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Facebook’s Tool for Automated Testing at 2 Billion Users Scale
"Recently downloaded Messenger, Instagram and other Facebook apps running on Android now are built with software that has been automatically repaired “using search on test cases using crashes that were automatically designed using search-based software testing,” he said. “An end-to-end process that was completely automated up to the point where the patch that was found was suggested to the developer, and then the developer is the final gatekeeper to say, ‘yes that will going to the codebase.’”
application  security  ci  cd  devops  software  testing 
10 days ago by jonerp
GitHub - Nold360/mksdiso: Create SDISO's for your Dreamcast from Homebrew, CDI or ISO files under Linux.
This toolkit is a collection of free tools & scripts (for Linux), that can be used to create SDISO-Files which can run using Dreamshell on a Sega Dreamcast. Or burn a CDI-Image to disc.

mksdiso itself can be called the "SDISO Multimaker" for Linux. (Just without GUI & Libre) To burn CDI-Images on Linux, there is also a included script called "burncdi".
iso  fileformats  github  opensource  linux  source  tools  cli  downloads  cd  dvd 
11 days ago by ezequiel
Burning CDI's on Linux : dreamcast
Q: Everyone is telling me it's impossible to burn a CDI to a CD and have it work, I've got Brasero installed and that should work. Does Brasero or any other graphical CD burning software work on Linux? [...]
2018  forumthread  reddit  cd  dvd  burning  tips  links  software  linux  iso  winecompatible  fileformats  howto  example 
11 days ago by ezequiel
PowerISO - Create, Burn, Mount, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive, DAA File
PowerISO for Linux -- This is a free utility for linux which can extract, list, and convert image files (including ISO, BIN, DAA, and other formats).  Type " poweriso -? " for detailed usage information.
iso  tool  tools  fileformats  cd  dvd  linux  cli  windows  gui  x86  freeware  trialware  macosx  downloads  links  software 
11 days ago by ezequiel
WineHQ - ImgBurn
The Ultimate DVD burning program from Lightning UK! This program is loaded with features such as ISO read and Write, there is a Build mode which lets you create your own ISO file from DVD Files. You really need to visit the homepage to get the full features of this great program.
winecompatible  software  free  links  tips  install  configuration  dvd  cd  burning 
11 days ago by ezequiel
Discover and Buy Indie Music CDs, high-res MP3-320, and Vinyl | CD Baby Music Store
Fall in love with your next favorite song or artist. CD Baby has over 3 million tracks for you to browse, listen, and buy.
indie  music  audio  shop  mp3  download  cd 
16 days ago by gilberto5757

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