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Russia to Web Anonymizers: Shut Up and Go Away
Russia is now officially cracking down on anonymizing web services—tools that allow users to access content and websites that might be banned in the country. Roscomnadzor, Russia's Internet censor, has added the anonymizing service NoBlock to its blacklist registry. - Tetyana Lokot, Global Voices
otf  Russia  anonymity  noblock  roscomnadzor  censorship  tor  vpn  privacy  security 
17 hours ago by dmcdev
Apple bans drone-awareness iPhone app — RT USA
Drones+, the latest endeavor from Brooklyn-based app developer Josh Begley, provides information from real and reputable news sources about executions conducted by unmanned, remote-controlled aircraft
drones  censorship  apple 
yesterday by juliusbeezer
Comcast Killed The Ed Show For Talking About TPP
— July 27, 2015 When it comes to coverage of the Trans Pacific Partnership, no one in the corporate media covered the issue more than Ed Schultz on MSNBC’s The Ed Show. When it was…
censorship  corporate-corruption  intellectual-property  oligarchy  fourth-estate  corporate-indemnity  ISP 
yesterday by joeybaker
Rapper's holographic performance prompts police to shut down hip-hop festival | Music | The Guardian
Rapper's holographic performance prompts police to shut down hip-hop festival | Music | The Guardian
IFTTT  bitly  censorship 
2 days ago by astein
Hey, liberals: Criminalizing hate speech will inevitably backfire
Interesting article about the danger of ultra-left hate speech policies
politics  SJW  left-wing  censorship 
3 days ago by beneff
Politistaten rører på seg - Bergens Tidende
Beslaget av upublisert kildemateriale hos en filmskaper er sommerens prinsipielle grøsserhistorie. PSTs atferd og domstolenes argumenter i saken er en studie i hvordan angstens retorikk er i ferd med å snevre inn rommet for ytrings- og pressefrihet i Norge. Og grunnen til at både Steiro, jeg og alle mine kolleger bør være nervøse.
norway  oppression  censorship 
4 days ago by lorenzk
Urban Dictionary: yippee kay yay Mr. Falcon
yippee kay yay Mr. Falcon
from the movie, Die Hard 2

this phrase replaced the more vulgar phrase "yippee kay yay motherfucker" in the censored version of the film intended for television airplay.
film  movie  humor  censorship 
5 days ago by Shoord
Why China’s Propagandists Love the Internet
The Chinese Communist Party has always seen propaganda, known as “thought work,” as key to controlling society. Coordinated by a standing member of the Politburo, propaganda reaches down through every layer of the Chinese state and society, with the military, education, and the arts all mobilized as vehicles for the dissemination of centrally determined messages. But today, China’s propagandists are facing new challenges. One is ideological. In an age when the Communist Party is curating a form of capitalism, what does the party stand for? How should it secure loyalty? What sort of central message should it project? The second is technological. The Internet is designed to challenge centralized control and accelerate horizontal communication, whereas the Chinese state remains a rigidly vertical power structure. - Gary Rawnsley, Foreign Policy
otf  China  Asia  propaganda  censorship  access 
6 days ago by dmcdev
Russia's Internet Censor Threatens New YouTube Block
Roscomnadzor, the Russian government's media and Internet watchdog, has issued an official warning to video hosting website YouTube about adding the site to Russia's Internet blacklist for copyright violations. This time, the block could make YouTube completely unavailable to some users. - Tetyana Lokot, Global Voices Advocacy
otf  Russia  youtube  social  censorship  access  privacy 
7 days ago by dmcdev
A Survey of Worldwide Censorship Techniques


This document describes the technical mechanisms used by censorship
regimes around the world to block or degrade internet traffic. It
aims to make designers, implementers, and users of Internet protocols
aware of the properties being exploited and mechanisms used to censor
end-user access to information. This document makes no suggestions
on individual protocol considerations, and is purely informational,
intended to be a reference.
FoE  censorship 
7 days ago by mariafarrell
China Blocks Telegram Messenger for ‘Aiding Rights Advocates’
The Telegram messaging app has been blocked in China amid accusations of allegedly aiding Chinese human-rights lawyers in their everyday work and organizing. The block follows a massive cyber attack against the company’s Asia-Pacific servers earlier this month.

Hong Kong Free Press first reported the block on July 13. According to blockedinchina.net, access to Telegram’s web-version has been blocked from servers located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and Yunnan provinces in China. - Tetyana Lokot, Global Voices Advocacy
otf  China  Asia  telegram  ddos  Russia  HumanRights  censorship  access  privacy 
7 days ago by dmcdev
No One Wants to Admit It, but Reddit Can't Be Saved
It’s looking more and more like Ellen Pao was, in some sense, set up to fail by her male board of directors. Her predecessor Yishan Wong says it. A top Reddit engineer said it
gawker  censorship  reddit 
8 days ago by jonkit
Malaysia Drops the Pretense of Not Censoring the Internet
The UK-based news website the Sarawak Report was blocked in Malaysia on July 19, 2015 upon orders from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC). The site remains inaccessible from within the country unless users access the site on their mobile phones or via a VPN. The MCMC ordered Malaysia’s Internet service providers to take the site down after it published news on the bank transfer allegations, though reports suggest the block has been unevenly enforced. The MCMC's rationale for their order was that the site has published “unverified information” and posed a threat to “national security.”

This is the first time Malaysia has publicly acknowledged blocking a political website, and it is particularly notable because the case strikes at the heart of political corruption within the country.
censorship  malaysia 
8 days ago by campylobacter

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