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How Many Times Has Your Personal Information Been Exposed to Hackers? - The New York Times
Little quizzie that measures vulnerability to several of the biggest data breaches. (Includes Equifax and OPM.)
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12 days ago by dsalo
What the Marriott Breach Says About Security
"For companies, this principle means accepting the notion that it is no longer possible to keep the bad guys out of your networks entirely. This doesn’t mean abandoning all tenets of traditional defense, such as quickly applying software patches and using technologies to block or at least detect malware infections."
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13 days ago by jonerp
Marriott just announced a data breach affecting 500 million people — Quartz
The hotel chain revealed a hack of its Starwood reservation system, potentially affecting a staggering 500 million people who booked stays since 2014.
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15 days ago by po
Facebook executive grilled by unprecedented group of lawmakers from 9 countries - CBS News
The hearing comes just days after a British Member of Parliament seized a cache of documents​ that Facebook has spent months fighting to keep sealed
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18 days ago by po
USPS Site Exposed Data on 60 Million Users
U.S. Postal Service just fixed a security weakness that allowed anyone who has an account at to view account details for some 60 million other users, and in some cases to modify account details on their behalf.
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24 days ago by SecurityFeed
Equifax Has Chosen Experian. Wait, What?
A year after offering free credit monitoring to all Americans on account of its massive data breach that exposed the personal information of nearly 148 million people, Equifax now says it has chosen to extend the offer by turning to a credit monitoring service offered by a top competitor — Experian. And to do that, it will soon be sharing with Experian contact information that affected consumers gave to Equifax in order to sign up for the service.
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5 weeks ago by SecurityFeed

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