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Telegraph -- The student Left’s culture of intolerance is creating a new generation of conservatives by Charlie Peters
'...Analysis from market research firm, The Gild, shows that ‘Gen Z’ is the most conservative generation since 1945. The research reveals that ‘Gen Z’ Britons are more likely to favour conservative spending, dislike tattoos and body-piercings, and oppose marijuana legislation. -- The youth and student members of the British Left have given up trying to win arguments on principle, preferring to shut down the views of those they opponents. But ‘Gen Z’ live in the time of mass media where anyone’s political views can be shared worldwide at ease. By pushing a “you can’t say that” attitude, the young Left in the UK and the US are reducing their opportunity to respond to conservative ideas, and, as a result of this, conservatism is on the rise. -- Nowadays, the only thing that is stopping a student from accessing a new idea is a censorious gag from a student union or NUS apparatchik. Whilst the student Left have historically campaigned in support of causes that the West’s youth have been favourable towards, such as the anti-war and anti-austerity movements, they are now picking on something that is dear to us: freedom of information. -- Students of my generation have grown up in an era of mass-communication. Each year has brought new tools for the flow of ideas, conversation and media. The rapid expansion of affordable technology has been matched by the growth of the social media market. When it is common for students to be able to easily interact with anyone in the world via a portable computer that fits in their pocket, nothing seems more silly to us than cliquey calls for censorship. -- That is why young people and students are becoming conservatives – they’re the only people making the case for a freedom that they love.' -- The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. ~ John Gilmore
illiberalism  censorship  thoughtpolice  backlash  conservativism 
5 days ago by adamcrowe
The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed
Inside the soul-crushing world of content moderation, where low-wage laborers soak up the worst of humanity, and keep it off your Facebook feed.
tech  social  network  censorship  teaching 
5 days ago by krannon
Sims 4 Mod Uncensors Game - Technabob
One of the most popular games that EA offers is The Sims and the game is now on its fourth version. The Sims 4 has a new mod that players tired of those pi
tech  gaming  censorship  mods 
5 days ago by krannon
Zuckerberg: Facebook-Filter für Gewalt und nackte Haut - Digital - Süddeutsche.de
Facebook-Chef Mark Zuckerberg verspricht personalisierte Einstellungen für Inhalte. Nicht die einzige interessante Aussage seines Manifests.
simon  facebook  zuckerberg  censorship 
6 days ago by SimonHurtz
Brendan O’Neill - Offensiveness is the coursing lifeblood of human...
The right to offend is not some pesky little part of freedom of speech that we have to put up with — it is the heart and soul and lungs of freedom of speech. It is the coursing lifeblood of human progress. It is the instigator of liberty and modernity and science and understanding.
freedom  censorship 
9 days ago by pankkake
Cameroon’s Internet Has Been Cut For Four Weeks With No End in Sight - Motherboard
Since January 17, English-speaking parts of Cameroon have had their internet blocked. Although no official reason has been given, residents of the African country say it's an intentional act by the government, affecting about 20 percent of the population.

This apparent crackdown on dissent is affecting people far outside the country's borders, including my own family in Ottawa and Montreal. I am the son of a Cameroonian immigrant, and my family has had to find other ways to reach loved ones in affected areas. Social apps like WhatsApp and Facebook are lifelines between members of the African diaspora. - Marc Shaw, Motherboard
otf  cameroon  access  censorship  africa  shutdown 
10 days ago by dmcdev
The Unofficial Mascot for Russia’s Government Censor Is an Erotic Anime Character · Global Voices
RT @creepy_owlet: "The Unofficial Mascot for Russia's Government Censor Is an Erotic Anime Character"

Of course it is...
russia  censorship  porn  bdsm  anime 
10 days ago by pozorvlak
Concern for Those Who Screen the Web for Barbarity - The New York Times
article reporting on the effects of filtering internet content on 'screeners'
webarchiving  censorship  screeners  ethics 
10 days ago by jessogden
Ian Sinclair journalism
After pitching successfully to the Comment Editor at The New Arab, on 2 February 2017 I submitted an article that asked why the media was ignoring leaked US government documents about Syria. This was important to highlight, I argued, because the documents completely contradicted the dominant narrative about the West and Syria that is endlessly repeated in the media. My article was published on 7 February 2017, and in the next couple of days was retweeted hundreds of times, and got over 5,000 Facebook shares.

However, when I went to read the comments under my article on the morning of 9 February 2017 I found that the article had been removed from The New Arab website. I emailed the Comment Editor, asking what had happened and was directed to the CEO of The New Arab. The CEO told me he had removed my article from the website because he “found it to be contrary to our editorial line.”
syria  censorship  journalism 
10 days ago by juliusbeezer
Why is the media ignoring leaked US government documents about Syria? | Ian Sinclair journalism
In summary, the leaked information wholly contradicts the popular picture of Western benevolent intentions let down by President Obama’s ineffective leadership and inaction. Instead the evidence shows the US has been sending an “extraordinary amount” of weapons to the armed insurgents in Syria in the full knowledge that Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaida in Iraq were the “major forces” driving the insurgency. They did this understanding that sending in weapons would escalate the fighting and not “end well for Syrians”. Furthermore, the US has long known that its regional ally Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have been supporting extremists in Syria. And, most shocking of all if true, both Kerry and the DIA report seem to show the US allowed forerunners to ISIL and/or ISIL itself to expand and threaten the Syrian Government as this corresponded with the US’s geo-strategic objectives.
syria  freedom  censorship 
10 days ago by juliusbeezer
Twitter Announces (More) Hate-Speech Fighting Tools (Again) - Slashdot
Disagreement is now harrassment.
Mockery is now hate speech.
Offense is now trauma.
Criticism is now abuse.
Compelling criticism is now violence.
Anyone who talks about subjects the MSM wants to suppress is now a troll.
Anyone at random is a racist/sexist/white supremacist/nazi/etc if they say so.
social  censorship  politics 
11 days ago by pankkake

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