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Ug! The never-ending battle against posts from imitation , accounts, and CEOs via
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2 days ago by jhill5
How Can Drive More Leads This Year via
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Swelling clout of US corporate giants is depressing pay, analysts say | Financial Times
Useful for teaching? Refers to IMF report on 'corporate power', which is the markup between marginal cost and prices. They link it to competition problems - corporate power is index of monopoly - but it may also be linked to brands.
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3 days ago by cloughgates
Clicktale: Brian Solis on the future of customer experience - Brian Solis
Liraz Margalit of the Clicktale blog recently conducted a Q&A with Brian Solis at CDO Israel, and posted the video at their website.
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4 days ago by briansolis
Research* by by , , & finds " focus on positioning their brands in t…
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18 days ago by tom.reeder

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