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A Data Scientist Designed A Social Media Influencer Account That's 100% Automated
Chris Buetti had a problem: Dining out in New York was getting too expensive. He saw was one obvious solution — becoming an Instagram influencer and asking restaurants to give him free meals to post about them — but that process would be time-consuming and require annoying soft skills like “being good at taking photos” and “creating content people enjoy.” Anyway, he already had a job.

So Buetti, a data scientist by trade, decided to use his actual skills and automate the hard work of influencing by writing a program that recruited an audience of 25,000 (by autofollowing their accounts in hopes of getting a follow back), and reposted photographers’ eye-catching photos of New York City for his growing entourage to engage with (“😍🤗🤗🤗great shot💕,” one person commented). Poof: @beautiful.newyorkcity was born — an active, popular, and 100% artificial Instagram account. For Buetti, it’s the perfect solution if you don’t want to actually dedicate time to curating an online following, but still want to score free spaghetti from restaurants seeking publicity. His program even finds restaurant accounts in New York, and sends them direct messages offering to promote them to followers in exchange for a comped meal — and no, it does not disclose that @beautiful.newyorkcity is run by a robot.
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2 days ago by dancall
Simon Pegg: ‘I was lost, unhappy and an alcoholic’
The actor’s tortuous depression led him to drink, then to rehab. He opens up about self-destruction, fatherhood – and his friend Tom Cruise.
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4 days ago by terry
Nick Frost: ‘I have a beautiful life at the moment’
Frost was already a fan of the 2012 documentary that the film is based on, but what really drew him in was his connection to his character, Paige’s dad Ricky – a former inmate driven to be a good man to his family. “Being a dad now, I get him,” he says. “He shows that you can be bad and find love and redemption, and still be a good dad.” Paige’s family reminded Frost of his own – loud, lairy, loving – and he says shooting the movie was the most fun he’s ever had on set.
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4 days ago by terry
Is It Possible to Become a Mega-Influencer Anymore? - Fashionista
In addition, she believes it's still possible to become a mega-influencer. "There is a place for authentic voices with a strong point of view and a reason for being," Licht says. Ultra-successful influencers like Charnas and Medine have succeeded in part because "they've really defined their brand DNA from the beginning," she notes. "Leandra's concept of 'man repelling' was really unique, and she found something in the market that had not been done before. Arielle, to me, is the girl next door; I knew a hundred of her growing up, and she took that very accessible point of view. I think that's why she went to Nordstrom to build a brand at those price points — she wants everyone to have access to it. You have to have a really strong sense of self and of why you're doing it." She also points to the success and organic growth of Diet Prada, as well as Katie Sturino of The 12ish Style. "She has such a specific way of positioning her brand — when you have a great story to tell, and people can feel the sincerity, it's magnetic and people will follow.”
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7 days ago by dancall
Marketing guru Jane Buckingham caught up in college admissions scandal - Los Angeles Times
For years, Hollywood turned to marketing guru Jane Buckingham to find out what kids really want, drawing on her extensive expertise on the youth zeitgeist. She once charged $2,500 a head to attend her Trend School, a seminar focusing on the consumption habits of Generations X and Y.
But Buckingham, 50, now faces federal charges that she was involved in the widespread college admissions scheme that has ensnared Hollywood celebrities and shined a light on how wealthy parents allegedly paid bribes to give their children an advantage in the competitive process.
Buckingham, who once authored a book titled “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations,” wanted desperately for her son to attend USC. So the Los Angeles marketing maven — once called the Martha Stewart of the younger generation — turned to William Singer, a college admissions advisor, to help her son score high on the ACT standardized test, prosecutors alleged.
Together, they allegedly arranged for Buckingham to make a $50,000 donation to a charitable organization in exchange for someone to take the test in place of her son, according to charges filed by Department of Justice officials on Tuesday.
The substitute test taker scored a 35 for the son — in the 99th percentile.
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8 days ago by rgl7194
GIPHY Celebrity Detection AI Demo
Demo page for GIPHY’s open-source celebrity detection Artificial Intelligence.
giphy  celebrity  detection  machine  learning 
9 days ago by planb
Michael Dempsey on Twitter: "China's largest social media influencer manager, Ruhnn, filed their S1 to go public today. Let's take a journey through this to learn more about what "Key Opinion Leader facilitators" (their term, not mine) is like. https://t.
China's largest social media influencer manager, Ruhnn, filed their S1 to go public today.
Let's take a journey through this to learn more about what "Key Opinion Leader facilitators" (their term, not mine) is like.
apac  social-networks  new-companies  celebrity  ecommerce  trends  future 
9 days ago by dancall
Money to burn. Careers to save. No wonder stars are hooked on rehab - Magenta Devine
Part of me is sympathetic because until you've been depressed, addicted to drugs or stressed by being under constant surveillance by the media, you don't know what it's like. But another part of me - the stronger part - thinks: 'What self-indulgence!' I can say this because I've been there, I've done rehab and, if my experience is anything to go by, it is usually a complete waste of money.
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15 days ago by terry
Jameson joins with Anderson .Paak to support local bars ahead of St. Patrick's Day | Marketing Dive
Pernod Ricard brand Jameson has joined forces with Grammy-winning musician and record producer Anderson .Paak on a "#LoveThyBar"  campaign that encourages people to support local bars, according to a press release.
The effort includes a 30-second spot showing Anderson .Paak performing in a bar in his hometown of Oxnard, California. "Oxnard" is the name of his most recent album. In the video, he puts out a "public service announcement" warning about all of the neighborhood establishments that are shuttering around the country. 
As part of the push, which launches ahead of St. Patrick's Day, Jameson is offering drink rebates to consumers in select states. To claim a rebate, consumers can chat with the brand via Facebook Messenger, visit a local bar, order a Jameson cocktail and send an image of the receipt through the app. Fans can follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #LoveThyBar.
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16 days ago by dancall
Literally Just 26 Pictures Of Kristen Stewart And Her Newly Shaved Head That You Can Stare At All Day
Welp, it happened to you. You saw that Kristen Stewart buzzed her hair (and dyed it platinum blonde again), and now you need to look at every possible photo of the insanely hot new look. Well then, here you go! Below you'll find literally just 26 photos of Kristen Stewart's new hair, because it deserves all of your attention. Enjoy scrolling!
hair  actress  celebrity 
16 days ago by rgl7194
‘Leaving Neverland’: How Michael Jackson Used Celebrity - The Atlantic
Americans might talk about celebrities as celestial forces, but celebrity is also, Jackson knew, a kind of infrastructure: an architectural fact around which other truths, whether art or talent or funding or the longings of the human soul, will assemble themselves.
architecture  celebrity  music  popmusic  documentary  movies  cinema  film  1980s  crime  entertainment 
18 days ago by allaboutgeorge

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