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Report: “Taking the Pulse of Hacking: A Risk Basis for Security Research” | Center for Democracy & Technology
Via Blake Reid

"Over the past three decades, the community that investigates vulnerabilities in computers and networks – the computer and information security research community – has grown. Beginning as a hobby of early computer scientists such as Cliff Stoll, the security research community has become a well-defined industry element that seeks to help defend information systems and networks, and to discover and repair new weaknesses in systems that billions use everyday.

We sought to study the interaction between the law, technology, and this community. Specifically, since security researchers tend to push into grey areas where the law is unclear, an understanding of the law’s “chilling effects” (inhibition or discouragement) on security research has been a major concern of those who work in and with information security."
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april 2018 by pierredv

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