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How to PWN FoMo3D, a beginners guide : ethereum
I found out about FoMo3D today and saw that it's an pyramid game holding an insane $12M stash currently. Looking through the code, it's multiple contracts totaling thousands of lines of code. Let's be honest, $12M inside thousands of lines of Solidity... that's asking for it.
economics  security  cryptography  burn 
14 days ago by kmt
Burning Man Hair Part 2 – Best Salon in Reno
Caring for your hair after the Burn. Acid rinse (lemon juice or vinegar) then deep conditioning. Then trim it.
hair  burn  tips 
4 weeks ago by atelathehun
How to Clean Dishes on a Camping Trip: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
Great info for the 3-bin method (soap, rinse, sanitize) and then what to do with the water afterward to do the least harm to the local environment.
camping  burn  Health 
6 weeks ago by atelathehun

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