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Earth Day 2019: Fashion industry's carbon impact is bigger than airline industry's - CBS News
"• The apparel and footwear industries together account for more than 8 percent of global climate impact, greater than all international airline flights and maritime shipping trips combined.

• The challenge to reduce carbon emissions offers the fashion industry an opportunity for its players do what they do best -- be creative.

• Eco-friendly fashion pioneers from Stella McCartney to Rent the Runway to the RealReal are creating new reuse and resale models of doing business."
fashion  climate  climatechange  carbonemissions  emissions  2019  clothing  reuse  resale  shipping 
27 days ago by robertogreco
Climate impact study sought by foes of $1B CMP hydro project clears committee hurdle — Politics — BDN Maine
A bill that could delay state permitting of the controversial $1 billion Central Maine Power corridor through western Maine won approval from a legislative committee on Wednesday.
bangordailynews  cmp  NECEC  legislation  carbonemissions 
4 weeks ago by eversourcenh
With Millstone operational, Connecticut’s clean energy future is intact - Hartford Courant
When nuclear power facilities are forced to close despite growing climate concerns, residents pay the price, and New England is no exception to this rule. We applaud the state of Connecticut and all parties involved for prioritizing the state’s clean energy future and preserving the two nuclear reactors at Millstone.
Hartfordcourant  millstone  carbonemissions 
4 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Bernie Sanders Denies Closure Of Vermont Nuclear Plant Increased Emissions -- The Data Says Otherwise
Over the last four years, Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has repeatedly called President Donald Trump a “ pathological liar ,” including for his statements about climate change.
Forbes  nuclear  carbonemissions 
4 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Hydro Quebec says CMP transmission line will help fight climate change |
Despite Thursday’s approval of CMP’s proposed transmission line for western Maine, the intense debate over that project goes on.
newscentermaine  cmp  NECEC  Hydro-Quebec  carbonemissions 
4 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Study needed to show if CMP project will lower greenhouse emissions — Contributors — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
The Legislature should listen to the voices of the public by passing LD 640 and requiring the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to pursue an independent third-party study of the greenhouse gas impacts of Central Maine Power Co.’s New England Clean Energy Connect proposal.
BDNMaine  op-ed  cmp  NECEC  Hydro-Quebec  carbonemissions 
7 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Maine Compass: What Hydro-Quebec gets wrong -
Hydro-Quebec’s claim that — as paraphrased by Portland Press Herald Staff Writer Edward D. Murphy — the electricity they would send south is “produced with none of the carbon emissions blamed for global warming” is dead wrong, directly contradicted by scientific research sponsored by Hydro-Quebec itself. I care deeply about aggressively addressing climate change, and I agree with your Editorial Board (Our View, Dec. 9) that the most important question in evaluating the proposed transmission line to Massachusetts is whether it will reduce total greenhouse-gas emissions.
centralmaine  column  Hydro-Quebec  carbonemissions  cleanenergy 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Emissions from New England power plants fall again |
Air pollution from the region's power plants continued to decline in 2017, continuing a long-term trend, according to a new draft report from ISO New England.
MassLive  carbonemissions  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  nuclear 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Another View: Editorial lacked insight on CMP's power line proposal -
Any analysis of an energy project should compare that project to the alternatives, not just simply that project to its absence. The Editorial Board failed to carry out such basic comparisons in its Dec. 9 editorial, “Our View: Hydro-Quebec answers key climate question.”
centralmaine  op-ed  cmp  opponent  climatechange  carbonemissions 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
State regulators clear Millstone nuclear plants to compete in zero-emission energy auctions - Hartford Courant
Owners of the Millstone nuclear power plants will now be able to compete against wind and solar to sell power in “zero emission” state energy auctions as a result of a final decision issued Wednesday by Connecticut regulators.
Hartfordcourant  millstone  carbonemissions  market  fuelsecurity 
december 2018 by eversourcenh

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