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waffles on Twitter
Tweet: "yo I was cleaning a chicken to cook the other day and then I got to the thigh part thats attached to the drumstick idk what its called idk why I stared at it for so long I thought it look familiar then it hit me.. it looked like the map of Brunei…"
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may 2018 by hazm8
IA on Twitter
A fun Twitter conversation between @fayen and @fatehahshamsul sharing recipes for instant noodles.
Tweet: "Sorry I cannot tahan liat iklan maggi or indomee. Pasal nyaman."
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november 2017 by hazm8
hai. i'm jai. and Jay M. Johar on Twitter
Coffee pun thread by @z_zairina and @mujahidjohar! Tweet starts with: "A shot of death 💀"
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october 2017 by hazm8
albedo on Twitter
BruneiFM parody.

Tweet: "Admin pls hide my name.
Negara kitani ani mengalami masalah kekurangan lekor kah?"

[Thread can also be read at:]
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september 2017 by hazm8
⭐️ on Twitter
Tweet: "Raya go-to?"
[Poll: Tapak kuda 57%, Honey cornflakes 43%]

Warning: Long poll thread, might be slow to load on desktop view. Full thread (questions only) can be read at:
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august 2017 by hazm8
ashinope on Twitter
Tweet: "I plated this kelupis and kari ayam as if it came from a fancy shmancy overpriced cafe huhuhu"
[250+ retweets as of 31/8/2017]
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august 2017 by hazm8
وانيـ on Twitter
Community drawing! The one with the bed and sleepyheads.

Tweet: "anyone wanna join the gang? 😪 *purposely giving some space*"
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august 2017 by hazm8

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