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Hazmat incident forces evacuation, road closure in Lebanon County
LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. – Approximately 10 homes on School House Road in South Londonderry Township had to be evacuated because of a reported Hazmat incident.

Firefighters say they were called to the area after a child went to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Officials called to a Hazmat team and a sewer company to the area to check out the levels; officials deemed the levels concerning.

Emergency officials evacuated people in those homes as a result.

School House Road and Bradford Street were closed for around 3 hours due to the incident.
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5 weeks ago by dchas
Possible CO poisoning hospitalizes mother, 2 daughters
A possible carbon monoxide poisoning at a home in Airmont left three people hospitalized.

Ramapo police say a mother and her two daughters were found unconscious inside a home on Bolger Lane.

They say they received a 911 call from the father after he returned to the house just before 11 a.m. and discovered his family.

Officials say the victims are a 54-year-old woman, a 16-year-old and 14-year-old. They were all rushed to Westchester Medical Center.

Officials say the noxious odor is believed to be carbon monoxide, but they are not sure from where it originated. It also remains unclear if the home had any carbon monoxide detectors.

There is no word on the condition of the three people found unconscious inside the home. Officials say they did rescue two dogs inside.
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6 weeks ago by dchas
Carbon monoxide fumes send Las Cruces pecan plant employees to hospital
LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) - Four employees at a Las Cruces pecan plant were sent to the hospital after they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes early Sunday morning.

According to a news release, firefighters responded at about 5 a.m. to a hazardous material call at the facility located at 2455 Entrada del Sol. 

Officials say two of the employees were unable to move on their own before first responders evacuated them from the building.

A total of six workers were affected by the fumes.

According to the release, firefighters determined that the employees' symptoms were a result of two gas-powered pressure washers that were used inside the enclosed building, which resulted in a buildup of carbon monoxide.

The fire department's hazmat crew cleared the air inside the plant and removed the pressure washers. 
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7 weeks ago by dchas
Students Feel Sick After Elevated Carbon Monoxide Levels
Several students at a Middletown elementary school felt ill Tuesday afternoon following a rise in carbon monoxide levels.

Firefighters, medics, and a member of the county hazmat team responded to Herbert Hoover Elementary School on Trenton Road around 1:45 p.m. for multiple students who complained of feeling ill.

The school was evacuated and students who did not feel well were examined by the Penndel-Middletown Emergency Squad and Bensalem EMS. Neshaminy School District Superintendent Joseph Jones told no students had to be transported to the hospital.
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10 weeks ago by dchas
Apopka man found dead in mobile home filled with carbon monoxide, firefighters say
APOPKA, Fla. - An Apopka man died after his mobile home filled with carbon monoxide gas, according to Orange County Fire Rescue. 

Firefighters transported the man to Florida Hospital Apopka around 5 p.m. from the mobile home on Lambing Lane, where he was pronounced dead. 

Officials said there was a report of a generator powering the mobile home. 
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10 weeks ago by dchas
CARBON MONOXIDE: 2 hospitalized with carbon monoxide exposure after car left running in garage, firefighters say
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Two women were transported to a hospital after one of them accidentally left their car running in the garage for more than eight hours, according to Orange County Fire Rescue.

Firefighters said the women were treated for possible carbon monoxide exposure, but are expected to recover.

Firefighters said they were called to the home on Creekwater Boulevard around 7 a.m. Monday.
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6 Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Leak In Marquette Park – CBS Chicago
CHICAGO (CBS) — Six people went to the hospital Thursday morning, after firefighters discovered a carbon monoxide leak at a home in the Marquette Park neighborhood.

Paramedics responded to a call for a sick person at a home near 64th and Homan around 1:15 a.m. When they arrived, sensors they carry with them alerted the paramedic to high levels of carbon monoxide in the home.
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Fort Worth nail salon evacuated after carbon monoxide leak
A Fort Worth nail salon was evacuated Wednesday afternoon due to a carbon monoxide leak, the Fort Worth fire department said.

EMS crews responded to a medical call at about 4 p.m. at Venus Nail Spa located at 4801 Overton Ridge Blvd near Hulen Mall.

The person had passed out and was taken to the hospital, MedStar said.

