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The Tarot Cards Of Tech
The Tarot Cards of Tech are a set of provocations designed to help creators more fully consider the impact of technology.
design  tech  ethics  workshop  cards 
7 days ago by joshclark
Legacy actionable message card reference | Microsoft Docs
Learn about the available fields for actionable message cards and design guidelines for creating an effective card.
cards  documentation 
11 days ago by damli
The Trick Behind Properly Shuffling Cards
It takes 7 riffle shuffles to properly mix a deck. The imperfection of the riffle is essential, since 8 perfect shuffles will return the deck to its starting order.
Cards  Mathematics  Analytics 
11 days ago by richardwinter
Strut and Fibre
Premium online printing (business cards, postcards, prints) services.
business  cards  print  businesscard  printing 
13 days ago by brianburns

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