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8 - How can we get Block Bundle Type for block in code? - Drupal Answers
use \Drupal\block_content\BlockContentInterface;

* Implements HOOK_preprocess_block().
* @param $variables
function mymodule_preprocess_block(&$variables) {
$content = $variables['elements']['content'];
if (isset($content['#block_content']) && $content['#block_content'] instanceof BlockContentInterface) {

if ($content['#block_content']->bundle() == 'xxx') {
// ...

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2 days ago by therobyouknow
epam/CoroutinesCache: In mobile development exists solution for caching with RxJava usage, but there is no solutions for Kotlin Coroutines. The project is to provide this functionality to mobile community.
In mobile development exists solution for caching with RxJava usage, but there is no solutions for Kotlin Coroutines. The project is to provide this functionality to mobile community. - epam/CoroutinesCache
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4 days ago by lgtout
Caching with Kotlin Coroutines – ProAndroidDev
Let me guess: your Android app downloads some data from the network. Gotcha, huh? Let me guess more: part of that data would be eventually cached in the app. 2 of 2? But it doesn’t have anything to…
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4 days ago by lgtout
Get the World's Fastest VMs
Infinio Accelerator delivers the world's fastest VMware vSphere ESXi VMs by providing lightning fast performance for any storage: SAN, NAS, DAS, HCI, VSAN, and VVOLs.
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5 days ago by sphere2k
JetStream Software Product Portfolio
Learn about the entire JetStream Software product portfolio including: JetStream Migrate, JetStream Accelerate and JetStream Cross-Cloud Platform.
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5 days ago by sphere2k

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