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DrawKit - Beautiful free illustrations
I upvoted DrawKit on Product Hunt: MIT licensed PSD illustrations, in 2 styles at November 11, 2018 at 08:18AM
Product  Hunt  Design  Tools  Open  Source  Branding  Developer 
2 days ago by iamthefury
Center for American Politics and Design
2018 politician logos. Filing this away more than studying it.
branding  design  logos  politics 
3 days ago by glass
How 2 Entrepreneurs Are Helping Brands Make Millions
You may recognize these two from headlines back in 2016 when they created The Enternship, a globally recognized program that helped women over 40 get back into the workforce or start their own businesses. Building on the success of The Enternship program, these co-founders have launched a podcast with noteworthy discussions on everything from female entrepreneurship to business advice and to up to the minute pop culture. 
ESB6  secondacts  secondcareers  womenentrepreneurs  advice  podcasts  branding 
3 days ago by jeromekatz
New BECU Brand Logo Announcement | BECU
We determined the need to update our logo for a number of practical purposes. Now that we serve more than the Boeing Company, the “E” that stood for employees no longer represents all our members. Also, some of the details of the design limited its legibility in digital environments.
brand_iccu  branding 
3 days ago by JohnDrake
The Celebrified Journalist: Journalistic self-promotion and branding in celebrity constructions on Twitter: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 16
Ongoing transformations of the media ecology in the direction of greater digitization have increasingly blurred the boundaries between professional journalists and other information brokers; the former now must work hard to distinguish themselves from the latter. Notable among these developments is a shift towards the individualization of journalism, with journalists seeming to spend more time building personal brands, for instance on Twitter, than on building organizational ones. Within journalism research there is a growing interest in the use of Twitter for journalistic self-promotion and branding, but studies are still scarce, and the ways in which journalistic self-promotion is discursively constituted need further empirical and theoretical attention. By means of a critical discourse analysis of the tweets of a widely followed journalist in Sweden, and through the theoretical lens of celebrity, this study aims to contribute knowledge about how journalistic self-promotion discourses evolving in the digitized media setting are constituted. The article identifies discourses that construct celebrity through (1) “fame by association,” (2) asymmetrical communication, and (3) “lifestreaming.” It concludes by discussing “celebrification” as a vital component of journalistic self-promotion discourses as well as the power aspects of ubiquitous self-promotional discourses, which are deeply embedded in the general structures of society.
Research  branding  Twitter 
4 days ago by paulbradshaw

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