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Brunei Literal Names of Villages and Places - Archived WhatsApp Forwards
Found in 2018 and archived by @possiblyzebra. Source: Unknown. A fun little quiz-type list (without answers): "Guess the name (in Malay) of places in Brunei from its literal translation", e.g. One Taste = Serasa.
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september 2018 by hazm8
Wedding Rental List for Brunei - Archived WhatsApp Forwards
Found in 2017 and archived by @possiblyzebra. Contains list of venue rental costs, and contact lists for Sewa Kem (tent rental), Aircon Services, Towing Services, Sewa Karaoke (karaoke rental), and Darussyifa services.
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september 2018 by hazm8
hazirah on Twitter
Tweet: "Am I just impressed by cake! This bridal dress cake by Bruneian Faridah Yusof (owner of Saffron Cafe) is entirely edible 😍 On display earlier this month at a wedding fair in Manila. Photos from IG by: The Peninsula Manila, Cakes by Faridah, Nur Khalisah Ahmad (links to follow)…" [My tweet, photos from various (credited) Instagram accounts. Misspelled Faridah Yussof.]
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june 2018 by hazm8
W O L F on Twitter
Beginning of the #StopRacismBN hashtag.
Tweet: "To the racist bitch last night, I hope you see this. Eat shit :) #StopRacism #HMJubliEmas"
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november 2017 by hazm8
에스틴니앆끄 on Twitter
Tweet: "Backbone of the economy" ;
Photo of South Asian men at the Golden Jubilee.

[Quoted retweets, via Twitter search:]
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october 2017 by hazm8
hj haziq on Twitter
Tweet: "Kalau urng brunei cakap ;- "Lapas zuhur" ertinya kul 1 "Lapas asar" kul 4 "Lapas magrib" kul 7 "Lapas isya" kul 8"
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october 2017 by hazm8
ibbibibibbibi on Twitter
Tweet:: "it came to my attention that there's no nasi katok pattern wallpaper so i went ahead and made them hehe"

Ayam penyet - ;
Buttermilk chicken -
brunei-works  2017  brunei-viral  300retweets  wallpapers  graphics  food  platform:twitter 
october 2017 by hazm8
ibbi 🦌 on Twitter
Tweet: "The goose is gone, we moose move on."

First panel - "What kind of people have to pray 5 times a day. A moose-lim."
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september 2017 by hazm8
Na R on Twitter
Tweet: "All penghulu & ketua kampong are sitting for their MIB exam, good luck & all the best neneks ♥️ #sumpahcute #youdontseethisoften"
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september 2017 by hazm8
apalagini on Twitter
Tweet: "unexpected 2016 #goals: • to have handwriting like @fathullahmn"
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september 2017 by hazm8
NOTE: brunei-viral
Generally I'll count 300+ retweets as viral. For some tweets, I have not tagged them as viral even though I've added the category no of retweets [e.g. 200 retweets] for my own reference
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august 2017 by hazm8
Mirza Yvsof on Twitter
Tweet: "Brunei, instead of listening to their people for speaking out, they fine them. In other news, water is wet."
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august 2017 by hazm8
ashinope on Twitter
Tweet: "I plated this kelupis and kari ayam as if it came from a fancy shmancy overpriced cafe huhuhu"
[250+ retweets as of 31/8/2017]
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august 2017 by hazm8

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