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China’s scary lesson to the world: Censoring the Internet works. - @simondenyer
Far from knocking down the world’s largest system of censorship, China in fact is moving ever more confidently in the opposite direction, strengthening the wall’s legal foundations, closing breaches and reinforcing its control of the Web behind the wall. - Simon Denyer, Washington Post
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14 hours ago by dmcdev
Study: China's Government Fabricates About 488 Million Social Media Posts Every Year - @merritk
For years, the Chinese government has been widely suspected of hiring thousands of paid commenters using fabricated accounts to argue in favor of the government on social media sites.

This presumed army of trolls is dubbed the "50 Cent Party," because of the rumored rate of pay per post – 50 cents in Chinese Yuan, or about $0.08.

But new research finds that those presumptions are inaccurate. Actually, the Chinese government's use of fabricated posts is "way more sophisticated than anybody realized," Harvard professor Gary King tells The Two-Way. - MERRIT KENNEDY, NPR
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14 hours ago by dmcdev
UK Porn Filter Architect Arrested On Child Porn Charges | Techdirt
The UK government has spent years trying to impose its version of morality upon the Internet, demanding that ISPs impose mandatory opt-out porn filters, even if those filters have since been easily
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22 hours ago by Beep_Boop_Beep
How cronyism and lack of accountability are holding Morocco back - The Washington Post, Mar 24, 2016
The apparent mismatch between governmental policies and public opinion is the result of the structurally unequal distribution of power and political prestige in Morocco. On the one hand, the King is able to use his considerable financial and political prerogatives to conduct ambitious infrastructure projects such as the Noor Project, the world’s largest solar plant inaugurated in February 2016 or the transformation of the capital city’s riverfront. These projects reflect positively on the monarch, perpetuating the palace’s image as the only effective institution in the country. On the other, the elected government is not only forced to accept these decisions – as well as the budgetary constraints that accompany them – but it is also blamed for all the unpopular decisions needed for everyday governance such as pensions reforms, the end of subsidies of staple products or the reform of the medical and educational sectors.
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23 hours ago by elizrael
Tips for Tuesday, May 24 | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Tell us the news here.

My editorial from the latest The Bolt Report
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yesterday by Jswindle
Malaysian Government Pushes For Broad Internet Censorship Bill Following Internet Reporting On Gov't Corruption | Techdirt
Malaysia's "government is now pushing a new law that gives the [Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission] much more power to silence criticism online." - Mike Masnick, Techdirt
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yesterday by dmcdev
Venezuela: Research Confirms Censorship of News Platforms, Currency Websites - Global Voices Advocacy
A recent study conducted by the Institute for Press and Society (IPYS) in Venezuela has confirmed that at least 43 different websites are being blocked in the country, shedding new light on the filtering practices of the Venezuelan government. - Marianne Diaz, Global Voices Advocacy
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yesterday by dmcdev
Russia Seeks China’s Help Controlling the Internet
A Russian group working to restrict information on the Internet is seeking advice from Chinese experts.

Russia’s Safe Internet League met in Moscow last month with China’s powerful censors, including Fang Binxing. He is known as one of the creators of “The Great Firewall of China.”

The Safe Internet League is registered as a non-governmental organization. But it reportedly has links to important Russian officials. - VOA
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yesterday by dmcdev
Challenges for the Islamic State: Manpower, Finance, and Information :: Middle East Forum, Feb 27, 2016
As the war against the Islamic State [IS] continues, it is clear that the state project in Iraq and Syria is facing a number of challenges. Two of these challenges relate to military manpower and finance. In the realm of the former, this is evident from internal documents showing a month-long general amnesty issued in October 2015 for deserters from the frontlines, as well as unsuccessful mobilization efforts in Aleppo and Deir az-Zor to stop the breaking of the siege of Kweiris airbase and drive out the remnant regime presence respectively.

In addition, IS has not been able to capitalize on rebel fighting with YPG-SDF forces in the Azaz area, finding itself distracted with fighting the regime instead. Even though IS is still capable of launching new offensives (e.g. the attempt to cut off the regime's supply route to Aleppo by targeting Khanaser), these are generally less impressive and powerful than before.

Financially also, IS is facing multiple strains from the end of the Iraqi government paying salaries to workers living in IS territory to coalition airstrikes targeting the oil industry and cash points. These measures are not fatal for IS so long as cash flow continues with the outside world, but there is increasing reliance on other methods of revenue generation (e.g. making students pay fees for printing textbooks in Mosul and manipulation of Iraqi dinar-U.S. dollar exchange rates), while benefits for fighters have been reduced, such as reducing electricity supply, as well as cutting salaries in Raqqa province by 50%.
internet  Mar15  ISIS  defectors  recruitment  economy  censorship 
yesterday by elizrael
Revealed: How copyright law is being misused to remove material from the internet
Writing a bad review online has always run a small risk of opening yourself up to a defamation claim. But few would expect to be told that they had to delete their review or face a lawsuit over
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yesterday by joeybaker
Revealed: How copyright law is being misused to remove material from the internet
Automated DMCA takedowns used to fraudulently censor online content.
In fact, no copyright infringement had occurred at all. Instead, something weirder had happened. At some point after Narey posted her comments on Mumsnet, someone had copied the entire text of one of her posts and pasted it, verbatim, to a spammy blog titled “Home Improvement Tips and Tricks”. The post, headlined “Buildteam interior designers” was backdated to September 14 2015, three months before Narey had written it, and was signed by a “Douglas Bush” of South Bend, Indiana. The website was registered to someone quite different, though: Muhammed Ashraf, from Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Quite why Douglas Bush or Muhammed Ashraf would be reviewing a builder based in Clapham is not explained in “his” post. BuildTeam says it has no idea why Narey’s review was reposted, but that it had nothing to do with it. “At no material times have we any knowledge of why this false DCMA take down was filed, nor have we contracted any reputation management firms, or any individual or a group to take such action on our behalf. Finally, and in conjunction to the above, we have never spoken with a ‘Douglas Bush,’ or a ‘Muhammed Ashraf.’”
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yesterday by jm
Why Is Twitter Sending Legal Letters Warning People About Tweeting About The Gagged Topic Of A 'Celebrity Threesome' | Techdirt
UK law prohibits journalists from covering some stories (usually salacious details about someone powerful). Now someone is threatening to apply this to UK users of twitter.
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4 days ago by mcherm
Fox 'Stole' a Game Clip, Used it in Family Guy & DMCA'd the Original - TorrentFreak
Steal the video, use it in a major TV show, then issue an automated takedown notice for the original.
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4 days ago by mcherm

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