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VR headsets, augmented windshields, and multiscreen infotainment at CES | Ars Technica
As we move further off into the future, I think we'll see the headsets and tablets give way to proper augmented reality displays in vehicles. Nuance—which makes rather good voice recognition software that's used by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and others, had a demo where the in-car AI used gaze-tracking to know where the driver is looking, then used its natural language processing to be able to answer queries like "what's that store over there?"

What made it even cooler was the augmented reality windshield, provided by Saint-Gobain Sekurit. Texas Instruments also had some technology demonstrations of augmented reality side windows, where a projector illuminated a thin film that's in one of the sandwiched layers of the door glass. The ones I saw were monochrome (and technically designed for external displays), but the in-car applications are obvious.
2 hours ago by risako
What to Know About Your Car Battery
Don’t get stuck in your driveway or on the roadside on a snowy morning. Learn more about your car’s battery instead.
vehicle-care  car  battery 
4 hours ago by Adventure_Web
Qi Vent Mount | VentMount Qi | VentMount Qi
Hmm.. Perhaps this car-vent-mount Qi charger could be worth a look?
chargers  car  iphone  qi  2019 
5 hours ago by handcoding
Winter Care Tips For Your Baltimore Car
The cold winter temperatures affect not only you but your car as well. In the same way that you layer up and take other precautions during this season, you need to take some extra steps to make sure your car is running well.
winter  car  car-maintenance 
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