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What really happened to the software on the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft?
It’s the 4th of July. Exactly sixteen years ago today the Mars Pathfinder landed to a media fanfare and began to transmit data back to Earth. Days later and the flow of information and images was interrupted by a series of total systems resets. How this problem was a) diagnosed and b) resolved still makes for a fascinating tale for software engineers.
2 days ago by lenciel
The antisocial laptop
An interesting bug - it was in the hardware of his laptop (insufficient electrical isolation of various components).
bug  hardware  via:HackerNews 
2 days ago by mcherm
Issue handling automation for GNOME
"There are a set of tasks that are quite repetitive, such as closing issues that were left with the “need information” label. Or old feature requests. Or crashes that were reported years ago with an old version of the software…

This is something I really wanted to get done with, so I’ve been working in the past weeks to make a set up where repetitive tasks are automated by a GitLab CI “bot”, and this is what I’m gonna share with you today!

The tool that performs the task is used by GitLab CE itself for their own issue triage automation and it’s called gitlab-triage. This tool takes a set of rules and process them with a CI job, then you can set to be run periodically in schedules."
gitlab  automated  bug  tracker  maintenance  gnome 
8 days ago by ssam
Bug #22102: BlueStore crashed on rocksdb checksum mismatch - bluestore - Ceph
tracking this bug, as it looks similar to mine, but marked wontfix as a swap bug in the kernel. interesting as the host does use zram.
ceph  bug  osd  rocksdb 
11 days ago by pjjw

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