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Word 2016 - Continuous Section Break - How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add - YouTube ;;;
tags: microsoft Word 2016 - Continuous Section Break - How To Insert Continuous Section Breaks on Page in MS 365 Add - YouTube video tutorial ;;;
microsoft  Word  2016  -  Continuous  Section  Break  How  To  Insert  Breaks  on  Page  in  MS  365  Add  YouTube  video  tutorial 
4 days ago by neerajsinghvns
Ultra Working Plus Run Breaks |
tldr; Ultra Working + Run Breaks resulted in me running nearly 2 miles in short 2-3 minute increments.

I'm personally most interested in the run breaks described here.
work  exercise  break  breaks  deep-work  focus  focusing  activity  health 
5 weeks ago by Styrke
W&F 012: ALALA ONE by Walking and Falling | Free Listening on SoundCloud
W&F 012: ALALA ONE by Walking and Falling Alala One (@alalaone)- DJ, producer and all-around staple of the Colorado techno scene - is our contributor for the month of February. She has been DJing for over 15 years and collecting records for longer - and her mixes, needless to say, reflect her refined talent as a selector. But her work within the scene has not been limited to DJing; she's also been intimately involved with the curation and production of the respected (but recently retired) Boulder-based festival Communikey. With beginnings playing parties for CO's long-running collective Mother Earth Sound System (MESS), she's spent years immersed in her passion and has since spun alongside Nina Kraviz and DJ Stingray, just to name a few. For her, DJing is a craft, and this cross-genre mix, which blends compelling, leftfield techno with off-kilter electro cuts, creates a deep listening experience that is fresh, surprising, and highly engaging. It' Enjoy!
ifttt  soundcloud  techno  electro  leftfieldtechno  breaks  jazz  dubtechno  house  acid  favorite 
10 weeks ago by stringbot

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