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Reddit's /r/technology demoted over scandal of secret censorship that blocked Internet freedom stories - Boing Boing
Alan sez, "According to various media reports (e.g. BBC) the technology subreddit has scrubbed its moderator team after users discovered that the sub was holding a secret censorship list of banned words that included 'National Security Agency', 'GCHQ', 'Anonymous', 'anti-piracy', 'Bitcoin', 'Snowden', 'net neutrality', 'EU Court', 'startup' and 'Assange'.

On its face, this looks like a list of politicized terms, and blocking them looks like a highly political and partisan act -- for example, by blocking "net neutrality," then stories that are critical of network discrimination would be blocked, while straight news stories that overwhelmingly quoted corporate spokespeople using uncritical terms would make the front door.

More charitably, it may have been the act of overworked (and ultimately irresponsible) moderators to simply ban hot-button topics altogether.
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yesterday by berendes
Solidot | 新浪微博IPO文件揭示其面临的审查困境
新浪微博上周在纳斯达克上市,上市第一天大涨了19%,但政府审查始终是悬浮在微博头上的一把铡刀。新浪微博在递交到美国证券交易委员会的上市文件中,向投资者列出它面临的风险:新浪微博和其它中国互联网公司一样,被禁止允许用户展示色情、诽谤、欺诈或任何中国法律认为不合法的内容,如损害国家尊严、迷信、反动或导致国家不稳定的材料。如果新浪微博审查失败或删除用户内容不够快,它将面临严重处罚,可能会导致服务临时关闭或完全关闭。2012年3月新浪微博及其竞争对手关闭评论三天,目的就是清除与某一主题(政变)有关的内容。微博在文件称,它怀疑对用户足够多的审查是否能让政府满意,表示它无法做到有效的控制或限制内容。IPO文件称,截至2013年12月,新浪微博共有 2043名雇员,大部分在北京,还有少数在天津上海等地,其中天津的雇员很可能主要承担审查责任,天津被认为是中国的审查之都。
2 days ago by tonyyet
In Defense of Getting Personal on Twitter - The Digital Campus 2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"I concluded that social media made it possible for the norms of work, marketing, and advertising to penetrate further into people’s lives, not just in terms of answering emails on the weekend or being permanently "on call," but into our very self-expression and relationships to others. Always self-censoring with the idea that an employer is looking makes it impossible for any sort of genuine self-expression, and also sets the idea that corporations should have veto power over how we use the most powerful medium of self-publishing ever invented. Ironically, this admonishment is often couched in a wishy-washy veneer of "authenticity." Self-branding experts will advise to always "be yourself" on social media, not simply for personal expression, but to attract audiences. Authenticity, then, is not about "being yourself," but about fitting into a very narrow box built by a profit-driven enterprise."
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2 days ago by petej
The Government is Silencing Twitter and Yahoo, and It Won't Tell Us Why
The government is using shaky legal arguments to silence major Internet companies without giving them – or the public – the opportunity to respond. In three separate recent cases, the government has sent a grand jury subpoena to Yahoo or Twitter and requested a gag order from a magis...
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2 days ago by bradbarrish
Cuts and Shutdowns Are Hurting Science
"The United States and Canada are risking their reputations as scientific leaders."
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
The Government is Silencing Twitter and Yahoo, and It Won't Tell Us Why | American Civil Liberties Union
In an unknown number of cases the government is issuing subpoenas with gag orders for reasons that are secret, based on some questionable legal reasoning but without any counterargument.
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4 days ago by mcherm
Information Geographies
Our goal is to produce a comprehensive atlas of contemporary information and Internet geographies, that will draw on four years of focused research conducted at the Oxford Internet Institute. Specifically, the atlas will draw on unique data, visualisations, and maps in order to tell a story about three key facets of global information geographies (access, information production, and information representation).
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4 days ago by davesgonechina
Should public libraries block payday loan websites? | The Pirate Party
I commented on "Should public libraries block payday loan websites?" - what are librarians' views?
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6 days ago by pigsonthewing
Solidot | 有人建议建立“网上官方百科全书”
中文维基百科上面有一个持续的破坏者,被称为“消粗体IP”,使用北京大学IP,编辑主要集中政治相关的条目,删改内容主要为与CPC立场相左内容,同时也时常添加或删除各类中立性、可供查证模板。不知是不是就是这个“国家安全委员会”的人?还是业余爱好者? 之前《南方周末》报道了中文维基的编辑战,“维基上有些人是别有用心。他们在故意夸大一些问题,作为攻击和自我宣传的工具”,网上官方百科全书里肯定不会出现这种情况!"
7 days ago by tonyyet

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