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Homer and Hatred: On Jordan Peterson’s Mythology – BLARB
It seems he feels the effect of feminine chaos everywhere. On Joe Rogan’s podcast, he says today’s world could be “what a female totalitarianism would look like.” He calls for a return to  “mythology,” which will re-stabilize us in these times of great uncertainty. But for someone apparently obsessed with the power of myth, Peterson does not include a single collection of myths among the books he says are most important to him, a list of which appears on his web site. (For what it’s worth, here is the Peterson canon: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, 1984 and Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell, Crime and Punishment and Demons by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Beyond Good and Evil by Friederich Nietzsche, Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning, The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski, The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang, The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksander Solzhenitzyn, Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl, Modern Man in Search of a Soul by Carl Jung, Maps of Meaning by Jordan B. Peterson, A History of Religious Ideas by Mircea Eliade, Affective Neuroscience by Jaan Panskepp.)

People are always the same, he implies; women are always crazy and men are always trying to keep them in line. If we read myths through his quixotic Jungian lens, he says, we can learn to navigate the chaos — that is, the over-feminization — of our times. There is a larky whimsicality to this thought, an almost charming Da Vinci Code-style theory-of-everythingness, a yearning for magic answers.
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2 days ago by kmt
People Seeking Camps 2018 - ePlaya
Great tips for new Burners on finding a camp.
burn  camping  how.to 
7 days ago by atelathehun
consentimiento | pikara magazine
Spanish magazine with several good articles about consent (this link shows only articles tagged 'consent')
consent  burn  BED  Spain 
11 days ago by atelathehun
The Tyranny of Stuctureless
Early 2nd wave feminism text about how "structureless" groups don't work and can't replace patriarchal structures. We have to be intentional about replacing what we don't like with something else better aligned with our values.
feminism  group-dynamics  burn 
12 days ago by atelathehun
write sd card usb disk flash writer tool
usb  ISO  software  windows  burn  tools 
15 days ago by tjh
Us vs. Him
These men share a network (each other), an outlook (a vaguely technocratic, business-friendly centrism), and a vocation: to remain insistently present in public conversations about world politics while avoiding the messy business of actually saying anything. Maximum globospeak, minimum substance. They are business cable’s philosophers for hire; they’re the lazy opinion editor’s idea of an intellectual; they’re talent at Davos and wildcard guests at the IMF’s spring meetings, thought-leadership limpets that cling to the global investment conference circuit with something approaching mortal terror. So it’s little surprise to find them lovingly embalmed in the end notes to Ian Bremmer’s new book, where they’re gushingly described as “deep and provocative thinkers.”  
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21 days ago by kmt
Fairbanks | Robens
The Fairbanks is a single wall tipi with protective eaves that extend out at the front to create a large porch accessed by a single door with an arch-shaped two-way zip. The Fairbanks uses a single light alloy pole for fast, easy pitching, slightly tilted to aid access to the inner area that sleeps up to four people. The new cowl protected top mesh vent design, ground vent and mesh inner door provide insect-free air flow.
shopping  burn  camping  Europe 
4 weeks ago by atelathehun
Home - GEjODOME tents - the wooden dome
German-based company that makes wood geodesic domes
shopping  burn  Europe  germany 
4 weeks ago by atelathehun
Uchronia - Detail - Arne Quinze
AKA the Belgian Waffle. Organic wood installation at Burning Man 2006
art  burn 
5 weeks ago by atelathehun
Dean (and Cas') Top 13 Zepp Traxx
Dean and Cas and the open road, to the tune of Led Zeppelin.
A post-series story in thirteen parts.
supernatural  dean/cas  nc-17  slow  burn 
6 weeks ago by ivesia19
Outdoor gear show in cape town
Our online store has everything you'll need for outdoor pursuits - including hiking, camping, trail running, mountain biking, snow sports, travel and more!
afrika  burn  cape  town  rei  shop  outdoor  gear 
6 weeks ago by roggedoggelito

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