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dengste/org-caldav: Caldav sync for Emacs orgmode
Caldav sync for Emacs orgmode. Contribute to dengste/org-caldav development by creating an account on GitHub.
emacs  caldav  org-mode  orgmode 
7 weeks ago by soepstad
EteSync - Secure, Encrypted and Journaled Cloud Sync
Secure, End-to-End encrypted and journaled personal information (contacts and calendars) cloud synchronization for Android, the desktop and the web.
mt  served  tooled  contact  vcard  calendar  server  selfhosted  journaled  opensource  desktop  android  personal  data  cloud  privacy  sync  database  encryption  dav  carddav  caldav  events  email  invitation 
november 2018 by orlin
Outlook CalDav Synchronizer - Project Homepage
Sync MS Outlook for Windows with Google, SOGo or any other CalDAV / CardDAV server
caldav  calendar  opensource  outlook  sync  windows 
october 2018 by galletto
Outlook CalDav Synchronizer - SourceForge DL
Sync MS Outlook for Windows with Google, SOGo or any other CalDAV / CardDAV server
windows  outlook  calendar  caldav  sync  opensource 
october 2018 by galletto
apple/ccs-calendarserver - The Calendar and Contacts Server
The open source Calendar and Contacts Server project is a standards-compliant server implementing the CalDAV and CardDAV protocols. It provides a shared location on the network allowing multiple users to store and edit calendaring and contact information.
code  Calendar  Contacts  CalDAV  CardDAV  apple  github  opensource  apacheLicense 
october 2018 by activescott
Thunderbird 60 problems with Address and Calendar Sync - clients - Nextcloud community
You need
-> about:config
----> network.cookie.same-site.enabled = true —> false
Than works all sync…
thunderbird  caldav 
september 2018 by jpin
Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer
Outlook CalDav Synchronizer ist ein freies Outlook Plugin zur Synchronisation von Terminen, Aufgaben und Kontakten zwischen Outlook und Google, SOGo, Nextcloud oder anderen CalDAV bzw. CardDAV Servern. Unterstützt Outlook Versionen sind 2016, 2013, 2010 und 2007.
outlook  caldav  nextcloud  carddav 
may 2018 by egoexpress
Radicale - A Free and Open-Source CalDAV and CardDAV Server
Radicale is a small but powerful CalDAV (calendars, todo-lists) and CardDAV (contacts) server, that:

Shares calendars through CalDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Shares contacts through CardDAV, WebDAV and HTTP.
Supports events, todos, journal entries and business cards.
Works out-of-the-box, no installation nor configuration required.
Can warn users on concurrent editing.
Can limit access by authentication.
Can secure connections.
Works with many CalDAV and CardDAV clients.
Is GPLv3-licensed free software.
calendar  contacts  caldav  opensource 
may 2018 by kOoLiNuS
CalDAV/CardDAV for Android — DAVdroid
Bullet-proof *DAV sync for Android, can be installed outside of app store
caldav  carddav  android  sync  app 
may 2018 by mechazoidal

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