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Vet: she’s eating, but only the gravy?
O: yeah… that’s normal

(aka Sookie has perked up, she’s on IV fluid…
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2 days ago by daisyk
RIP Snoopy the cat
A friend's eulogy for his cat, it's very sweet
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5 days ago by nelson
Meet 9 Cute Cat Breeds Who Will Crave Affection and Attention
“Typically, cats don’t rush up and bombard you with kisses like some dogs, but many do display genuine friendliness. Happy-to-be-with-you cats range from the demure lap lounger to the chatty feline who escorts you from room to room.”

From slide 6:
“A blend of the Burmese and Siamese, the Tonkinese is a toned-down version of the always-chatting, extroverted Siamese and a more outgoing version of the usually shy Burmese. Extremely agile and graceful, the Tonk is easy to train and quickly masters walking on a leash and playing fetch. He races to you when called, and it is not uncommon for a Tonkinese to ride on your shoulder or lounge on your lap for hours. He happily greets houseguests and generally gets along easily with other cats, children and dogs. Extremely social, he thrives in active households.”
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8 days ago by handcoding
The Flexicat: A card game system for new games, or to emulate way too many existing ones – The Wrong Tools
"Each of the 88 card names has one letter emphasized in bold. Below the name, each card has 0-3 dots to suggest a point value, with rarer letters having more points."
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11 days ago by kevan

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