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Lucky Little Lad… |
IT influencers in Brunei, 2006. Also see comments on post.
2006  brunei-articles  ITindustry  brunei  government  e-government 
december 2017 by hazm8
FI/RE: The Prologue | The Future People
The post begins: "I cannot remember a time when I could say, “I love my job”. I hate putting that as a central motivation for my financial independence."
brunei-articles  2017 
december 2017 by hazm8
Stuff that catches my fancy | Killing Kim - New Mandala
On the Brunei Rebellion. Comment/reply from orbinsonblue starting at: "Pleasantly surprised by a mention of Brunei’s little-known rebellion, but the information is a little inaccurate."
brunei-articles  2017  tumblr  history  bruneirebellion 
october 2017 by hazm8
A Better Place | engineeringgrowth
By Shaun Hoon. Account of fire (in FAQ format for concerned friends) at his home in Menglait.
brunei-articles  2013  fire 
october 2017 by hazm8

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