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European Commission Backed Study Confirms Canada Among the Most Expensive for Broadband Internet Access - Michael Geist
Canada is among the most expensive countries in the developed economy world for broadband Internet services.
internet  policy  canada  pricing  crtc  europe 
yesterday by amicalmant
Photographing Spirit Island, Jasper National Park, Alberta
Spirit Island is one of the most iconic locations in Alberta, surrounded by emerald waters, pristine conifers and rugged snow-capped peaks.
travel  photography  canada 
2 days ago by kger
How anti-immigrant rhetoric crept into Chinese Canadian politics – VICE News -
Progressive voices in the community warn it is being used to galvanize voters in the Toronto area.
immigration  canada  chinese  refugees  politics 
4 days ago by insertrealname
Ramah Bay: 7000 years of aboriginal culture and chemistry
Chem13 News article describing the chemistry and uses of chert, an aqueous-deposit form of silicon dioxide, and how it was used by Inuit
science  art  history  geology  chemistry  canada 
4 days ago by MsHsi

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