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China Goes After "Illegal" Online Maps - ReadWrite
Xinhua, the Chinese news outlet, is reporting this morning that the Chinese government will be implementing new standards that are aimed at preventing "state secrets being disclosed and uncertified maps published online." The rules are an update to standards adopted one year ago, and, according to the Xinhua article, require "all Internet map…
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2 days ago by mayonissen
Despite Low Internet Use, Burundi Blocks Viber and WhatsApp Amidst Protests
"Fewer than 2 percent of Burundi’s 10.2 million residents use the Internet, but that hasn’t stopped the government from cracking down; this week, amidst demonstrations, WhatsApp and Viber were reportedly blocked—at least by major telecoms—in the southeastern African country." -Jillian York, EFF
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Minitrue: Admonishing Online News Publishers
China Digital Times publishes censorship instructions issued to the media by Chinese government authorities instructing the media to "please prominently repost positive commentary on the article 'Cyberspace Administration of China Issues Ten Points on Meetings.'" (April 28th)
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5 days ago by dmcdev
The women of the Chinese internet remain defiant
"Despite the arrest and continued interrogation of China's most prominent online feminists, women in the country are continuing to protest against sexism using the internet." -Mukul Devichand, BBC
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Cowardly Firing of Australian State-Funded TV Journalist Highlights the West’s Real Religion
A TV sports commentator in Australia, Scott McIntyre, was summarily fired on Sunday by his public broadcasting employer, Special Broadcasting Services (SBS), due to a series of tweets he posted about…
censorship  fourth-estate  totalitarianism 
6 days ago by joeybaker
Malaysia: A deafening silence
"By official accounts, Malaysia is a parliamentary democracy, a constitutional monarchy, a nation built on ideals and values of Islam. However, as Jahabar Sadiq writes, online journalism is struggling to be heard." -Deutsche Welle
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6 days ago by dmcdev
Australian Copyright Censorship Bill Could Block VPNs and Circumvention Information
"The steamroller that is the copyright enforcement machine continues to trundle along around the world, flattening obstacles such as fair use, privacy and freedom of expression in its path. One of its latest stops has been in Australia, where that country’s copyright site-blocking laws, first seriously mooted last year, were introduced into the Australian Federal Parliament last month. A public comment period on the legislation, the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill 2015, closed two weeks ago, and EFF was amongst 49 experts, organizations and government departments who submitted comments. In our submission we explained that: 'censoring content from the Internet through blocking or filtering is never the best approach to take in managing illegal behavior online, and that it is always much better to address such behavior at its source. Any blocking or filtering of content runs the risk of being over-extensive or under-extensive (frequently both at once), and more fundamentally, runs against the Internet's essential value as an open platform for free expression.'" -Jeremy Malcolm, EFF
otf  australia  censorship  vpn  access 
6 days ago by dmcdev
Opinion: Egypt’s cybercrime bill poses threat to freedom of expression
"The draft law gives Egyptian authorities more power to control the Internet under the pretext of national security, leading the way to censorship of online news, cultural and political sites, and controversial views on the Web." -Ragab Saad, Contributor, Christian Science Monitor
otf  egypt  MENA  censorship  surveillance  access 
6 days ago by dmcdev
China's New Internet Rules Raise Questions Over Role of Agency
"Tough new regulations requiring online publishers to attend 'chats' with officials and police if they post content deemed false or inappropriate have raised questions about the increasingly strong-armed role of China's Internet regulator. China's Cyberspace Administration on Tuesday issued the rules, which set out a serious of violations of rules on web content that could prompt a summons to 'drink tea,' a technique traditionally employed by the state security police to warn, interrogate, and intimidate rights activists and dissidents. Sites deemed to have published banned content—which might include 'false information, pornography, and rumors'—will be obliged to send a representative to such meetings from June 1, the official Xinhua news agency reported." -Gao Shan, Radio Free Asia
otf  China  censorship  surveillance  access 
6 days ago by dmcdev
