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Poor ventilation at B.C. greenhouse blamed for carbon monoxide exposure
DELTA, B.C. — Poor ventilation at a Delta, B.C., greenhouse is to blame for sending dozens of workers to hospital for carbon monoxide exposure, a fire chief said.

Delta fire battalion chief Neil Shuster said an emergency call came in Saturday afternoon that at least 12 people at Windset Farms were suffering from inhalation of a suspected cleaning product.

Three fire crews and a hazmat crew were dispatched along with police and BC Ambulance Services.

Once on scene, Shuster said crews determined there were high levels of carbon monoxide in the building.

Approximately 43 people required treatment on site.

The workers had been inside a greenhouse while a gas-powered pressure washer was running without adequate ventilation, he said.
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Bonjour! Hi! Let us discuss language politics -
This is the thing about language politics in Montreal. It’s a game with many participants but few spectators. It’s addictive fun to play and unbearable to watch. If you’re not arguing about the state of the fragile equilibrium—standoff? Cold war?—between the local francophone majority and the continental anglophone majority, then you’re just living your life. And living your life is almost always very different from whatever the current argument is about.
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Three Things CEOs Should Do Now to Prepare for the New NAFTA -
As the three countries move through their last two rounds of 2017 talks in Mexico City and Washington, DC, the differences in negotiating positions remain wide.
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