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Social Media Crackdown: The New Normal for Africa?
Countries mentioned: Zimbabwe , Burundi, Angola , Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Sudan

"Do not rule out situations where Kenya uses filtering,” he [Henry Maina, East Africa director for Article 19] said, “so you have cases of internet slowdown totally, where during certain periods, during our election period in 2013 or during the Garissa terrorist attack, when you just notice that the internet is slower. And that's a different system of just interference, even though it's not as bad as shutdowns."
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Exploring alternative Internets and unusual forms of networking in Havana | Share Lab
Three stories from Cuba of "how one isolated society manages to override this gap and establish alternative ways to access, distribute, share and enjoy digital content." - Share Lab
otf  cuba  access  censorship  open  society  havana  networks  wifi  information 
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Social Media Crackdown: The New Normal for Africa?
Police in Burundi arrested eight people Saturday for allegedly circulating defamatory anti-government statements on social media.

The Burundi case is not unique. The list of African countries trying to cut or control social media keeps growing, particularly during elections or periods of unrest. - Jill Craig, VOA
otf  social  africa  burundi  censorship  protest  access  ethiopia 
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North Korea Unveils Netflix-Like Service With Propaganda on Demand
Called Manbang, the service delivers on-demand videos to televisions through a set-top box, Korean Central Television said in a report last week.

In the report, a narrator says that Manbang is further proof of North Korea’s “socialist cultural power,” which will allow its people to watch their country “make a leap forward every day, every hour.” - PATRICK BOEHLER and CHOE SANG-HUN, New York Times
otf  northkorea  access  propaganda  information  manbang  censorship  awareness  asia 
2 days ago by dmcdev
Tor is released, with important fixes | @torproject
Tor fixes an important bug related to the ReachableAddresses option in, and replaces a retiring bridge authority. Everyone who sets the ReachableAddresses option, and all bridges, are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
- Tor
otf  tor  update  release  circumvention  censorship  access  anonymity  privacy  security 
2 days ago by dmcdev
China launches first [heavily censored] Tibetan-language search engine
A quick image search [on yongzin.com] for the Dalai Lama, for example, requires sifting through pages of results before locating any of the man that Chinese authorities have previously dubbed a “jackal in Buddhist monk’s robes.” Instead, users are offered photos of various Tibetan artifacts and images of official press briefings, as well as an image of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy adorned with the words, “Tibet is a part of China.”
- Te-Ping Chen, Wall Street ...
otf  china  asia  tibet  censorship  access  search  yongzin  GFW 
3 days ago by dmcdev
UNESCO: Principles for governing the Internet: a comparative analysis
As the sixth edition in the UNESCO Internet Freedom series, this study encompasses both quantitative and qualitative assessments of more than 50 declarations, guidelines, and frameworks. The issues contained in these documents are assessed in the context of UNESCO’s interested areas such as access, freedom of expression, privacy, ethics, Priority Gender Equality, and Priority Africa, and sustainable development, etc.
otf  un  unesco  access  censorship  internetfreedom  policy  speech  privacy  research 
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French police force a woman to take off her clothes on a beach in Cannes yesterday because she was wearing a "burkini," a bathing suit recently criminalized in 15 French cities. The woman was lying
censorship  majority-minority  extremism  oppression  france  fascism  gender  power  violence 
3 days ago by lorenzk
China's 50 cent army: Leak Shows Glimpse of "Public Sentiment Guidance" Planning - @CDT
"Members of the [Fifty Cent Army] team appear to pose as liberal netizens in order to infiltrate private WeChat groups. Once inside, they can work to steer the conversation, or push group members to incriminate themselves. This ruse has previously led to members of the group being misidentified as U.S.-funded anti-communist activists." - China Digital Times
otf  china  asia  GFW  censorship  wechat  CAC  awareness  50centarmy  social  sockpuppet 
3 days ago by dmcdev
"Progressive activists must work politically to protect free speech, to oppose censorship."
"Active in black liberation struggle and in feminist movement, I am disturbed by the willingness of more conservative thinkers in these two movements to embrace censorship as an acceptable means of social control. The political core of any movement for freedom in the society has to have the political imperative to protect free speech. Time and time again, radicals have seen that censorship is used to silence progressive voices rather than those who take the conservative stand that free speech must be suppressed in specific instances. Progressive activists must work politically to protect free speech, to oppose censorship. These issues are most publicly highlighted in black civil rights struggle and feminist movement, in struggles over representation of vulgarity, sexuality, and pornography. Yet some of the reticence on the part of individuals in both groups to the vehement opposition of censorship reflects the deep investment in regulatory silencing that has, dangerously, come to be an accepted aspect of both black liberation struggle and feminist movement. This covert silencing of dissenting voices and opinions undermines free speech and strengthens the forces of censorship within and outside radical movements." (Outlaw Culture: Resisting Representations - bell hooks)
whd  political  correctness  free  speech  censorship 
3 days ago by jamesshelley
Defeating Turkey’s censorship is a US national security interest - @mrubin1971
Erdoğan’s security forces have imprisoned journalists and editors, meanwhile, for reporting on the aid and assistance that Erdoğan’s forces have provided the Islamic State and other radical groups in Syria. As a result, ordinary Turks may actually believe that the PKK (or its Syrian affiliates) pose a greater danger than the Islamic State, never mind that the PKK generally does not target civilians. - Michael Rubin, AEI
otf  turkey  censorship  access  voa  press  media  speech 
4 days ago by dmcdev
China's 'chilling' censorship system and how it leads Tibetans and Uighurs to self-censor
Traditional sources of information—local sources, whistleblowers, or even simple emails—have become increasingly inaccessible for journalists covering Tibet and Xinjiang. Both regions are closed off to journalists, except for heavily controlled, government-run trips. The few who do successfully report on the regions are finding that their sources are routinely intimidated, leaving few willing to speak openly to outsiders. - Nithin Coca, Daily Dot
otf  china  asia  tibet  xinjiang  uyghur  censorship  access  wechat  GFW  circumvention 
5 days ago by dmcdev
#Research: Censors’ Delay in Blocking Circumvention Proxies
Censors of the Internet must continually discover and block new circumvention proxy servers. We seek to understand this process; specifically, the length of the delay between when a proxy first becomes discoverable and when it is actually blocked. We measure this delay in the case of obfuscated Tor bridges, by testing their reachability before and after their introduction into Tor Browser. We test from sites in the U.S., China, and Iran, over a period of five months. China’s national firewall blocked new bridges after a varying delay of between 2 and 36 days. Blocking occurred only after end-user software releases, despite bridges being potentially discoverable earlier through other channels. While the firewall eventually discovered the bridges of Tor Browser, those that appeared only in Orbot, a version of Tor for mobile devices, remained unblocked. Our findings highlight the fact that censors can behave in ways that defy intuition, presenting difficulties for threat modeling but also opportunities for evasion. - David Fifield and Lynn Tsai, UC Berkeley
otf  research  censorship  circumvention  access  proxy  tor  GFW  China  Iran 
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Mali is the latest African country to impose a social media blackout
Cutting off access to social media is becoming a common tactic during elections and protests in Africa, as political mobilization increasingly moves online. According to data collected by the public relations firm Portland Communications last year, Twitter users in Africa tweet far more about politics than their counterparts elsewhere[.] - Lily Kuo, Quartz
otf  mali  africa  censorship  access  social  whatsapp  election  speech  protest 
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