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its bobby not babi on Twitter
Tweet: "bruneians : cubatah ada cmani dbrunei kan bisai sudahnya ada. bruneians : mau2 jua org brunei ani nada originality eh"
brunei-tweets  2018  cat:thoughts 
october 2018 by hazm8
siputato on Twitter
Tweet: "Its 2018 and adults still give me a symphathetic look and an "aww its okay" when I tell them I'm going to UBD lmao first of aLL thank you for giving me thread content strap yourselves in yall"
brunei-tweets  2018  ubd  education  cat:experiences  threads 
july 2018 by hazm8
Thread by @omehhh: "How raya changes over time - food version. [...]"
Thread begins: "How raya changes over time - food version. on the first day of raya, we always visit my dad's cousin in KB - they serve the best dodol which […]" //
Link on Twitter:
brunei-tweets  2018  hariraya  family  threads  food  cat:experiences 
june 2018 by hazm8
Nawawi B on Twitter
Tweet: "#Foodforthought I find it sad that a lot of Bruneians don't even know what 'Adau Gayoh' is even though #Dusun is one of our recognised 7 indigenous group. If we can have CNY & Xmas as public holidays in #Brunei , shouldn't Adau Gayoh be rightly recognised as a public holiday too?"
brunei-tweets  2018  dusun  culture  cat:thoughts 
may 2018 by hazm8
waffles on Twitter
Tweet: "yo I was cleaning a chicken to cook the other day and then I got to the thigh part thats attached to the drumstick idk what its called idk why I stared at it for so long I thought it look familiar then it hit me.. it looked like the map of Brunei…"
brunei-tweets  2018  food  cat:fun 
may 2018 by hazm8
X (@zttrm) on Twitter
Tweet: "When I first started BY.ZTRM it was all for fun because one person approached me and said my drawings were good, “Hey why dont u make money out of that” at first I was hesistant bc I was afraid of the responds + I was 15 at that time. Although my process was slow because..."
brunei-tweets  2018  art  design  microbusiness  threads  tshirts  sticker  cat:experiences 
march 2018 by hazm8
Iman S on Twitter
Tweet: "so cool to know that uni of kent's netball team is unisex all thanks to a male Bruneian student who was so good at netball that the uni decided to change the sports constitution, from an all female team to a unisex one just so he could..."
brunei-tweets  2018  sports  netball  gender  students-overseas  students-UK  cat:experiences 
march 2018 by hazm8
Keryn Ibrahim on Twitter
Tweet: "The MoH workshops for parents of autistic children are incredibly helpful, but what gets to me the most is the feeling that all parents & therapists involved just want to understand these children, and to know that someday, when we are no longer around, that they’ll be fine"
brunei-tweets  2018  autism  MoH  therapy  cat:experiences 
march 2018 by hazm8
Hanisah Lia Salleh on Twitter
Tweet: "This week marks my 9th year wedding anniversary. It is surreal that we have reached this far. To think we (or rather I) almost gave up during the second year. It was real you guys, we went to court, met with judges and counselling..."

brunei-tweets  2017  relationships  marriage  threads 
march 2018 by hazm8
Yazid on Twitter
Tweet: "I spent a fascinating hour at the market this morning at a collector's stall. Took some photos of his Brunei stamp collection which spanned…"
brunei-tweets  2017  photos  stamps  philately  cat:info 
november 2017 by hazm8
H³ on Twitter
Tweet: "Late dad’s helmet from 90s. Love his doodle skills and notice the clock drawings which indicates his daily routine?🤗#FathernSonlovedoodling"
brunei-tweets  2017  memorabilia  photos  cat:experiences 
november 2017 by hazm8
IA on Twitter
A fun Twitter conversation between @fayen and @fatehahshamsul sharing recipes for instant noodles.
Tweet: "Sorry I cannot tahan liat iklan maggi or indomee. Pasal nyaman."
brunei-tweets  2017  threads  food  cat:fun 
november 2017 by hazm8
albedo on Twitter
Tweet: "The govt is trying to get us to stay in the country over the holidays while the airlines are dropping deals left and right"
brunei-tweets  2017  economy  cat:thoughts 
october 2017 by hazm8
Spooky Akmal Jaman on Twitter
Tweet: "If you think paying more than $5 for a show is ~expensive~, think again. Here's what I've learnt; A thread."

[Thread can also be viewed at:]
brunei-tweets  2017  threads  performingarts  music  threatre  creativeindustry  cat:experiences 
october 2017 by hazm8
hai. i'm jai. and Jay M. Johar on Twitter
Coffee pun thread by @z_zairina and @mujahidjohar! Tweet starts with: "A shot of death 💀"
brunei-tweets  2017  puns  coffee  threads  threads-puns  cat:fun 
october 2017 by hazm8
albedo on Twitter
Thread on adult life when you're out of school (and your workplace isn't particularly structured) -- Tweet: "You know how the first day of classes the teachers will outline the syllabus and tell you what you'll hopefully gain by the end of the year"
brunei-tweets  2016  adulting  students  threads  cat:thoughts 
october 2017 by hazm8
Hariz FadHELLah 👻 on Twitter
Ugama/primary school stories.
Thread starting with Hariz FadHELLah 👻 on Twitter: "Masa ku di sek menengah aku pernah tanya cigu BM ku apa makna perkataan "Gian", aku tanya dia kalau boleh masukkan dlm karangan ku *fespalm*"
This point in the thread: spoop 👻 on Twitter: "@_HarizFadhilah She was all, "Ah? inda kamu tahu kah apa bersetubuh ani? Bersetubuh ani yang apa bapa mama kamu buat di katil/bilik." We were like 10"
brunei-tweets  2017  students  ugamaschool  primaryschool  threads  cat:experiences 
october 2017 by hazm8
mansom on Twitter
Tweet: "my experience with SBPP (gov loan), a thread:"

[Thread can also be read at]
brunei-tweets  2017  students  loans  scholarships  government  threads  brunei  cat:experiences 
october 2017 by hazm8
hj haziq on Twitter
Tweet: "Kalau urng brunei cakap ;- "Lapas zuhur" ertinya kul 1 "Lapas asar" kul 4 "Lapas magrib" kul 7 "Lapas isya" kul 8"
brunei-tweets  2017  brunei-viral  400retweets  cat:thoughts 
october 2017 by hazm8

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