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Comcast weds Sky, NBCU ad tech – honeymoon set for US or Europe? [Cadent mentioned]
Audience Studio, NBCU’s targeted ad technology, is being rolled into Sky’s addressable advertising technology, keeping the name AdSmart as an umbrella term for Comcast’s advertising technology from now on. As well as giving Sky itself direct control over the addressable advertising segment, AdSmart is also positioned to sell advertising for other operators and broadcasters – in much the same way Comcast does in the US.
AdSmart  also  appeals  due  to  its  flexibility  in  being  integrated  with  third  party  APIs_  for  example  from  Cadent  Technology  (ne  e  Black  Arrow)_  which  was  selected  by  Liberty  Global  in  December  2018  to  deploy  a  cloud-based  platform  to  enable  targeting  of  ads  to  households  within  its  cable  TV  services. 
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Seeking an HSP-knowledgeable Therapist? – The Highly Sensitive Person
Licensed therapists and counselors who have completed a program with Elaine on psychotherapy with HSPs
hsp  knowledgeable  therapists  by  state 
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