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RobinHood: tail latency aware caching – dynamic reallocation from cache-rich to cache-poor
"Robin Hood doesn’t necessarily allocate caching resources to the most popular back-ends, instead, it allocates caching resources to the backends (currently) responsible for the highest tail latency. ... RobinHood operates in 5 second time windows, repeatedly taxing every backend by reclaiming 1% of its cache space and redistributing the wealth to cache-poor backends. ... At the end of the window RobinHood calculates the request blocking count (RBC) of each backend – the number of times it was responsible for the slowest query."
performance  caching  taillatency 
16 days ago by aapl
Increasing Application Performance with HTTP Cache Headers | Heroku Dev Center
HTTP cache headers can significantly improve the user experience of web applications. Understand their use and in what scenarios to employ them.
caching  http  performance 
24 days ago by sandipb
Go: Avoid duplicate requests with sync/singleflight
Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository's web address.
golang  caching  concurrency 
25 days ago by sandipb
Using the RAIL Model to Measure Your Site’s Performance
How do you measure site performance? RAIL provides handy benchmarks based on speed and user experience to help you know when you’ve done enough.
rail  performance  web  internet  speed  optimize  cache  caching 
29 days ago by jennettefulda

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