pets, and that's what Jack did here."
twitter  censorship  illiberalism  politicalcorrectness  faggotry 
9 days ago by adamcrowe
JudgyBitch -- #FreeMilo Twitter Faggot @Jack suspends the Dangerous Faggot @Nero
'...Theories are swirling that Milo drew the straw that broke the camel’s back on account of his feud with Ghostbusters meatpuppet Leslie Jones, who didn’t appreciate Milo not liking her retarded feminist film. The film, according to Milo was driven largely by spite and had few, if any, redeeming qualities. -- Chief Faggot Jack Dorsey at Twitter took up issue with the Dangerous Faggot and suspended his account. -- Is this the death knell for Twitter? -- If Milo calls for all users to reject Twitter, will that cripple the platform, leaving feminists and ISIS followers to compete for victimhood status? -- Who knows? And quite frankly, who cares?'
twitter  censorship  illiberalism  politicalcorrectness  faggotry 
9 days ago by adamcrowe

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