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Pankaj Mishra on Arundhati Roy: Hindu nationalists ​have many ways to silence writers | Books | The Guardian
Author Roy is facing imprisonment in India. Of course, Narendra Modi’s government has left no clear fingerprints on this scene of a crime against art and thought
censorship  politics  publishing  India  NarendraModi  ArundhatiRoy  critique  Guardian  2016 
2 days ago by inspiral
The Tragedy of Ethiopia's Internet
“Journalism is a crime or a terrorist act in his mind because what has been portrayed about [his dad],” Serkalem explained to me through a translator. “Not only his dad, but if you mention any journalist he will scream and say ‘I don't like journalists!’”

Their story is a weaving tale that mirrors how Ethiopia, home to over 90 million people, became a digital hermit nation. How Nafkot come to believe journalism is a crime equivalent to terrorism is a case study of how governments have used the internet as a tool for repression. - Justin Lynch, Motherboard
otf  ethiopia  africa  censorship  journalism  press  speech  awareness  surveillance 
3 days ago by dmcdev
Online Censorship Rears Its Ugly Head In Southeast Asia
Three examples of recent censorship events in SE Asia: Indonesia blocks Netflix, Malaysia blocks Medium, and Thailand pressures Internet companies Google, Facebook, and Line to censor content on their services. - Jon Russell, TechCrunch
otf  asia  SEAsia  Thailand  malaysia  indonesia  censorship  netflix  medium  facebook  google  line  chat  privacy  security  encryption 
3 days ago by dmcdev
Cartoonist Islam Gawish arrested for anti-gov’t comics
Security forces arrested cartoonist Islam Gawish on Sunday for drawings
egypt  cartoons  censorship  oppression  art 
5 days ago by lorenzk
Article On Swedish Murder Censored In Sweden | Qntra
An article in the Daily Mail on the stabbing death of student social worker Alexandra Mezher (archived) has reportedly been censored in Sweden. Users in Sweden are being redirected to a url on the Daily Mail website named /unavailable/index.html which apologizes for being "unable to find" the article.
censorship  sweden 
5 days ago by pankkake
UN Deleted Key Parts Of Aid Plan After Consulting Assad Regime - BuzzFeed News, Jan 22, 2016
The proposal, which will form the basis of a $3.1 billion global aid appeal, was written in consultation with other UN teams and NGOs working in Syria, but the changes were made after it had been sent to the government by the Damascus office without consultation with the other authors. The edits include:
The removal of all instances of the words “besieged” and “siege” in reference to areas where nearly half a million people in Syria are thought to be trapped.

The redaction of any mention of a programme to remove landmines, unexploded bombs, and missiles.

The removal of references to violations of international humanitarian law, such as aerial attacks on medical facilities and the targeting of civilian areas.

The redaction of any mention of the “Mine Action services” de-mining programme has also caused concern among Syrian humanitarian agencies. The programme works to remove the unexploded bombs and missiles that riddle Syria, particularly in rebel-held areas such as Madaya.
“De-mining is a humanitarian, life-saving activity, so the fact that was removed is a horrifying precedent to be setting,” one employee at an international NGO said. “The Syrian government has bombs and landmines as part of their military strategy and so it’s not in their best interest to have UN programmes come in and essentially fix that.”
The UN has repeatedly warned of violations of international humanitarian law by all parties in the Syrian conflict, including attacks on medical facilities and water stations and the blocking of aid. These kinds of violations were something UN agencies and NGOs wanted to flag up in the aid plan. But references to “indiscriminate and targeted attacks on civilian areas and facilities” were removed and phrases detailing the frequency of aerial attacks on a medical facility were altered in the final document.
UN  censorship  blockade  mines  Mar15  Assad  leak  unnamed_official  health 
6 days ago by elizrael
Things You Can’t Talk About in a Coca-Cola Ad
A “Profanity API” for a user-generated marketing campaign censors vulgarity, Pepsi, belching, and murder—but also Bill Cosby, capitalism, the Book of Genesis, and tacos.
marketing  advertising  social  campaign  censorship 
7 days ago by markhgn
Thailand asked Google to make censorship easier – leaked document via @AsCorrespondent
As online censorship concerns mount in Thailand, activists in the country released a document Wednesday that purportedly details a meeting in which government officials urged Google staff to comply with content removal requests without waiting for court orders..."We would like Google to expedite the process of website removal once it is requested by qualified authorities to save from the possible damage of time, as it will not correct the situation if we wait for the court process." - Asian Correspondent
otf  thailand  asia  google  censorship  access 
7 days ago by dmcdev
Netflix blocked by Indonesia in censorship row - BBC News
Netflix has been blocked by Indonesia's biggest internet service provider, upsetting its move into the country.
The state-owned telecoms firm said it had concerns about the content Netflix was offering and accused it of failing to have a necessary business permit.
The US company announced earlier this month that it had added 130 countries, including Indonesia, to its service - taking it almost worldwide.
One expert said the setback had been "inevitable". - Leo Kelion, BBC
otf  indonesia  netflix  asia  censorship  access 
7 days ago by dmcdev
Medium's Sitewide Encryption Confronts Censorship in Malaysia | @EFF
Blogging platform Medium is now blocked in Malaysia, apparently in an effort to censor an investigative news outlet critical of the government. The Sarawak Report has mirrored its articles on Medium at least since its own site was blocked in mid-2015, when it published allegations of corruption. - Parker Higgins, EFF
otf  malaysia  asia  medium  censorship  sarawak  access 
7 days ago by dmcdev

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