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B.C. Liberal candidate’s Salt Spring pool plan stirs First Nations ire | Times Colonist
" “Like at Grace Islet, we believe that such development and land use is inappropriate and demonstrates a fundamental disrespect of, if not contempt for, our ancestors, our ancient heritage and First Nations peoples in British Columbia.”

Chief William Seymour said in an interview that the pool project raises questions about the B.C. Liberal Party’s commitment to reconciliation with First Nations.

“You can’t be campaigning and promising that you’re going to acknowledge truth and reconciliation, you’re going to acknowledge the presence of First Nations and turn around and decide to put a swimming pool over one of our archeological sites,” he said. “That doesn’t make sense.

“Either you’re going to do it or you’re not. Don’t say you’re going to recognize it and turn around and you don’t care about our archeological remains. That’s two-faced to me and that’s the way every First Nation person will look at somebody that promises one thing and does another.”"
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