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Hariz FadHELLah 👻 on Twitter
Ugama/primary school stories.
Thread starting with Hariz FadHELLah 👻 on Twitter: "Masa ku di sek menengah aku pernah tanya cigu BM ku apa makna perkataan "Gian", aku tanya dia kalau boleh masukkan dlm karangan ku *fespalm*"
This point in the thread: spoop 👻 on Twitter: "@_HarizFadhilah She was all, "Ah? inda kamu tahu kah apa bersetubuh ani? Bersetubuh ani yang apa bapa mama kamu buat di katil/bilik." We were like 10"
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3 days ago by hazm8
mansom on Twitter
Tweet: "my experience with SBPP (gov loan), a thread:"

[Thread can also be read at]
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9 days ago by hazm8
hj haziq on Twitter
Tweet: "Kalau urng brunei cakap ;- "Lapas zuhur" ertinya kul 1 "Lapas asar" kul 4 "Lapas magrib" kul 7 "Lapas isya" kul 8"
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9 days ago by hazm8
AKIF on Twitter
Tweet: "Why do I always hear horror story about designated bus leaving students after an event ended? Happened to my lil sis just now 🤔"
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13 days ago by hazm8
Firdaus Aus on Twitter
Tweet: "This was what we teachers expected the kids to see in today's celebration. Instead we only saw cars and the public crowding where we stood"
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13 days ago by hazm8
Faiq Airudin on Twitter
Tweet: "His Majesty's Jubli Emas procession was a significant moment for the future direction and expectation of Brunei media".

[Thread can also be read here:]
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13 days ago by hazm8
Fz on Twitter
Tweet: "Maybe i romantacize the past too much, maybe these express fries arent as good as i thought they were, maybe the milkshakes aint as sweet"
brunei-tweets  2017  food  nostalgia  cat:thoughts 
22 days ago by hazm8
Farhan A.K. on Twitter
Tweet: "In case you’re keeping tabs on my write-up on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild."
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22 days ago by hazm8
Mohamed Nazmi on Twitter
Tweet: "It's interesting to note that the savings from Brunei's no-plastic days aren't passed on to the consumers"
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22 days ago by hazm8
Ain Bandial on Twitter
Summary of Youth Dialogue discussion points.

Tweet: "Youth dialogue with #Brunei LegCo youth rep Khairunissa Ashari @kyeeee"

[Thread can also be read at:]
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5 weeks ago by hazm8
Mohamed Nazmi on Twitter
On Malay-Muslim funeral expenses.

Tweet: "@fatehahshamsul have an envelope that reads: “open at time of death” with $500 in it, which should cover immediate expenses"

[Thread can also be read at:]
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5 weeks ago by hazm8
Keryn Ibrahim on Twitter
Tweet: "I've decided: #nerdpaper is a go. First step, crowdsourcing opinions. Guys, tell me, what makes a Bruneian nerd a nerd/intellectual badass?"
brunei-tweets  2017  academic  research  socialresearch  nerdsgeeks  cat:misc 
5 weeks ago by hazm8
Sri Munawwarah on Twitter
Tweet: "Would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Turkish Scholarship. Thought this might help expand your options 😄"

[Thread can also be read at:]
brunei-tweets  2017  education  scholarships  students  guides  threads  cat:info 
5 weeks ago by hazm8
Ammar on Twitter
Tweet: "Made a working prototype app that locates places to eat almost a year ago. Need partnership just to realise this idea. Any takers? 🤔"
brunei-tweets  2017  apps  business  foodculture  food  cat:misc 
5 weeks ago by hazm8
Ain Bandial on Twitter
The launch of The Scoop (

Tweet: "A media start-up co-founded by myself and 3 other brilliant women who were my colleagues at The Brunei Times."

Facebook post for additional context:
brunei-tweets  2017  media  business  cat:misc 
5 weeks ago by hazm8
✨✨ redz ✨✨ on Twitter
Tweet: "How to use the public transport a.k.a BUSES in Brunei -- A thread."
brunei-tweets  2017  publictransport  buses  cat:info 
6 weeks ago by hazm8
M. H. Hidayat on Twitter
Screenshot of FB post that begins: "Official says, please spend in your own country to improve economy."

Tweet: "Kenapaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."
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6 weeks ago by hazm8
Jay M. Johar on Twitter
Tweet: "FUN FACT: In 2017, Brunei's main import is Malaysian celebrities"
brunei-tweets  2017  entertainment  cat:thoughts 
6 weeks ago by hazm8
Na R on Twitter
Tweet: "All penghulu & ketua kampong are sitting for their MIB exam, good luck & all the best neneks ♥️ #sumpahcute #youdontseethisoften"
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6 weeks ago by hazm8
zie on Twitter
Sharing an experience this year on kurnia donation ceremony.

Tweet: "before i start i just wanna say i respect brunei's people of authority and what not but holy crap guys you can do so much better than this"

[Thread can also be read at:]
brunei-tweets  2017  government  threads  cat:experiences 
6 weeks ago by hazm8

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