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15 Ways to Validate Your Online Course Idea
I also strongly recommend that you charge for your pilot if you truly want to test your market.
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RT : Dalai Lama reiterates if he reincarnates, it won't be under rule & any -chosen Dalai Lama won't be respect…
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Destroying Fort Knocks
Eve Online players spend a year hiding battleships in a system to then pull the trigger and blow up a massive space station
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january 2019 by nelson
Tech Firms Are Boosting China’s Cyber Power
Both Chinese and foreign companies are helping advance the CCP's started goal of establishing China as a "cyber superpower," rendering these corporations complicit in China's increasing crackdown on internet freedom while also damaging "the cooperating technology firms’ profits and reputations," writes Freedom House analyst Sarah Cook for The Diplomat:

"Some aspects of the government’s innovation drive have clear public benefits. In August, for example, state-owned China Unicom successfully launched and tested its first high-speed 5G mobile network in Beijing, which it plans to roll out across the city by next summer. But other advances are more problematic. An August 14 report by the Toronto-based Citizen Lab revealed two forms of image censorship being deployed by the mobile application WeChat: One tool filters images containing sensitive text, and the other snags those that are visually similar to images already on a blacklist...In the realm of surveillance, the western region of Xinjiang has become a laboratory for testing big data, facial recognition, and smartphone scanner technologies that can eventually be deployed across China and beyond...As Chinese and foreign companies take more steps to appease the regime, the human toll will continue to mount. Censorship and surveillance on sensitive topics like Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Falun Gong, and the 1989 Tiananmen massacre either whitewash or exacerbate large-scale human rights violations — including mass detentions, torture, and extrajudicial killings."
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september 2018 by dmcdev
Cisco Container Platform: What’s In It For Me?
The Cisco Container Platform, a Google-blessed Kubernetes distribution that bridges between older and newer technologies, offers a familiar support model from a trusted name, and provides less friction, more innovation.
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march 2018 by pinterb

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