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homebridge-tuya-smartlamp - npm
Homebridge plugin for Tuya/Lohas Led Smart Lamp
homebridge  apple  home  applehome  plugin  automation  lamp  bulb  woox 
4 weeks ago by alexmc
Sonoff B1: Dimmable E27 LED Lamp RGB Color Light Bulb|ITEAD
Sonoff B1 is white and color ambiance dimmable LED bulb with E27 screw base. The dimming led lamp can be dimmed or brighten via iOS/Android App.
lighting  homeautomation  bulb  sonoff 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Choosing The Right LED Bulb
It’s important to understand that not all LED lights are the same. There are differences that you should account for before you include them in your commercial lighting system. Here are three factors to consider to help you choose the right LED bulb.
LED-lighting  LED  bulb 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
Lightbulb Neon Desk Light
Amped & Co Lightbulb Neon Desk Light
home  light  bulb  lightbulb  amped  neon 
october 2018 by girma

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