EMS crews noticed an elevated reading on their carbon monoxide detectors while treating the patient. Crews immediately started to evacuate the nail salon and a HAZMAT team was called, the Fort Worth fire department said.
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Grandfather, children taken to hospital after carbon monoxide leak
A grandfather and two children were taken to hospital following a carbon monoxide leak at a home in Vancouver's Killarney neighbourhood.
Nine people had to evacuate a house near Tyne Street and 47th Avenue Tuesday night, and a hazmat team was called in to ventilate the building.
Firefighters told CTV News they were alerted to the danger inside the home by the CO monitors paramedics wear when responding to calls.
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january 2019 by dchas
After carbon monoxide incident, LaSalle school to reopen Wednesday
Schools in Quebec — regardless of how they are heated — are not required to install carbon monoxide detectors, a spokesperson for the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec said Tuesday, because they are not considered “places to sleep.”

This, despite the risk to children who are more vulnerable to poisoning by the “silent killer.”

The question arose in the wake of Monday’s evacuation of the École des Découvreurs school in LaSalle, after dozens of staff and students fell ill.

A total of 35 children and eight adults were rushed to emergency rooms when the corridors of the elementary school filled with more than five times the acceptable level of carbon monoxide. Nine children had fainted, while others felt dizzy or nauseous.

Another seven children were taken to the Montreal Children’s Hospital overnight.
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january 2019 by dchas
Evacuations After 8 Suffer Carbon Monoxide Poisoning At Bell Gardens Home – CBS Los Angeles
BELL GARDENS (CBSLA) – Eight people, including three children, suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at a home in Bell Gardens Tuesday morning, prompting a hazmat callout which forced surrounding homes to be evacuated.

At around 9:15 a.m., Bell Gardens police and Los Angeles County Fire crews were called to the 5500 block of Clara Street, where they found several people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The eight patients were rushed to local hospitals. Two children were in critical but stable condition, the fire department said. The other seven were in fair condition.
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january 2019 by dchas
3 hospitalized after high levels of carbon monoxide found in Logan Square factory
Three people were hospitalized early Monday after high levels of carbon monoxide were found at a factory in the city’s Logan Square neighborhood, according to the Chicago Fire Department.

About 8:30 a.m., firefighters responded to 3935 W. Shakespeare Ave. for a report of high levels of the gas, said Larry Merritt, a spokesman for the department. Three people were transported to hospitals, but information about their conditions was not immediately available.

Emergency responders had the hazmat call under control within an hour, he said.

The factory where the incident occurred specializes in die casting, according to the company’s website.
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january 2019 by dchas
Hazmat Situation At Orlando Bakery Forces Dozens To Evacuate
ORLANDO, FL — Dozens of workers were evacuated from a baking company Sunday morning due to a carbon monoxide alarm and at least one person was taken away from the building with chest pains. A Hazardous materials team has been sent to Turano Florida Bun on the 100 block of Martin Brower Road, Orange County Fire Rescue told Patch.

Forty people were forced to leave the address. Further details weren't immediately available.

According to the business's website, the bakery makes artisan breads including ciabatta and focaccia, as well as a variety of rolls. The breads are delivered every day throughout the Chicago area and the country.

Turano did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment. No one at the company answered the phone Sunday afternoon.
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october 2018 by dchas
UPDATE -- Gas odor detected
A bit of a rough start plagued Thursday morning for Aurora Elementary School students, staff and parents as officials detected a carbon monoxide leak inside the building.
Supt. Damon McDonald stated that fire department crews were called after an unidentified chemical odor was noticed. Fire crews then arrived with sensors to determine the source of the smell and whether or not the resulting odor was harmful. Crews used sensors to confirm the presence of carbon monoxide.
Classes were cancelled and parents were promptly contacted to retrieve students who had made it to the school. According to McDonald, this happened efficiently.
McDonald reported that all levels of carbon monoxide had been eliminated as of early Thursday afternoon and that the elementary building will be open Friday. Classes will begin at the regular starting time.
The unofficial source of the odor is said to have come from a cracked heating element exchange with one of the rooftop units, causing a chemical reaction. The carbon monoxide was believed to have come into the building through the cracked heat exchange overnight. There are presently no individual carbon monoxide sensors in the school building.
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september 2018 by dchas
Boat Maintenance Crew Supervisor Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning while Using Gas-Powered Pressure Washer
A boat maintenance crew supervisor died from carbon monoxide poisoning while using a gasoline-powered pressure washer to strip paint from a boat. At the start of the day, the gasoline-powered pressure washer was positioned on the dock. Later, employees of another contractor moved the pressure washer onto the boat to clear the way for supply deliveries. Shortly before the end of the work day, the victim moved the pressure washer onto a side deck passageway that was fully enclosed by plastic tarps. Working alone, he used the pressure washer for about 20 minutes. A co-worker went to look for the victim and found him unconscious on top of the pressure washer. Emergency responders arrived and determined that the victim was deceased.
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Sauk City building evacuated after employees felt ill
SAUK CITY, Wis. - Sauk City officials were called to the 700 block on Carolina Street Friday after receiving a report that multiple employees in a building there felt ill, according to a news release from the Volunteer Fire Department. 

