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Shelly is a company specializing in smart home lighting controllers (Shelly RGBW2) as well as cameras and sensors.
smarthome  hardware  Shelly  IoT  cameras  switches  LED  lighting  controllers 
14 hours ago by searchmeister
Game Boy Camera Canon EF Mount — Bastiaan Ekeler
I designed and 3D Printed a Canon EF Mount for my Game Boy Camera.
photography  gameboy  camera  cameras  canon  DIY  electronics  game-boy  game-boy-camera  hack 
3 days ago by atran
Over-exaggerating the NEW and “different” features, while ignoring the SIMILARITIES of the new vs old version of the camera.
cameras  marketing 
5 days ago by foliovision
Sub2r - Affordable Professional Broadcast Quality for Streamers and Content Creators
EpoxVox mentioned this as a prosumer-ish webcam (, but the downside is that it apparently goes for like $800–$1,000.
webcams  via:eposvox  podcasting  cameras  2019 
12 days ago by handcoding

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