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Philosophia Buddhica: January 2018
the author speaks of a buddhist algonomy...
2 days ago by RobertDaoust
净空法师:念力的秘密分享 文字版(1---5集)_如果

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2 days ago by mathinker
The Development of Loving-kindness
[J]ust as in the night, at the moment of dawn, the morn­ing star shines forth, bright and brilliant, even so, whatever grounds there are for making merit productive of a future birth, all these do not equal a sixteenth part of the mind-release of loving-kindness.

-- from The Udana &The Itivuttaka Translated by John D. Ireland. Buddhist Publication Society 1997. Buddhism Now November 2001
Buddhism now | buddhismnow.com | 18 jan 2013
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10 days ago by tometaxu
Nirvana can seem an exotic metaphysical idea until you look closer | Aeon Essays
The liberation that Bhikkhu Bodhi is talking about is, in the first instance, a liberation from perpetual rebirth, a liberation that will fully kick in at the end of this life cycle. But it is also liberation in the here and now, liberation from the suffering that tanha brings – liberation from the craving to capture pleasant feelings and to escape unpleasant feelings, liberation from the persistent desire for things to be different than they are. (The Buddha famously said that human life as ordinarily lived involves persistent suffering, but ‘suffering’ is a translation of the ancient word dukkha, whose connotations also include ‘unsatisfactoriness’ – a connotation that well captures the Buddhist view of suffering’s nature and roots.)
12 days ago by altoii
Householder (Buddhism) - Wikiwand
In English translations of Buddhist texts, householder denotes a variety of terms. Most broadly, it refers to any layperson, and most narrowly, to a wealthy and prestigious familial patriarch.[1] In contemporary Buddhist communities, householder is often used synonymously with laity, or non-monastics.
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12 days ago by craigrosa
Shock, Disruption, and Waking Up through Performance Art
"FluxBuddha at the Rubin Museum explores the role of Buddhism in the Fluxus avant-garde movement and challenges us to reconsider who we think we are."
art  performance  performanceart  buddhism  fluxus  2018  fluxbuddha  ubinmuseum  christopherkelley 
13 days ago by robertogreco

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