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The Thin Line Between Political Censorship and Fighting Fake News in Iran
The Iranian government is reportedly taking steps to expand regulations on large public news channels on the instant messenger Telegram. The move would apparently affect groups with more than 5,000 subscribers. It remains unclear, however, if state officials seek dramatic changes to controls on these online communities (ostensibly in the battle against “fake news”), or if the government merely plans to extend and continue existing Internet controls. - Mahsa Alimardani, Global Voices Advocacy
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14 hours ago by dmcdev
Sudanese Government Targets Activists, Stifles Media Coverage of Civil Disobedience
Sudanese authorities are shutting down media offices, confiscating newspapers and arresting activists and social media users in an effort to prevent coverage of three days of civil disobedience in response to massive price hikes on critical resources...In retaliation for what one official dismissed as mere “Whatsapp calls” to join the strike, Sudanese police responded with censorship of both traditional and online media. - Afef Abrougui, Global Voices
otf  sudan  africa  censorship  media  press  speech  protest  activism 
14 hours ago by dmcdev
Twitter and Facebook Censorship and Mainstream Media Denial - Craig Murray
All my blog posts are posted to Facebook as well as twitter. Did you know when you share my post on Facebook, Facebook limits the number of your friends who can see it? In my case the limit is set to ensure that the percentage of incoming traffic to my site that comes through Facebook, is always precisely 5%. To do that, of course, they have to know precisely how much traffic is coming in to this site. Worrying, isn’t it? Before Facebook set the limitation -around the same time as twitter – the amount of incoming traffic from Facebook was around 30% of my traffic.
facebook  attention  censorship  twitter  dccomment 
21 hours ago by juliusbeezer
'Hostile foreign website': 64 Tianwang volunteers questioned after founder's disappearance
Volunteers at the 64 Tianwang rights watch website have been summoned for questioning by the authorities in China after the site’s founder and editor was taken away by police...Tianwang is an independent news site that posts articles and information about human rights incidents in China, including detentions by police, forced demolitions, petitioner activism and demonstrations. - Catherine Lai, Hong Kong Free Press
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yesterday by dmcdev
Authorities Visit BBC Thai Offices, Block Article Online
The visit came as a biography published online by the BBC’s Thai-language service about newly installed King Rama X was made inaccessible by government censors. Attempts to access the page were met with a banner stating it had been blocked by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society for displaying “inappropriate content and information.”
otf  thailand  asia  censorship  media  press  speech  access  bbc 
2 days ago by dmcdev
New Kremlin Information-Security Doctrine Calls For 'Managing' Internet In Russia
Russia's new information-security doctrine calls for the government to develop "a national system of managing the Russian segment of the Internet." The doctrine took effect upon being published on December 6. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed it the previous day, superseding a similar doctrine dating from 2000. The 17-page document (in Russian, here: http://www.rferl.org/a/russia-informaiton-security-internet-freedome-concerns/28159130.html) broadly outlines the Russian government's perception of threats to its national interests and security in the information sphere and priorities for countering those threats. - Robert Coalson, RFE/RL
otf  russia  putin  kremlin  law  policy  censorship  Roskomnadzor 
2 days ago by dmcdev
Azerbaijan - Renewed use of trumped-up charges censor journalists
Access to the websites of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) and Voice of America (VoA) were blocked in Azerbaijan between 28 November and 2 December, when Ilham Aliyev met with an American official. These leading sites had been among the few sources of news and information critical of the government still available within the country. - Reports Without Borders
otf  Azerbaijan  eurasia  censorship  media  rferl  voa  bbg  access  press  speech 
2 days ago by dmcdev
Ethiopia Restores Internet Access Two Months Into A State of Emergency
Ethiopia, which has been hit by months of protests by its two biggest tribes, Oromo and Amhara, restored mobile internet on Friday, just two months into a six months state of emergency that forced the horn of Africa country into an internet black-out. The government shut down access to social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber and WhatsApp in October, in accordance to the rules of the state of emergency, Africa News reported. - Kevin Mwanza, AFKInsider
otf  ethiopia  censorship  blackout  access  africa  social 
2 days ago by dmcdev
Partnering to Help Curb Spread of Online Terrorist Content | Facebook Newsroom
Free speech commentators may argue this centralises censorship but same commentators could also say is a Good Thing
censorship  from twitter
3 days ago by psychemedia
Tor at the Heart: The Ahmia project
Ahmia is a search engine for onion sites. The Ahmia project has been around for years, and it's been collecting public onion addresses and indexing them so that users can search for the content they are looking for. Ahmia's indexing technology is improving, and the quality of the search results has gotten much better over the past year. Ahmia also provides an easy way for onion service operators to register their own onion sites with the search engine. Ahmia's onion site is here: http://msydqstlz2kzerdg.onion/ - Tor Project
otf  tor  privacy  security  access  censorship  circumvention 
3 days ago by dmcdev
Why autocrats sometimes relax online censorship of sensitive issues: A case study of microblog discussion of air pollution in China #research
Drawing on existing work in authoritarian politics, we theorize incentives for adjusting censorship and apply these to a dispute between the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the Chinese government over the disclosure of air quality data. Using data from China’s microblog, Sina Weibo, and relying on hand-coded and computerassisted text analysis, regression models and a brief qualitative analysis, we find that Chinese leaders adapted to the crisis by either not raising, or lowering censorship in two categories – human health concerns and scientifically-grounded claims – while repressing direct criticism. In doing so, they signaled responsiveness to public concerns regarding pollution, but also re-delineated the tolerable limits of criticism. - Christopher Cairns and Elizabeth Plantan, PhD candidates at Cornell University
otf  research  china  censorship  speech  access  gfw 
3 days ago by dmcdev
Why Russia is using the internet to undermine Western democracy
Kremlin propaganda outfits like RT and Sputnik aggressively push a mix of news and conjecture whose aim is not to convince viewers that a particular narrative is true but rather that they live in a world where disinterested, objective fact does not, indeed cannot exist. Their stories are disseminated further by right-wing populists around Europe. The Kremlin has funded far-right parties’ growth across Europe, just as the Soviet Union funded far-left ones in the Cold War. But this time, the aim is not to create a new, socialist world order, but to destroy the possibility of any stable global order at all. - Maria Farrell, Slate
otf  russia  kremlin  putin  democracy  censorship  media  propaganda  Roskomnadzor 
3 days ago by dmcdev
How a Reengineered Internet Could Protect Free Speech
Named data networking (NDN) naturally allows for local encryption and evading censorship.
- MICHAEL BYRNE, Motherboard
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3 days ago by dmcdev
North Korea’s Government Sanctioned Operating System Can Be Hacked Remotely
The hermit kingdom’s linux-based OS has never exactly been known for its security features and significant vulnerabilities have been exposed on numerous occasions since it leaked to the rest of the world last year. The latest vulnerability, exposed by the information security company Hacker House “to mark Red Star’s anniversary leak,” allows a hacker to remotely access users’ computers simply by getting them to click on a hyperlink. - DANIEL OBERHAUS, Motherboard
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3 days ago by dmcdev

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