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DiFi looking awful
Somehow manages to lose a debate with a bunch of 10 year olds
difi  california  feinstein  politics  children  greennewdeal 
14 hours ago by nelson
Wine country fires: Update on Odin the Pyrenees dog who saved goats | The Sacramento Bee
Update on heroic great Pyrenees Odin after he protected goats, deer from the Tubbs Fire.
california  dogs  fires  goats 
17 hours ago by po
Wine country fires: Odin the Pyrenees dog saves goats, deer | The Sacramento Bee
Odin the great Pyrenees refused to leave goats behind and ended up ensuring everyone, including deer, survived the Tubbs Fire
california  dogs  fires  goats 
17 hours ago by po
CA marijuana revenue
2018's market off to a slow start, $345M in taxes ($1B was predicted)
california  marijuana  taxes  politics  weed  tootme 
yesterday by nelson

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