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How to Use (or Disable) iCloud Optimized Storage on Mac
iCloud Optimized Storage is the newest addition to the iCloud lineup, saving space on your Mac’s hard drive by storing documents you don’t use too often in iCloud. If you’ve already got an iCloud plan for your iPhone, and are running out of storage on your Mac, you can use it to get rid of those “Disk Space Full” notifications.
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7 days ago by rdump
The prompt for Apple ID and iCloud must be disabled.
Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) that provides a methodology for standardized secure installation and maintenance of DOD IA and IA-enabled devices and systems.
macos  sysadmin  photoslibrary  bug  metadata  constanttweaking  constantmodification  icloud 
7 days ago by rdump
How to Disable iCloud Photo Syncing in OS X Photos
Apple has finally taken the wraps off its iPhoto successor: Photos. It’s great so far, but we’re not sure everyone is going to be thrilled about its iCloud integration. Here is how to make adjustments to Photos’ iCloud features, or turn them off completely.
macos  sysadmin  photoslibrary  bug  metadata  constanttweaking  constantmodification  icloud 
7 days ago by rdump
iOS 12.1 Vulnerability - Schneier on Security
This is really just to point out that computer security is really hard:
Almost as soon as Apple released iOS 12.1 on Tuesday, a Spanish security researcher discovered a bug that exploits group Facetime calls to give anyone access to an iPhone users' contact information with no need for a passcode.
A bad actor would need physical access to the phone that they are targeting and has a few options for viewing the victim's contact information. They would need to either call the phone from another iPhone or have the phone call itself. Once the call connects they would need to:
Select the Facetime icon
Select "Add Person"
Select the plus icon
Scroll through the contacts and use 3D touch on a name to view all contact information that's stored.
Making the phone call itself without entering a passcode can be accomplished by either telling Siri the phone number or, if they don't know the number, they can say "call my phone." We tested this with both the owners' voice and a strangers voice, in both cases, Siri initiated the call.
bug  hack  ios12  iphone  privacy  security 
12 days ago by rgl7194
oh-my-zsh: NVM is not compatible with the npm config "prefix" option · Issue #855 · creationix/nvm · GitHub
GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.
bug  github  node.js  npm  nvm 
12 days ago by kogakure
foone on Twitter: "It is 2018 and this error message is a mistake from 1974. This limitation, which is still found in the very latest Windows 10, dates back to BEFORE STAR WARS. This bug is as old as Watergate.… https://t.co/YNbPJsnhms"
But I was just flabbergasted at hitting a bug from 44 years ago, while running Windows 10 and copying from a USB 3.0 SSD to another SSD. It's like you're living on a space station and get trampled by a horse.
disk  windows  cp/m  unix  files  compatibility  bug 
15 days ago by yorksranter

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