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Tanzanians are being sentenced to jail for insulting their president on social media — Quartz
Under a much-criticized cybercrime law passed last year, publishing information with the “intent to defame, threaten, abuse, insult, cause public panic, or encourage criminal offense” can now be classed as a crime. - Yomi Kazeem, Quartz
otf  tanzania  africa  social  censorship  speech  media  press  humanrights  policy 
19 hours ago by dmcdev
China's New Search Engine Rules Will Hamper, Not Protect, Web Users - @radiofreeasia
"Actually, most of the controls on search engine results are aimed at managing what ordinary people are about to see online, and they are already very effective. Anything we might want to see online has already long since been deleted anyway, so these rules won't do anything," online activist Lai Rifu said. - Radio Free Asia
otf  radiofreeasia  china  baidu  search  access  censorship  awareness  GFW  asia 
19 hours ago by dmcdev
China Censors WeChat Rumors, Including the One About Robots Taking Over - @HernandezJavier
To the list of things that should not be uttered in modern China, add these: Padded bras cause cancer. The earth is on the brink of falling into a period of darkness for six days. Robots will soon conquer entire industries and eliminate the need for human labor.

These were among the seemingly trivial posts on WeChat, a popular messaging app, that have been censored, according to a study by Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto [<b>research authored by OTF ICFP fellow Jason Q. Ng</b>]. - Javier C. Hernandez, New York Times
otf  china  wechat  rumor  speech  censorship  asia  GFW  circumvention  access  media  ICFP  research  citizenlab 
22 hours ago by dmcdev
Bahraini activist to be tried for tweets: lawyer - Reuters
Bahraini human rights activist Nabeel Rajab will face trial for tweets condemning the Gulf Arab kingdom's prison system and its involvement in the war in Yemen, his lawyer said on Sunday, and he could face up to 13 years in prison.

Rajab was arrested earlier this month on unspecified charges in what appears an escalating crackdown by the Sunni-led government that also included a court shutting down a main opposition society and a decision to strip the spiritual leader of the island's Shi'ite Muslim majority of his citizenship. - Reuters
otf  bahrian  MENA  twitter  social  speech  access  censorship  humanrights 
22 hours ago by dmcdev
Russia’s State Duma just approved some of the most repressive laws in post-Soviet history — Meduza
On Friday, June 24, Russia's State Duma approved a final draft of several anti-terrorist laws spearheaded by deputy Irina Yarovaya. Though lawmakers removed many of the legislation's most odious
censorship  religon  surveillanceState  totalitarianism 
yesterday by joeybaker
Google and Facebook May Be Suppressing 'Extremist' Speech With Copyright Scanners - Slashdot
The systems that automatically enforce copyright laws on the internet may be expanding to block unfavorable speech.
censorship  copyright  social 
yesterday by pankkake
Reasons not to use (i.e., be used by) Facebook
Facebook deletes postings for obscure reasons, and even denies deleting them.
censorship  facebook  privacy  surveillance 
yesterday by lbenjamin
Supreme Court to hear petition seeking ban on WhatsApp
The Supreme Court will hear next Wednesday a petition seeking a ban on WhatsApp on the ground that the messaging platform's end-to-end encryption gives terrorists a means of communication that is
2 days ago by joeybaker
IPFS is the Distributed Web
A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open.
filesystem  filesharing  p2p  censorship  web  internet  networking  computer-networking  surveillance  privacy  decentralized-web 
2 days ago by benmezger
True or False? WeChat Offers a Gauge for Online Rumors - China Real Time Report - WSJ
"[T]he idea of distinguishing rumors from facts becomes complicated in a country where internet censorship and online propaganda are part of everyday life." - Juro Osawa and Chun Han Wong, Wall Street Journal
otf  china  wechat  rumor  censorship  GFW  asia  chat 
3 days ago by dmcdev
#IranVotes: Political Discourse on Iranian Twitter During the 2016 Parliamentary Elections | Berkman Center
New report "delves deep into Iran's Twittersphere, engaging in network analysis and content analysis to test claims that online spaces formed a key battleground in the contest. What [Small Media/Internet Monitor] found was a vibrant, political, and outward-looking online public engaged in a lively political debate about the country's future." Despite Twitter being officially blocked in Iran since 2009, the report found cites that the government estimates that there are around 4 milli...
otf  iran  election  twitter  social  vote  access  circumvention  censorship  MENA 
5 days ago by dmcdev
Ghana Considers Shut Down Of Social Media In Election Day Run-up – The Wilmington Journal
Ghanaians who use social media could find themselves staring at a blank screen instead of Facebook or Twitter under a plan now being considered by Ghana’s Police Service (GPS).

Superintendent Cephas Arthur, Public Affairs director of the GPS, said that blocking Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets during the upcoming elections would be in the best interests of the nation. - Wilmington Journal
otf  ghana  africa  social  access  censorship  facebook  twitter  election 
5 days ago by dmcdev
Google Is the World's Biggest Censor and Its Power Must Be Regulated | US News Opinion
How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites?
censorship  corporateCorruption  governmentOverreach 
5 days ago by joeybaker
In Wisconsin, a Backlash Against Using Data to Foretell Defendants’ Futures
After Mr. Loomis appealed his sentence, an appellate court referred the case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Wisconsin attorney general
judicialStupidity  prisonSystemAbuse  governmentIncompetence  censorship  corporateLies  intellectualProperty 
5 days ago by joeybaker
Open Internet Under Threat, OECD Report Warns - WSJ
Laws that clamp down on online speech or restrict the flow of data are bringing internet governance to “a critical juncture,” according to the report, released at a meeting of the OECD in Cancun, Mexico. As governments and other stakeholders worldwide exert more internet controls, including state censorship, they risk undermining economic growth, political equality, social justice and other benefits, according to [a new OECD report released Tuesday]. - Angus Loten, Wall Street Journal
otf  oecd  access  policy  IG  open  censorship 
5 days ago by dmcdev

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