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The difference one more makes - hard-headed-woman
Everyone thinks they know Tony Stark. His hopes, dreams, even his past. But what if that was all fake. What if the biggest secret of his past came back? What if it joined the Avengers?
brokenup!/divorced!  alternatereality  harry/tony  married!  misunderstanding  c:15-50k  breakup!  avengers  future  canondivergence  hp  war! 
yesterday by floatondown
Damaged Bodies, Growing Lives, Building Families - StarLight Massacre
Harry's painstakingly rebuilt world is destroyed again; then he meets Clint Barton, the sharp eyed archer from the renowned Avengers team. Left broken and pregnant, can he be put back together again? Does he even want to be fixed after everything he's been subjected to or will his love for his baby and the support of the Avengers pull him through the very lowest point of his life?
mpreg  angst+happyending  c:100-200k  pregnancy  avengers  w:low  misunderstanding  fbi!/cia!  nyc!  hp  alpha/beta/omega  developingrelationship  drama  canondivergence  torture!  abducted!  harry/clint  away!  dub/non-con  violence  crossover! 
8 days ago by floatondown
Bloodsquib - Vaysh11
Eleven years after the war, Harry shows up at Draco's home, asking him for help for his son James who suffers from a rare magical disease. He needs a blood donor to survive, and only Draco is a match.
pining  breakup!  c:-15k  angst+happyending  harry/draco  auror!  parents!  canondivergence  establishedrelationship  hp  married!  illness!  mpreg  post-war 
11 days ago by floatondown
(Can You) Hold It Against Me - MissYuki1990
After the war, Harry and Ginny split ways. Harry joined the Auror program, not knowing that he'd find love. Draco abandoned his family, knowing that the only way to redeem himself was to start anew with no connections to his family. Will the two of them find what they're looking for?
c:-15k  hp  auror!  harry/draco  canondivergence  pining  post-war  sweet  firsttime 
11 days ago by floatondown
Robins and Other Flightless Birds - Ionaperidot - Batman - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
It begins with another Bruce, looking around his cave and asking, “So where are the kids?”

Bruce has never thought about having a family before. But once the idea occurs to him, it's hard to think about anything else.
fanfic  dcu  batman  AU  canondivergence 
17 days ago by kpossibles
Running With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 1) - Aurora Dawn
Kerri prepares to leave for university : Letters to Hagrid and Charlie, letter recieved from Snape. Journal entry flashing back to Kerri's discovery of her father's identity, the introduction to her half brother, and her struggle to accept it all.
unread  canondivergence  c:200-400k  OCs  char:remus  hp  non-human:werewolf!  worldbuild 
28 days ago by floatondown
What You Knead - AgentMalkere - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
It started, as most things did in Kakashi’s life, with a mission gone wrong.

(In which Kakashi accidentally acquires an emotionally healthy coping technique.)
fanfic  naruto  canondivergence  gen  pg  wip 
28 days ago by kpossibles
No Such Thing As a Hopeless Case - Origamidragons - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
The story of how Toshinori Yagi (not All Might, Toshinori Yagi) singlehandedly defeated his archenemy's League of Villains by accidentally adopting them all.

Or: Toshinori's gonna redemption arc everybody, just watch him.
fanfic  my_hero_academia  boku_no_hero_academia  gen  pg  canondivergence 
28 days ago by kpossibles
PlayWizard Challenge - Coulsdon Eagle
For his 16th Birthday, the Wesley Twins decide to bestow upon Harry a gift to both celebrate and aid his transition from a Boy into a Young Man. Several Years ago into their possession came an ultra rare "Very Limited Run" Playwizard Magazine produced to celebrate their 25th Year (300th Issue) of Producing the Highest Quality of Wizard Girly Magazines. To do this they produced a unique Special Edition the likes of which has never been dreamt of or seen since.
canondivergence  pwp  firstsexexperience  firsttime  hp  sexy  sweet  harry/hermione  kink:pornography  c:-15k 
28 days ago by floatondown
Uncle Quentin's Spy - Starfox5
In the summer following her 4th year at Hogwarts, Hermione Granger is visited by a great-uncle she hasn't met before and learns that the world is older than she thought - and that wizards are not the only ones fighting the forces of Darkness.
firsttime  harry/hermione  hogwarts!  char:hermione  dumbledore!good  crossover!  ontherun!  war!  btvs  hp  c:100-200k  villain:voldemort  violence  canondivergence 
29 days ago by floatondown
susiecarter: praying for sparks in the dark (in the heart) (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent)
"Him," the Bat repeats, in a low and deceptively soft growl.

