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China’s Great Firewall is demolishing foreign websites—and nobody knows why via @dmcdev
Software designer Craig Hockenberry noticed something very strange was happening to his small corporate website The Iconfactory one morning last month: traffic had suddenly spiked to extremely high levels—equivalent to more than double the amount of data transmitted when Kim Kardashian’s naked photos were published last year.

The reason, he quickly discovered, was that China’s Great Firewall—the elaborate machinery that China’s government uses to censor the internet—was redirecting enormous amounts of bogus traffic to his site, which designs online icons, quickly swamping his servers.

“When I looked at the server traffic, there was only one thing I could say,” he wrote on his blog. “Holy shit.”
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yesterday by dmcdev
Zensur auf Facebook: Meinungsfreiheit hört da auf, wo das Geschäft bedroht wird [Kolumne] | t3n
Facebooks gesellschaftliche Engagement hört da auf, wo das Geschäft bedroht wir, schreibt @AndreasWeck
facebook  censorship 
yesterday by SimonHurtz
‘House of Cards’ Third Season Not Showing in China via @DmcDev
In the past, the first and second seasons of “House of Cards” were all shown on the Internet, synchronized with the U.S. show times. But now Chinese audiences will have to wait for the whole new season to finish and be approved by the regime’s regulator before they can watch it, if approved. Although China’s large Internet video portal, Sohu TV announced in its 2015 year plan that it would show the third season of “House of Cards,” the release time of the drama is not clear, according to the state-run Legal Evening News. A Sohu TV staff member indicated that they do not know if it would be broadcast due to state censors.
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yesterday by dmcdev
Google banning explicit sexuality, graphic nudity on Blogger
TORONTO — Google is cracking down on adult content posted to its popular Blogger service.
google  censorship 
2 days ago by dhellmann
Timeline: Google's role in global sex censorship | ZDNet
Summary:While you were busy freaking out about government surveillance, censorship blossomed at the one corporation that has the most power to fight -- or enable -- suppression of speech: Google.

By Violet Blue for Pulp Tech | February 24, 2015 -- 04:46 GMT (20:46 PST)
internet  censorship  google 
2 days ago by chaos
Sobering News Out of China, Part Four Million via @DmcDev
"Pinging Baidu without a VPN takes 17ms on average with 0% loss; pinging the Atlantic without a VPN takes 350ms and about 40% loss." Chronicles of a country walling itself off.
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Paving the road to democracy or unleashing Big Brother? The Internet under dictatorships. via @DmcDev
Since authoritarian governments rely on controlling the information flow and restrictions on communication to stay in power, the introduction and proliferation of Internet access could either present a severe challenge to the foundations of their rule, or a promising opportunity to maintain and perhaps strengthen their grip on power.
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3 days ago by dmcdev
China will start censoring online usernames this Sunday via @BeckLindsay
If you use any of China’s online services and you’ve got a cheeky username, we’ve got some bad news for your: judgement day is drawing nigh. Starting on Sunday March 1, government regulations banning the use of certain kinds of nicknames online in China will go into effect, and Chinese tech companies will be forced to crack down.
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3 days ago by dmcdev
China will start censoring online usernames this Sunday
If you use any of China’s online services and you’ve got a cheeky username, we’ve got some bad news for your: judgement day is drawing nigh. Starting on Sunday March 1, government regulations banning the use of certain kinds of nicknames online in China will go into effect, and Chinese tech companies will be forced to crack down.
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3 days ago by lindsay
Zuckerberg’s friend request to China via @DmcDev
For Chinese new year Mark Zuckerberg posted a greeting in the Chinese language. The message has been viewed nearly 4 million times, and been shared more than 36,000 times since 19 February. But few are likely to have come from from his intended audience - people inside China. That's because Facebook has been banned in the country since 2009. It is believed the entrepreneur's efforts to learn Mandarin may be part of a plan to try to reverse that ban.
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3 days ago by dmcdev
Daily Telegraph Writes "Despicable" Report Linking Suicides At The Times To Commercial Pressure
A senior Daily Telegraph reporter wrote an anonymous front page story suggesting suicides at a rival newspaper may be connected to stress caused by commercial pressure – just days after the Telegraph itself faced allegations of blurring the lines between advertising and editorial.

The article, which was printed on the newspaper’s front page under an anonymous “Telegraph Reporter” by-line, claimed advertising sales staff at the publisher of The Times have been driven to suicide by an “unreasonable pressure to hit targets”.

The story then links these recent deaths to comments from a Times executive about how “commercial and editorial departments were now working closely with one another, despite public assurances from the firm that they remained entirely separate”.

The decision to publish the story connecting deaths to editorial standards was branded as “despicable” by senior journalists on other publications, who suggested the story was an attempt to distract from the Telegraph’s own editorial concerns.
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5 days ago by jtyost2

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