When firefighters arrived around 11 a.m., employees were already evacuating the building. Firefighters and fire personnel evaluated the air quality and did not find any level of carbon monoxide or other hazardous gases in the building. 

Sauk Prairie EMS examined 11 employees who were complaining of headaches. All of the employees were treated at the scene. 
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august 2018 by dchas
Students design bracelet to measure poison air from wildfires
A group of high school students attending the SHAD program at the University of P.E.I. this summer came up with a carbon monoxide bracelet that could save lives in the face of a wilfdfire.

It’s only a prototype, but the design, theory and potential for it was enough to win the top prize for the SHAD product design challenge.

Matias Totz of St. Michaels University School was on the team that came up with the invention, part of the prestigious SHAD residence that promotes academic studies, and careers, in sciences and technology.

The beauty of the bracelet is how simple it is. If you breathe on it, it changes colour to show the user much of the poison is in their body.
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august 2018 by dchas
Woman overcome by carbon monoxide
JACKSON – A resident was rescued when police officers conducted a check at her home on Wild Dunes Way.

Police said that at 7:30 p.m. June 28, officers Tristan Bennett and Joe Pante responded to a residence on Wild Dunes Way to check on the welfare of an individual.

Upon their arrival, the officers made contact with the person who had called police. The individual told the officers he was unable to contact his 78-year-old mother at the residence and did not have a key to get inside.

While checking the residence, the officers were unable to make contact with the resident and they heard an alarm coming from inside. The alarm was later determined to be a carbon monoxide detector, according to police.

The officers forced entry to the home and immediately detected a heavy chemical odor. They found the woman in her bedroom and observed she was barely conscious and her breathing was very shallow.

Police said the officers removed the woman from the home and brought her outside, where she was treated by first aid personnel and transported to a hospital for treatment.

Fire personnel from Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 responded to the scene. Representatives of Southard (Howell) Hazmat, Berkeley Hazmat and New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) also responded to the home.

The hazardous materials personnel entered the home and removed numerous containers of household cleaning products from a kitchen counter. Police said many of the cleaning products were open or not sealed properly. Fans were brought in to vent the residence.

NJNG personnel determined there was a high level of carbon monoxide present due to a faulty water heater.

Once the scene was cleared, the police officers were able to continue their investigation and ruled out the possibility of the incident being suspicious. It was determined the chemical odors were caused by the open cleaning products and that the resident had been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide due to the gas leak on the water heater.
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High Levels of Carbon Monoxide at El Cajon Starbucks:Heartland Fire
High levels of carbon monoxide were found at a Starbucks and Golden Bagel in the 2700 block of Fletcher Parkway around 8 a.m. Sunday morning.
Heartland Fire, La Mesa Police Department, San Diego County Hazmat and San Diego Fire-Rescue all responded to the scene after more than one carbon monoxide alarm went off and people called 911. 
The Starbucks, Golden Bagel and other nearby businesses were briefly evacuated, and one Starbucks employee was taken to the hospital. 
"(The employee) who received medical attention is doing well and the store has since reopened," Starbucks said in a statement to NBC 7.
An exhaust fan above the boiler at Golden Bagel was turned off, causing carbon monoxide to accumulate and spread to the nearby businesses, Heartland Fire said.
The gas itself is not poisonous but can cause problems if it displaces oxygen.
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june 2018 by dchas

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