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Stuff that catches my fancy | Killing Kim - New Mandala
On the Brunei Rebellion. Comment/reply from orbinsonblue starting at: "Pleasantly surprised by a mention of Brunei’s little-known rebellion, but the information is a little inaccurate."
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A Better Place | engineeringgrowth
By Shaun Hoon. Account of fire (in FAQ format for concerned friends) at his home in Menglait.
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Bruneian Literature in English: An Observation – Open Brunei
By Kathrina Daud.

Books mentioned:
(1) The Forlorn Adventure, Amir Falique
(2) Written in Black, KH Lim
(3) In the spotlight: An Anthology of Bruneian plays in English, edited by Grace VS Chin
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Dr Kat reviews: The Bungsu Story - The Scoop
Review of The Bungsu Story, a video series: "the pilot episode of a new series set in Brunei created by Filterworks Productions, and produced jointly with The Creative Core BN, which premiered on July 27"
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It’s critics that Brunei needs
Interview with local writer Chong Ah Fok by The Brunei Times' Daniel Wood. References local Malay literature, critique, DBP, and B2K (Badan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan Daerah Tutong).

Copy of the 2013 article "It's critics that Brunei needs", on St.Andrew's School website.
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