"I don't know who he was," the man says immediately, taking this cue and running with it. "I don't, honest. Honest, I swear to god. Nobody did. He just showed up, that's all. Asking about you, asking everybody what they knew, if they'd ever seen you, what you'd done. Metropolis," the man adds belatedly. "He had that look, you know? Clean. Said his name was—Carr, or Kemp, or something. Something like that."

(Or: in a universe where Bruce becomes aware that someone's looking into the Batman, he goes to the effort to track down Clark Kent. It doesn't play out quite the way either of them expected.)
fic  dceu  batmanvsuperman  bruce/clark  au  canondivergence  kinkfic  mutualdeception  belligerentsexualtension  identityporn  kryptonite  x-ratedtrustfalls  via:nestra 
4 weeks ago by elise.grey
Fixing Harry - Lynney
Post Voldemort's defeat. Harry's got a bit of a problem. He's finished off Voldemort, and according to the Prophecy he should finally have a life, right? So how come he feels so lost, and why is his magic getting away from him like he's 13 years old and blowing up Aunt Marge again every time Hermione and Ron are around? It was bloody embarassing, ... and now the Ministry is getting involved.
canondivergence  abandoned  dystopia  post-war  onlynotreally  OCs  breakup!  harry/hermione  feelings!  hermione/ron  c:100-200k  hp  loves  romance  ontherun!  magic!  ministryofmagic! 
5 weeks ago by floatondown
Hermione Granger and The Goblet of Fire - Coulsdon Eagle
Hermione's PoV. She does some magic that makes her name come out of the goblet instead of Harry's.
char:hermione  hogwarts!  unread  hp  triwizard!  canondivergence 
5 weeks ago by floatondown
Harry Potter & the Terrible, Hideous, All Better Day - Lynney
The long and short of it was that Harry had had a horrible day, and as one of his closest friends, Hermione thought she ought to do something about it. Particularly since this year the closeness of their friendship had come to include an element known only to the two of them: Harry and Hermione had discovered sex. With each other.
establishedrelationship  harry/hermione  draco/ginny  secretdating!  hp  kink:public  funny  kink:oral  sexy  canondivergence  c:oneshot/-7k 
5 weeks ago by floatondown
Magic Never Dies - Lynney
Living in Grimmauld Place during their should-have-been 7th year, Harry, Hermione, and Ron face changing relationships, a different type of Horcrux hunt, and learn the true power of Lily’s sacrifice.
villain:voldemort  animagus!  dumbledore!good  7thyear  horcruxes!  canondivergence  sexy  hp  firsttime  loves  developingrelationship  friendstolovers  lovely  snape:grey  c:100-200k  ron/luna  magic!  war!  firstsexexperience  harry/hermione 
5 weeks ago by floatondown
It's My Life - Fyreheart
After his second year, Harry begins to realize Hogwarts isn't everything it could be. Are there other options available?
villain:voldemort  hp  away!  canondivergence  char:harry  dumbledore!manipulative  gettingbetter  trauma:abuse  lefthome/moving!  char:sirius  differentschool!  usa!  c:50-100k  gen 
5 weeks ago by floatondown
Revealing Perspectives - LeQuin
Ron has a plan. Harry has a secret. Hermione finds a mission. How will their collision at the Burrow over the summer affect the way the trio see each other? Will they learn that not everyone thinks the way you expect them to?
c:15-50k  secrets!  harry/hermione  hp  flying!  canondivergence  hermione/ron  summervacation!  stealthwooing!  sweet  trauma:abuse  romance  friendstolovers 
7 weeks ago by floatondown
The Weasley Plot - loralee1
The Weasleys believe family comes first, even if they are not blood, Arthur must choose his course what is right or what is easy, Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore.
villain:dumbledore  c:15-50k  adoption!/takecareof!  genfic  char:wizardingadults  legalbattles!  hp  char:harry  canondivergence  char:weasleyfamily  trauma:abuse  char:ameliabones  dumbledore!manipulative 
7 weeks ago by floatondown
Redefining Summer - loralee1
Post OotP, No HBP, Summer at the Dursleys has always meant Harry is overworked, under fed, and lonely, all Harry wants is a normal summer, what he gets is anything but normal.
canondivergence  onlynotreally  hp  char:grace  c:50-100k  lordpotter!  OCs  summervacation!  harry+neville  independent! 
7 weeks ago by floatondown

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