China Censors Facebook.net, Blocks Sites With “Like” Buttons
"Chinese government censors at the helm of the “Great Firewall of China” appear to have inadvertently blocked Chinese Web surfers from visiting pages that call out to connect.facebook.net, a resource used by Facebook’s 'like' buttons. While the apparent screw-up was quickly fixed, the block was cached by many Chinese networks — effectively blocking millions of Chinese Web surfers from visiting a huge number of sites that are not normally censored." -Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security
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7 days ago by dmcdev
China Internet Regulators Newly Explicit About Censorship
"China’s Internet regulators announced explicit new rules for the enforcement of censorship rules on Tuesday, demonstrating Beijing’s increasing willingness to discuss censorship openly. The Cyberspace Administration of China said in a directive published to its website that representatives from Internet companies could be summoned for violations including publishing pornographic material, false information or rumors and maintaining 'incomplete' Internet security systems. It also said that Internet news sites which failed to make changes after being summoned would be subject to fines, temporary suspensions or outright closure. 'False information' and 'rumors' are frequently code for news that hasn’t been approved by China’s propaganda apparatus." -Josh Chin, Wall Street Journal
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7 days ago by dmcdev
Facebook's login system is being hijacked by China's Great Firewall
"For the last three days, China's Great Firewall has been intercepting the Javascript module from Facebook's login feature, Facebook Connect, which allows third-party sites to authorize users through their Facebook login. First reported on Sunday, the attack causes sites using Facebook Connect to redirect to a third-party page. Readers have confirmed to The Verge that the redirection attack is still under way, and sites using Facebook Connect are automatically redirecting when accessed without a VPN or a Javascript blocker. Local media in Beijing has also reported on the problem. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment." -Russell Brandom, The Verge
otf  China  gfw  greatcannon  facebook  censorship  access  privacy  security 
7 days ago by dmcdev
Ukraine's Security Service Takes Down 30,000 Websites to Fight ‘Pro-Russian Propaganda’
"Ukraine's State Security Service (SBU) was initially aiming to shut down five websites that had been allegedly spreading pro-Russian views about the conflict in Ukraine. Instead, they ended up crushing thousands of other websites, halting business and other activities of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet." Global Voices' Anna Poludenko-Young lays out how the attempt at narrowly focused censorship went awry, angering the Ukrainian netizen populace in the process.
otf  censorship  ukraine  russia  access 
8 days ago by dmcdev
Minitrue: Avoid Vicious Speculation on Ou Shaokun
Censorship instructions handed down by government authorities to the media about reporting on Ou Shaokun, an anti-corruption activist: "All websites must delete reporting by Lubiao (WeChat public account) on the 'Uncle Ou prostitution case.' Strictly control related harmful information and commentary, and filter content which takes the opportunity to spread malicious attacks on our relevant judicial departments and system. In particular, strengthen the management of search engines and interactive elements to avoid vicious speculation." -reported by China Digital Times
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8 days ago by dmcdev
China’s Internet Censor Increases Scrutiny on News Portals
"China’s top online watchdog announced greater local supervision of online news portals, in a bid to rein in a bastion of freewheeling content on the country’s heavily censored Internet. The Cyberspace Administration of China has empowered the agency’s local officers to question online news content providers about any apparent violations of rules against spreading false, violent, pornographic or politically sensitive information. Such posts by Web portals had hurt the public interest, Fan Li, head of the agency’s information service bureau, said Tuesday at a Beijing briefing announcing the rule. The move will mean greater scrutiny for new portals run by companies such as Tencent Holdings Ltd., Sina Corp. and NetEase Inc. China’s long-established Internet censorship regime has intensified under President Xi Jinping, with agencies last year restricting political news sent via messaging apps and ordering the deletion of thousands of social-networking posts in a 'Cleaning the Web' campaign.'" -Bloomberg Business
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8 days ago by dmcdev

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