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How Russia’s rich elite spend their billions in London | World news | The Guardian
a super-rich colony in the heart of the capital. Many maintain ties with Russia and most remain “non-doms” – a dazzling loophole in the British tax system.

Meanwhile Londoners eagerly cater to their needs as butlers and architects, accountants and lawyers, interior designers and private tutors, personal shoppers and family officers. But their most important facilitator has been the UK government itself, which has rolled out the red carpet to a group whose enormous wealth became part of a narrative about a new golden age for the capital.
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≡ Berlin School of Creative Leadership in the Creative Industries
ᑕ❶ᑐ Berlin School of Creative Leadership is a FIBAA Accredited EMBA / MBA Business and Marketing School for leadership in the creative industries. ► Also offering Executive Education and Creative Leadership Training for the creative industries worldwide (e.g. Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa).
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RT : Are you local to the ?
Stands are now on sale for this years takin…
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German cars have the most to lose from a changing auto industry - Last lap of luxury
VW knocks out some 10m vehicles annually but relies on selling around 2m Audis and Porsches for 65% of its profits.
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