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Authors: end to censored versions of books is 'victory for the world of dirt'
Profanities such as “fucking” and “fucker” became “freaking” and “idiot”, “hell” became “heck” and “shit” became “crap”, according to an analysis of the app by Jennifer Porter. It was not only swear words that Clean Reader scrubbed out of books: Porter, who ran a series of romance novels through the app, found that body parts were also replaced. “Penis” became “groin”, “vagina” was swapped for “bottom” and “breast” changed to “chest”. Exclamations such as “Jesus Christ” became “geez”, “piss” became “pee”, “bitch” became “witch” and “blowjob” was switched with the euphemistic “pleasure”.

Jared and Kirsten Maughan, the Christian founders of Clean Reader, came up with the idea after their daughter objected to the swear words in a book she was reading at school, and worked with the Chicago firm Page Foundry to create the filtering programme. This came with three settings: clean, which “only blocks major swear words from display”, cleaner, and squeaky clean, the most restrictive setting, which “will block the most profanity from a book including some hurtful racial terms”.
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2 days ago by campylobacter
Twitter finds a way to quash offensive tweets
“[T]he feature known as "quality filtering" is intended to "remove all Tweets from your notifications timeline that contain threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content, or are sent from suspicious accounts." The feature appears as an option in Twitter's iOS app on its notifications screen, where you can turn it on or off.” by Lance Whitney on CNET
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2 days ago by laurakalbag
Turkey mulls criminalizing social media users sharing ‘illegal content’ via @dmcdev
Al Arabiya reports: "The Turkish parliament is mulling another article in an omnibus bill which could criminalize social media users who share content subject to a legal complaint, the local Hurriyet Daily reported Tuesday. If approved, the article would allow Turkey’s Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) to remove or block Internet content to 'protect national security and public order.' As part of the article, users who share such content will also be punished. The news comes after the Turkish parliament on March 20 approved another key article in the omnibus bill, which gives power to the prime minister and other ministers to shut down websites within four hours."
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2 days ago by dmcdev
China clamps down on sexual content on WeChat via @dmcdev
Reuters reports: "China's Internet regulator has issued new guidelines prohibiting sexual and vulgar content on Tencent Holdings Ltd's popular messaging app, the latest step in the agency's perennial campaign to clean up China's Internet. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said sexually explicit pictures and text, including nude photos and erotic animation, and stories of 'one-night stands, wife-swapping, sexual abuse and other harmful information' will be subject to punishment. Public accounts that are found to be distributing vulgar content will be closed for a week on the first offense and permanently banned after four infractions, the CAC said."
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3 days ago by dmcdev
TVB版《武則天》CG加工封胸 范冰冰周海媚穿「背心」 – HKChannel

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3 days ago by quant18
fighting the tide | Fredrik deBoer
I wish people would just say yes or no: do you think it’s a good idea for professors to be punished for publishing edited essays in major publications, essays which are controversial simply for expressing an unpopular point of view? And how could that not constitute the kind of erosion of free speech that I’m constantly told isn’t happening?

You can see the effectiveness of this approach in the large genre of advice columns and essays for academic job seekers. To my sadness, reading hundreds of these pieces in the last several years has been an exercise in people saying one basic thing in a variety of different ways, often hiding the explicit point but nevertheless making it plain: don’t do anything that might ruffle any feathers, ever.
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3 days ago by pozorvlak
India's Supreme Court Axes Online Censorship Law, But Challenges Remain via @dmcdev
"Section 66A [would have] allowed police to arrest any person who sent online communications deemed 'grossly offensive' or known to be false. This has enabled the government take down many websites with allegedly objectionable content. Among various cases since the law was updated in 2008, two people were arrested for making comments on Facebook regarding India's prime minister Narendra Modi and one man was arrested for commenting on public service closures following the death of political leader Bal Thakrey." -Subhashish Panigrahi, Global Voices Advocacy
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Turkish parliament approves Internet censorship article via @dmcdev
"A new article approved by Turkish Parliament gives the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) sweeping new powers to censor internet content. According to Article 27 of a contentious new omnibus bill, the Telecommunications Directorate (TİB) will be able to remove or block online content within four hours of receiving a request from the prime minister or any minister, without the need for a court order. The new provision allows for the removal of any content that endangers an individual’s right to life and property, is deemed a threat to national security or public order, incites criminal activity or is a risk to public health. The TİB will restrict access to website within 4 hours of the decision by the ministers, and can also demand domain or service providers submit a user’s information to help locate suspects, with fines as high as TRY 500,000 (USD 190,000) for those who don’t comply." -BGN News
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3 days ago by dmcdev
India’s Supreme Court Strikes Down Controversial Internet Censorship Law via @dmcdev
"The country’s Supreme Court struck down an ambiguous law that could be used to imprison citizens for content they post online. NDTV reports that Section 66A of the Information Technology Act was declared unconstitutional at a session held this morning. The court added that the controversial law, which first came into existence in 2000, is 'vague in its entirety' and in violation of existing free speech laws." -Jon Russell, TechCrunch
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3 days ago by dmcdev

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