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China’s Divided Netizens | Berggruen Insights
"[In China,] netizens have splintered into many types and the sense of an online collectivity has weakened...The result is not pluralism in China’s online sphere, but the suppression and weakening of critical and liberal voices. Online activism has declined in tandem with the expansion of “positive energy,” a code word for positive publicity about the regime or its leaders." - GUOBIN YANG, Berggruen Insights
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12 hours ago by dmcdev
Russia's Media Regulator Plans To Block LinkedIn - @RFERL
Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor has asked a court to authorize the blocking of the U.S. professional-networking website LinkedIn. -
RFE/RL's Russian Service
otf  russia  linkedin  social  kremlin  putin  rferl  media  Roskomnadzor  censorship  access 
12 hours ago by dmcdev
The Authoritarian Internet Power Grab - WSJ
A new navigational and addressing technology, Digital Object Architecture (DOA), could enable the real-time surveillance and tracking of each device and individual connected to the web. Some governments are advocating that DOA be the singular and mandatory addressing system for the Internet of Things. They also want this system to be centrally controlled by the U.N.’s International Telecommunication Union, which has contractual rights to the underlying intellectual property. - ROBERT M. MCDOWELL and GORDON M. GOLDSTEIN for Wall Street Journal
otf  iot  ig  icann  control  censorship  surveillance  china 
19 hours ago by dmcdev
Russian Search Engine Will Only List Top News Stories from State-Registered Media - @isaacdwebb
Yandex, Russia’s largest search engine and a major news aggregator, will stop featuring articles from media companies that have not registered with the Russian government by January 1, 2017, on its “top news” lists, RBC reported on Thursday. - Isaac Webb, Global Voices Advox
otf  russia  news  media  censorship  access  kremlin  putlin  Roskomnadzor 
yesterday by dmcdev
Shut Down the Internet, and the Economy Goes With It
Governments damage their economies when they shut down Internet applications and services, according to a new analysis.

During the past year, 81 disruptions in 19 countries cost those economies at least $2.4 billion, according a study by Darrell West at the Brookings Institution that estimates the cost of disrupting a nation’s online activities. - by Mike Orcutt, MIT Technology Review
otf  research  shutdown  blackout  censorship  access  censor  economy 
yesterday by dmcdev
Gary Lineker defends Twitter views as the Sun gives him red card | Football | The Guardian
In 2014, he told the Guardian that “Twitter Gary” enabled him to be more outspoken than he could be on television. “I’ve quite often written tweets that I think are across that line, but I just delete them. There’s a few of those,” he said. “My law to myself is, if I’ve got doubts, then don’t send it. Do I really need the shit? Although I suppose I quite enjoy finding out where the line is.”
censorship  twitter  internet 
yesterday by juliusbeezer
China’s plan to organize its society relies on ‘big data’ to rate everyone - @simondenyer
The government hasn’t announced exactly how the plan will work — for example, how scores will be compiled and different qualities weighted against one another. But the idea is that good behavior will be rewarded and bad behavior punished, with the Communist Party acting as the ultimate judge.

This is what China calls “Internet Plus,” but critics call a 21st-century police state. - by Simon Denyer, The Washington Post
otf  china  surveillance  bigdata  data  privacy  asia  GFW  censorship  access 
2 days ago by dmcdev
Mark Zuckerberg’s Long March to China
The Chinese government likes to control social media and what people do with it—but Facebook looks willing to launch in China anyway.
china  zuckerberg  facebook  censorship 
3 days ago by SimonHurtz
How Syria’s Forgotten Revolutionaries Rose Up “To Kill This Fear”
As Naji Jerf stepped out of an office building in the southern Turkish city of Gaziantep last December, a man walked up to him and fired two shots from a silenced pistol, striking Jerf in the head
censorship  mesopotamia 
3 days ago by joeybaker
The U.S. Government Wants To Read Travelers’ Tweets Before Letting Them In
Soon, foreign visitors to the United States will be expected to tell U.S. authorities about their social media accounts. U.S. Customs and Border Protection wants to start collecting
censorship  governmentOverreach  immigration 
4 days ago by joeybaker
Thais Step Up Web Surveillance After King's Death
A crackdown on perceived royal insults has been enforced following the king's death last Thursday, which has plunged the nation into mourning for a beloved monarch. - AFP
otf  thailand  surveillance  cyberscout  asia  southeastasia  lesemajeste  speech  censorship 
6 days ago by dmcdev
Russian troll farms behind campaign to topple Ukraine’s government
Over 2,000 social media profiles, directed from Moscow, were orchestrating a “third Maidan” campaign in Ukrainian social media. The internet portal Texty.org.ua investigated the origins of the social media frenzy urging to topple the government over 8 months and uncovered a network of trolls coordinated by a former “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DNR”) militant now leading special operations in Moscow. - Alya Shandra, Euromaidan Press
otf  russia  ukraine  trolls  bots  sockpuppet  censorship  social  socialmedia  awareness 
6 days ago by dmcdev
WhatsApp and Viber Blocked on Election Day in Montenegro
Parliamentary elections in Montenegro on 16 October 2016 were marred with allegations of irregularities, reported via social networks, and a temporary ban on WhatsApp, Viber and similar messaging apps. - Filip Stojanovski, Global Voices Advocacy
otf  montenegro  whatsapp  viber  messaging  censorship  election  elections 
6 days ago by dmcdev

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