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TV Signal Locator
Tool to estimate what digital TV signals are receivable at your house
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8 days ago by nelson
Custom Upgrade Speaker Cables | C3 Audio
UPOCC Ultra pure OCC is better than SPOFC : Silver-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper

UPOCC stands for Ultra Pure Ohno Continuous Casting. While all copper is continuously cast, OCC copper is cast using a heated mold for casting and extruding, which results in much greater crystal size across single strands of copper, increasing purity to 99.9998%. The benefits of UPOCC include:

Improved flexibility
Low electrical resistance
Rapid signal transmission
Corrosion resistance
Non-crystal boundaries
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8 days ago by jcmasset
20 free streaming alternatives to Netflix
Whether you’re chasing that mythical $0 TV bill, or just trying to pad out your paid subscriptions with a few more things to watch, here are 20 free streaming TV services you ought to know about.
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9 days ago by cyberchucktx

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