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Markdown Here
Markdown Here is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Thunderbird that allows you to write email in Markdown
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november 2017 by olfuerniss
Who Targets Me - Who Targets Me?
Who Targets Me tells you which political campaigns use Dark Ads and Micro-Targeting to influence your vote.

Installing the browser extension helps us monitor election campaigns and call for greater digital transparency.
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september 2017 by osi_info_program
october 2014 by joshuarudd
Privacy Badger | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Privacy Badger blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.
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june 2014 by rel
"The Chrome extension for the 2cloud Project. Send and receive links from any client supported by the project."
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november 2011 by Mykl
Four short links: 5 October 2011
Ghostery -- a browser plugin to block trackers, web bugs, dodgy scripts, ads, and anything else you care to remove from your browsing experience. It looks like a very well done adblocker, but it's done (a) closed-source and (b) for-profit. Blocking trackers is something every browser *should* do, but because browser makers make (or hope to make) money from ads, they don't. In theory, Mozilla should do it. Even if they were to take up the mantle, though, they're unlikely to make anything for IE or Chrome. So it's in the hands of companies with inarticulate business models. (via Andy Baio)
Perspectives -- Firefox plugin that lets you know when you've encountered an SSL certificate that's different from the ones that other Perspectives users see (e.g., you're being man-in-the-middled by Iran). (via Francois Marier)
Always Connected -- "I've got a full day of staring at glowing rectangles ahead of me! Better get started ...". I have made mornings and evenings backlight-free zones in an effort to carve out some of the day free of glowing rectangles. (I do still read myself to sleep on the Kindle, though, but it's not backlit)
Is Teaching MapReduce Healthy for Students? -- Google’s narrow MapReduce API conflates logical semantics (define a function over all items in a collection) with an expensive physical implementation (utilize a parallel barrier). As it happens, many common cluster-wide operations over a collection of items do not require a barrier even though they may require all-to-all communication. But there’s no way to tell the API whether a particular Reduce method has that property, so the runtime always does the most expensive thing imaginable in distributed coordination: global synchronization. Detailed and interesting criticism of whether Hadoop is the BASIC of parallel tools. (via Pete Warden)
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october 2011 by gjward
browser extension makes footnotes usable
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august 2011 by adrian

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