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Governo Bolsonaro acabará com a Infraero em até três anos, diz futuro ministro - Economia - Estadão
De acordo com o futuro ministro da Infraestrutura, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, destino da estatal será a privatização ou liquidação
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O custo da mão de obra: Brasil X EUA - JOTA Info
Percentual de encargos brasileiros sobre a folha de pagamentos está consideravelmente acima do percentual no resto do mundo
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Brazilian booksellers face wave of closures that leave sector in crisis
In a widely shared “love letter to books”, Companhia das Letras co-founder Luiz Schwarcz has laid out the stark reality of Brazil’s current book market, urging readers to buy books this Christmas to help the sector survive.

“It remains impossible to predict the full extent of the knock-on effects of this crisis, but they are nonetheless already terrifying … Here, many towns are about to be left without a single bookstore, and publishers are now faced with the challenge of getting their books out to readers and have to deal with significant accumulated loss,” wrote Schwarcz, who won a lifetime achievement award at the 2017 London book fair.
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Cartas de amor aos livros - Love letters to books
Without wanting to publicly judge third-party mistakes, but willing to honestly criticize the category in general, I write this open letter further to ask all of us editors, booksellers, and authors to look for creative and idealistic solutions right now. The networks of solidarity that have formed side by side during the election campaign may be a good example of what can be done for the book today. Letters, zaps, e-mails, social media posts and videos, made with an open heart, in which sincerity prevails, seeking to support the partners of the book, with special attention to their most fragile protagonists, are more than welcome: they are required. What we need now, among other things, is from love letters to books.

To those who, like me, have in their affection for books their reason for living, I ask them to spread messages; that spread the desire to buy books at the end of the year, books of their favorite authors, new writers who want to discover books bought in bookstores that survive heroically to the crisis, fulfilling their commitments, and also in bookstores that are in difficulties, but who need our help to rebuild.
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7 days ago by terry
Major Labels Talk 'Isolated' Brazil, Streaming Prices and Data, Data, Data at Midem Rio
Brazil's "isolated" music market must align itself more tightly to Spanish-speaking Latin America if it is to seize on the huge opportunity created by the explosion of digital music and streaming, a label executive said Tuesday. "It's a mistake for Brazilians to forget about their neighbors," said Paulo Lima, the president of Universal Music Group in Brazil, speaking on a panel at the Midem event in Rio de Janeiro.   The rise of digital music, especially streaming, and the "'Despacito' effect," have "changed the position of Latin America in the world," Lima said.
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