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Middle finger councillor who ran cyclists off road fined | road.cc
Back in the old days—about three hours ago—this thread contained 28 comments, some lavishly illustrated. The site's lawyers—and Parish Councillor Atkinson—are surely happier with it now.
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9 hours ago by juliusbeezer
Netizen Report: Why Did YouTube Censor Your Videos? You May Never Know.
Iranians see new threats to speech as elections approach; Guatemalan news site attacked after posting interviews with fire survivors; Brazilian blogger forced to disclose sources to federal judge; Court rules US citizen can’t sue Ethiopian government for putting spyware on his computer; and more in Global Voices Advocacy's Netizen Report.
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23 hours ago by dmcdev
The Westminster attack is a tragedy, but it’s not a threat to democracy
As yet, nothing is known of the motive. All that can be said is that the attacker failed to enter parliament itself. Bystanders were killed and injured, but the massive security inevitable for such an institution was effective in protecting its occupants. In a busy modern city there is no way absolute security can be assured, but the police can say that the system was tested and worked. Short of holding parliament in a bunker, there are limits to what more can or should sensibly be done.
The terrorist is helpless without the assistance of the media and those who feed it with words and deeds. In his thoughtful manual, Terrorism: How to Respond, academic Richard English points out that the so-called threat to democracy, about which politicians like to talk at such times, lies not in any bloodshed and damage. It is the more real danger “of provoking ill-judged, extravagant and counterproductive state responses”. But this puts those who choose to be “provoked” in a peculiar and compromising position. Only if the media respond in a certain way can the terrorists achieve whatever spurious ends they may have.

We should recall that Theresa May as home secretary used the Paris and Belgium attacks to champion her “snooper’s charter”, the most severe intrusion on personal privacy anywhere in the western world – and described as such by Bill Binney, formerly of America’s National Security Agency. May added that the “terrorist threat” was why we should stay in the EU, as otherwise “they would roam free”. She warned that it took 143 days to process terrorist DNA outside the EU, against 15 minutes inside. Does she still say that? We have to respect those who defend us, but terrorism induces a strange madness.
But every decision to publish an item of news involves a choice, a judgment. That is not “censorship”. For those seeking publicity for their misdeeds, there is a world of difference between the top spot on the news and the bottom. If the intention is not just to kill a few but thereby to terrify a multitude, the media is an essential accomplice. It is not the act that spreads terror, it is the report, the broadcast, the edited presentation, the decision on prominence.

All analysts of terrorism reiterate that it is not an ideology. Guns and bombs pose no “existential” threat to a country or society. Politicians who exploit it to engender fear are cynics with vested interests. Terrorism is a methodology of conflict. There is no real defence against madmen who kill, though it’s worth restating that London’s streets have probably never been safer places.
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yesterday by owenblacker
To censor or not to censor? YouTube's double bind | Technology | The Guardian
Part of the problem here is that censorship of any kind inherently must reflect the prejudices of the censoring party. It might optionally also reflect those of the censoring agent, but not necessarily. But the prejudices of the party demanding the censorship must be in there or it wouldn't be censorship
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yesterday by yorksranter
If You Really Want To Know What’s Happening With Tech in Cuba, Read Beyond the Headlines
"[R]ecent headlines from AFP, Al Jazeera and BBC, respectively, paint a picture of a society that after nearly six decades of dictatorship and nearly two of “digital isolation”, is finally bursting onto the global Internet scene. But the articles that follow, all published by reputable news organizations, offer a much more sobering and realistic image of a country where Internet access is fleeting, connection quality is poor, and the costs of getting online are astronomical." - Ellery Roberts Biddle, Global Voices
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2 days ago by dmcdev
EU moves one step closer to the world’s worst internet filtering law - EDRi
RT : This is important, people: EU moves one step closer to the world’s worst internet filtering law
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2 days ago by sevas
An Army of Me: Sockpuppets in Online Discussion Communities #research
"In online discussion communities, users can interact and share information and opinions on a wide variety of topics. However, some users may create multiple identities, or sockpuppets, and engage in undesired behavior by deceiving others or manipulating discussions. In this work, we study sockpuppetry across nine discussion communities, and show that sockpuppets differ from ordinary users in terms of their posting behavior, linguistic traits, as well as social network structure." Full article (pdf) here: https://cs.stanford.edu/people/jure/pubs/sockpuppets-www17.pdf
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3 days ago by dmcdev
New @OpenObservatory report analyzes internet censorship in Thailand
"New OONI data reveals the blocking of 13 websites in Thailand across 6 different ISPs, between 6th November 2016 and 27th February 2017. Thai ISPs appear to primarily be implementing censorship through DNS hijacking and through the use of middle boxes (HTTP transparent proxies) which serve block pages." - OTF-supported OONI. Among the blocked sites are Western news outlets and anonymity and censorship circumvention tool sites.
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4 days ago by dmcdev
WeChat reportedly blocked following first Tibetan self-immolation of 2017
"A 24-year-old Tibetan man set himself on fire Saturday in a protest against Chinese rule in the Himalayan region, the first reported self-immolation of 2017, sources told RFA's Tibetan Service.

Pema Gyaltsen, from Nyagrong (in Chinese, Xinlong) county in Kardze (Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, set himself on fire around 4 p.m., and police swiftly removed his charred body from the scene, Tibetan sources told RFA...In a one-minute video clip that was circulating on Tibetan social media, Chinese police are seen dispersing Tibetan onlookers from a scene of commotion, with women crying. Sources told RFA that authorities blocked the popular smartphone application WeChat following the self-immolation." - Radio Free Asia
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4 days ago by dmcdev
Profile of Citizen Lab's @RonDeibert in @mozilla StoryEngine
"There’s growing internet censorship worldwide, surveillance, targeted digital attacks, militarization, and weaponization of digital technologies. The internet is under systematic and wholesale threat today. We need to work correctively, whether as companies or advocacy groups or academic researchers or NGOs or policymakers, to try to protect and preserve the internet as a secure and open forum — the global public space of communication." - Ron Deibert, Director of the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. Read the full interview here: https://storyengine.io/stories/privacy-security/ron-deibert/
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4 days ago by dmcdev
Safeguarding Civil Society // East Africa – @small_media Foundation
"In this report, we set out to assess internet freedom and establish the digital resilience of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in the region of East Africa, specifically Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. In partnership with the Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA), DefendDefenders, and Strathmore University’s Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, we carried out a policy analysis of current freedom of expression and internet-related legislation, 39 CSO interviews and a series of network measurements." - Small Media. Check out the full report here: https://smallmedia.org.uk/media/projects/files/SCSEastAfrica_2017_pywMkUK.pdf
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4 days ago by dmcdev
‘Keep Us Online,’ says a new campaign by the @internetfreedom Foundation against internet shutdowns in India
"The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), comprising of technologists, lawyers, journalists and activists who believe in a free and fair internet, have launched a new campaign today against internet shutdowns in India...The campaign will take the form of a petition to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (with copies to Union Minister for IT, Ravi Shankar Prasad, and Minister of State for IT, Manoj Sinha) asking the Union government to introduce credible measures to stop the indiscriminate usage of internet shutdowns for reasons such as preventing riots, national security, and even to prevent cheating in exams. Through the campaign, the activists aim to demonstrate that these measures are actually not effective, and that internet shutdowns create huge disruptions in the lives of ordinary people in an increasingly digital-dependent world." - Shrabonti Bagchi, Factor Daily. The IFF campaign features an interactive map tracing internet shutdowns in India since 2010, which can be viewed here: https://maphub.net/iroshankedar/map
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4 days ago by dmcdev

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