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Uncle Sam’s hilarious offensive-trademark dilemma | New York Post
In 1929, Chief Justice William Howard Taft convinced Congress to finance construction of “a building of dignity and importance” for the Supreme Court. He could not have imagined what the court will ponder during oral arguments this Wednesday.

The case concerns the name of an Asian-American rock band: The Slants. And surely Taft never read a friend-of-the-court brief as amusing as one filed in this case. It is titled “Brief of the Cato Institute and a Basket of Deplorable People and ...
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yesterday by SirPavlova
UnblockOz: Reclaim your Internet
Reclaim your Internet. Unblock censored websites in Australia.

Did you know that your Internet Service Provider must block your access to the Internet? Check out these techniques to reclaim your unfiltered Internet access back.
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5 days ago by bignose
Facebook blocks posts in Thailand that the government has blacklisted
[J]ournalist Andrew MacGregor Marshall noticed that some of his posts and those from fellow dissident Somsak Jeamteerasakul were not showing up for users accessing Facebook in Thailand.

This post he made appears to users outside the country, but shows up as a removed post if accessed from a Thai IP address. Mashable also used a Thai proxy server to confirm Marshall's allegation. - VICTORIA HO, Mashable
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6 days ago by dmcdev
#research: To censor or not to censor: Roots, current trends and the long-term consequences of the Chinese Communist Party’s fear of the internet
This article explores the reasons behind the Chinese Communist Party’s fear of
digital media and outlines its effects on the Party’s approach to the internet. By
closely examining the heavily-contested field of digital networked media, we see
that the control of the internet in China is not only based on censorship but that the
Party has been experimenting for some time with a variety of unusual quasidemocratic
strategies, each of them designed to go beyond the need for censorship;
each of them a new Party strategy to learn from its critics and win public consent for
its rule. - Giovanni Navarria, University of Sydney)
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6 days ago by dmcdev
Big Brother collecting big data — and in China, it's all for sale
China has wealth of data on what individuals are doing at a micro level, says The Citizen Lab. - Saša Petricic, CBC News
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6 days ago by dmcdev
From #33c3: State of Internet Censorship 2016
"2016 has been marked by major shifts in political policy towards the Internet in Turkey and Thailand, a renegotiation of the responsibilities of content platforms in the west, and a continued struggle for control over the Internet around the world. Turbulent times, indeed. In this session, [Will Scott and Philipp Winter] survey what's changed in Internet surveillance and censorship in the last year, and provide context for the major changes affecting the net today."
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8 days ago by dmcdev

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