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Russian censorship approach: Threaten Facebook, Twitter and Google’s bottom lines
The Russian communications oversight authority has put Facebook, Twitter and Google on notice. In May the agency, known by its acronym Roskomnadzor, sent a letter to the companies reminding them that they need to comply with the country’s Internet laws.

Roskomnadzor has vast powers: It can summarily order Internet service providers to shut off access to websites, as it has done with several independent news and analysis sites; it can levy fines; and it can ask the prosecutor’s office to launch criminal charges where it perceives a violation. In the case of foreign companies, it can team up with other agencies to drive them out of Russia. This is how contemporary Russian censorship works: by waving the stick of financial consequences. - Masha Gessen, Reuters (blog)
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China's Internet police step out of the shadows
Chinese officials are bringing their Internet police division out into the public eye after years of working clandestinely.

Xinhua, the state’s official news service, reported that Internet police units in 50 cities are launching their own social media accounts on popular services such as Weibo and WeChat.

“Internet police are coming out to the front stage from behind the curtains,” said China’s Ministry of Public Security in a statement. - Cory Bennett, The Hill
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How Safe Are Internet Search Engines from Russian Censorship?
The Russian legislator largely responsible for a host of controversial laws, including bans on obscenities in films, foreign adoptions of Russian orphans, and restrictions on “gay propaganda”, is back with a new idea: demanding that Internet search engines be held accountable for the content they index. - Sergey Kozlovsky, Global Voices Advocacy
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New Law Would Censor the Internet in South Africa | Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
New Law Would Censor the Internet in South Africa | Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
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2 days ago by astein
Bushra Ishaq: Vi kan ikke imøtegå rasismen om vi ikke kan kalle rasistiske ytringer for rasisme - Aftenposten
Det er som om det som bygges seg opp et krenkelseshierarki. Det er fritt frem for krenkelse når det gjelder muslimer, mens å ta til motmæle mot rasistiske ytringer eller karikere ytringer som ekstreme, er en uting.

Det er for eksempel en akseptert del av ytringsfrihetens vide rammer å kalle minoriteter for «kakerlakker». Og når Fredrik Skavlan konfronterer aktører med tilknytning til bevegelser som har fremført slike karakteristikker, knytter ramaskriket seg til hvor forferdelig dette må være for aktører med tilknytning til slike bevegelser, og ikke dem som rammes av karakteristikkene.
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2 days ago by lorenzk
China and the East Asian Internet
Seven out of the 11 East Asian countries assessed in the latest edition of Freedom on the Net, Freedom House’s annual index of Internet freedom around the world, declined compared to the previous year: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. Only two – Myanmar and Malaysia – improved, while Japan and Cambodia’s performance remained consistent.

One central dynamic driving this decline and threatening Internet freedom across the region has been the passage of new laws or regulations that increase censorship or establish provisions that could be employed to punish users for their online writings. In many cases, the new rules specifically target Internet communications. - Sarah Cook for The Diplomat
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4 days ago by dmcdev
Ireland's media silenced over MP's speech about Denis O'Brien
this is appalling. And of course we can only find out about it from overseas media because our own media is quaking in their boots :(
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4 days ago by jm
Shanghai Police Hold Artist Who Posted Satirical Photo of China's President
Authorities in Shanghai are holding an outspoken artist and street photographer after he posted satirical images of China's president online, his lawyer told RFA, amid concerns that a permanent change is taking place in the level of state control over individual expression.

Artist Dai Jianyong was held under criminal detention by the Changning district police on Wednesday, on suspicion of "picking quarrels and stirring up trouble," according to a copy of his detention warrant seen by RFA.

Dai had recently widely published a digitally altered photograph of Xi with a puckered up facial expression and large mustache on T-shirts and soda cans. - Yang Fan, Radio Free Asia
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5 days ago by dmcdev
Lao Woman Detained After Posting Police Extortion Photos to Facebook
Authorities in Laos have detained a woman for a week after she posted photos on Facebook allegedly showing police officers extorting money from her brother over a traffic violation, a source close to her said Thursday.

Phout Mitane, a 26-year-old resident of Nabouam village in Xayaburi province’s Phieng district, was taken into custody without an arrest warrant by local police officers on May 21, the source told RFA’s Lao Service, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Phout took a photo of the police on May 11 while she was sitting in a truck that belongs to her elder brother, while he was being extorted for money by the officers,” the source said.

“Facebook users were really criticizing them for their abuse of power and corruption,” the source added. - Radio Free Asia
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5 days ago by dmcdev
U.N. Report Asserts Encryption as a Human Right in the Digital Age
Encryption is not the refuge of scoundrels, as Obama administration law-enforcement officials loudly proclaim – it is an essential tool needed to protect the right of freedom of opinion and…
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5 days ago by joeybaker
China Deletes Editorial Hitting Back at Students' Tiananmen Letter
The ruling Chinese Communist Party's propaganda department has ordered the country's tightly controlled online media to delete an editorial hitting back at a recent open letter from overseas Chinese students to their counterparts in Chinese universities detailing the 1989 military crackdown on the student-led Tiananmen Square democracy movement.

"All websites must urgently delete the Global Times commentary "Overseas Forces Attempt to Incite Post-80s, 90s Generation," (May 26, 2015)," the China Digital Times website, which monitors propaganda directives to the Chinese media, said. - Radio Free Asia
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6 days ago by dmcdev
Cambodia’s ‘Cyber War’ Legislation Targets Online Critics
Perhaps feeling threatened by the social media phenomenon, the government proposed two laws in 2014 that would create several layers in the bureaucracy to directly supervise the growth and management of the Internet infrastructure. The draft laws have been assailed by some critics as serious threats to media freedom, but the government insisted that the passage of these measures is necessary to protect national security and the dignity of individuals.

The draft anti-cybercrime law intends to penalize Internet content that “generates insecurity, instability, and political cohesiveness.”

Meanwhile, the draft law on telecommunications would give the government a broader mandate as industry regulator. There are fears that authorities will use this law to install surveillance equipment that would monitor the Internet activities of Cambodian citizens. - Mong Palatino, The Diplomat
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6 days ago by dmcdev
Two Tibetans detained for sharing writings and photos of the Dalai Lama over WeChat
Chinese authorities in Tibet have detained two young Tibetans believed to have transmitted politically sensitive writings and images over the popular WeChat microblog, sources said.

Lhundrub, 27, and Rithar, 21, were taken into custody separately on May 22, a Tibetan living in exile told RFA’s Tibetan Service, citing local contacts.

“No reason was given for their detention, but local Tibetans believe they had been detected sending politically sensitive writings and photos of the Dalai Lama over their WeChat accounts,” he said. - Thubten Sangye, Radio Free Asia
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