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Interview with Kenneth Clarke on Brexit - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Clarke: It's a very nasty climate out there. People are retreating into angry simplicities. Half the population is angry about politicians not getting on with it, they're not following the detail, they haven't a clue what the Irish backstop is, and they couldn't care less. They just want it to be over. The other half does follow quite fairly, intensely, more than usual. They are divided in angry remainers who are ever more ferociously for remaining and angry leavers who ever more ferociously feel they are being betrayed.
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The far right will try to exploit any Brexit outcome. We can’t let it happen | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian
To understand how to defeat Britain’s far right, we have to be clear about how we arrived at this point. Mass immigration did occur under the New Labour governments, but without any accompanying pro-migrant politics being articulated: indeed, just the opposite. Tony Blair’s administration stripped benefits from refugees in favour of vouchers; it denounced “asylum cheats” and spoke of refugee children “swamping” schools from which they were banned; and attempted to outflank the Tories on anti-migrant rhetoric.

David Cameron’s subsequent governments denounced Labour’s “uncontrolled immigration”, and portrayed the movement of people to the UK solely as a problem to be contained, while setting impossible targets on numbers that were not even close to being met. Theresa May, then home secretary, was the most ardently anti-migrant member of his cabinet, notoriously sending “Go home” vans to mixed communities. An inherently divisive referendum handed a megaphone to a demagogically anti-migrant campaign whose lies and bile led to a surge in hate crimes.
UK  politics  Brexit  farRight  RobinsonTommy  UKIP  immigration  Islamophobia  populism  elites  CameronDavid  BlairTony  dctagged  dc:creator=JonesOwen 
november 2018 by petej
Austerity, not Brexit, has doomed the Tory party | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
The problem with competence is that you can only bluff it for so long – and then your reputation is shot for good. That, in a nutshell, is the Tories of 2017. Austerity was a political tactic that Cameron and Osborne passed off as a long-term economic plan. It was no such thing. Now May and Hammond have been lumbered with a botchjob for a fiscal strategy and a reputation for ineptitude. Ditch the first and they might just about lose the second. Sadly, I see no chance of them doing either.
UK  politics  ToryParty  austerity  policy  OsborneGeorge  CameronDavid  MayTheresa  dctagged  dc:creator=ChakraborttyAditya 
november 2017 by petej

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