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Has anyone used BW for a dungeon crawl? - BurningWheel
> I have a long running campaign, and my players frequently end up in both. I see a lot of people bring up Torchbearer which is awesome, but my players didn’t like switching mechanics in the middle just to “make it harder” (their words). So I do some unique things you might find fun to ramp up the tension. To begin, I set Obs for each room that represent the environment. I use these dungeons to challenge my players Stats more so than skills. Lots of speed test for avoiding traps, power test for pulling your companions up who have fallen off the ledge, Perception test for all the wises you don’t have etc... I make them state exactly what’s in their traveling gear: how many torches, how many arrows, how’s many rations of food etc... and upon entering each room I have them roll a die of fate to tell me how much time is passing. Which they can speed up or slow down by “working quickly” or “working carefully” etc... But this time adds up and sucks up their resources. Enemies at this point feel terrifying, because i use them as interrupts in their time, as in it might slow them down, or waste resources. If someone is injured they may not receive any treatment whatsoever except stop the bleeding. Every time, my PCs are in a dungeon, at some point they realize they have gone too deep, and going back they may starve or run out of light and the arguing begins. Duel of Wits everywhere. “How bad do you want that treasure?”. When they finally escape sometimes dragging their unconscious companions behind them a relief washes over them. But they always go for a dungeon. It’s making them rich buying castles, buying power, and buying titles. And they end up getting amazing tests in their stats they don’t normally get in city politics play. Each one they find they seem to forget how they struggled, they feel like they are better or stronger, and they talk themselves into it. “Think of the riches!” I love it.
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